Injector was designed for people that ripped their Sound Ideas or Hollywood Edge CD’s years ago and want to refresh the full length descriptions not limited to old file system limitation character length names.

The full descriptions will be burnt into the files BWAV Bext chunk which is readable by all major audio database programs.

It can also Rip CD’s direct if you haven’t tossed them out yet…8)

Injector has two different modes:
Ripping and Injecting 

Ripping rips your SFX CDs with the full BWAV Description with additional naming options.

Injecting is what makes this app different from the rest.
It’s for people who ripped their CDs years ago but didn’t name them properly and now want the advantages of newly ripped files with long BWAV description fields added in.  



Injector will read the tracks in the selected folder (alphabetically), find the the matching description from selected TAB files and Inject the BWAV data into the file. It can also rename the file if wanted at the same time.

Make sure your tracks are labelled Track 01, 02, 03 instead of Track 1, 2, 3 because in Windows XP and OSX Track 10 comes before Track 2.

So put those zeros in on the first 9 tracks.
Then sort by NAME to make sure they appear in the correct order before Injecting.

Adding your own TAB files:
Injector reads 5 columns in a tab spaced spreadsheet

A-CD Number/Collection Name (ex. PE-17)
B-Track Number
C-Index Number

Any other columns after are currently ignored

If you add any TABs to your collection, please email them to us to add to the install to share with other users.
Or if you are having problems adding a file send it to us to conform it to the Injector Standard for you.

Creating your own can be a bit tricky sometimes and it’s easy to lose the formatting.

Here’s some tips…
You can use Excel 2005 or even better we recommend importing a .tab file into browser version of Google Doc/Drive by just dragging it into your browser when the drive is shown and it will auto-convert it to a spreadsheet.

Then make your edits and save it as a plain text document.  It will be a .tsv file.
Run Injector and import the new file using the Tab/Collection folder icon.
(Make sure sure to have the latest version for .tsv support)

Ripping File formats supported:
BWAV 44Khz/16bit (Mac version only supports BWAV 44.1/16 for Ripping Mode)
BWAV 48Khz/16bit
BWAV 44Khz/24bit
BWAV 48Khz/24bit
MP3 192 Kbps
OGG 192 Kbps

Injecting File Formats supported:
WAV, BWAV, AIF, AIFF, FLAC, MP3, M4A and OGG files

Operating Systems Supported:
Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista (With .NET 4.8 Components)
macOS 10.14 or Higher

IMPORTANT: macOS users must Inject to a HFS+ drive otherwise the files/data will be scrambled.
APFS and exFAT formats are NOT supported!

This is a very old program so you need to use an old drive format to match.

The files seems to be getting Injected out of order in macOS.  How to fix it?

The files have to be on an HFS+ partition for some reason. If they are on APFS or exFAT the results will be strange.



What is the the difference between the PC and the Mac Versions?
The only difference is the PC version can rip to file formats other than 44/16, but the Mac version can still Inject at higher sample and bit rates like the PC version.


Where are the TAB files stored after I import them if I want to remove them?

For version 3.0 this paths is now used


Is there a Trial Mode of Injector?
Not anymore, but if it’s not working on your system we can give you a full refund within 48 hours of purchase.