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PC Defaulting Preferences

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How do I Default BaseHead Preferences (PC)?

There may be some cases especially after an update where new features are added when you may need to “trash” your BaseHead preferences to solve an issue. Doing a prefs wipe or settings wipe does not delete your database. We do recommend simply renaming the file\s with .bak which will allow BaseHead to rebuild a new one but you still have the old one if you need.

The BaseHead Preference Folder holds all your BaseHead license files and settings and it is not typically required to delete/rename the whole folder just the following files within this folder..

~\Documents\BaseHead 5.x\

You could delete this whole folder (keep in mind you may have your license and database files in here too) or even better just rename it temporarily to anything else to see if it fixes your problem first. If not, rename it back to get your prefs back.


The Preferences.config file holds all the usage settings such as the GUI and display, recent searches, played files and most of the general usage settings in the application. Depending on your version of basehead:

BaseHead Lite / Standard / Ultra = Preferences.config
BaseHead Creator = PrefsCreator.config

If you have issues with BaseHead such as it does not launch, searches do not appear to work correctly etc. Try and delete/rename this file then launch BaseHead and a new default file will be created.

The user.config file stores all the settings on the Options page.
The location where these files are stored along with your license and log files:

The libraryDefaults.lib file stores your collections. If you need to preserve your BaseHead collections folders or need to quickly clear them, this file holds all this data.

The ThesaurusUser.xml file contains your custom Thesaurus library if you have added any custom thesaurus queries they are stored in this file.

The VST.config file (as of BaseHead 2021.5.x) holds all your scanned plugin effects for use in BaseHead. Deleting this file will clear all plugins, paths and blacklisted plugins from your effects list


Hold CTRL when launching BaseHead to see options to reset these preferences without the need to go deleting the above files