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BaseHead is not activating on an M1 System?

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BaseHead is not activating on an M1 System?

When choosing to activate BaseHead using a System Bound license your CPU serial number is used for the activation process. One thing to note about new M1 mac’s is the CPU has its Hardware Serial ID but also has a different “Virtual CPU ID” if you run an application under “Rosetta Mode”

Rosetta Mode is a compatibility mode allowing non-M1 native applications to work and may be required for you to run in Rosetta Mode while everything is overhauled to add compatibility for M1 macOS.

Activate BaseHead for M1 

If you are using BaseHead 2022.5 or later with M1 support you will need to launch the License Activator and activate your license as normal which will generate a hardware serial number to activate with. This will mean you cannot launch BaseHead in Rosetta Mode and other applications you use BaseHead with must also be running in M1 native mode also. Currently BaseHead will not allow any process plugins to be used inM1 mode so be aware of this.

Activate BaseHead for Rosetta Mode

If you wish to maintain compatibility with non-M1 applications or need to use the processing plugins in your workflow then you will have to run BaseHead and your DAW in Rosetta Mode. To activate BH you also need to launch the license activator from BaseHead running Rosetta Mode which will generate the Virtual CPU serial.

Optionally, Switch to Cloud Key

If all the above is too confusing or you need the ability to switch easily between M1 mode and Rosetta mode without having to re-activate the application again you can deactivate your license container and simply switch to a cloud key license which does not need to rely on your CPU ID.

See info here on switching to a Cloud Key:

How to Convert License to a Cloud.key