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Since macOS 10.14 the security preference settings are very important when you need to use BaseHead with another application and often are the source of most issues with Spotting or transferring files from BaseHead into a DAW. Check the following settings on your system and ensure you have things setup correctly.

It’s also best to only run BaseHead from the  ‘Applications’ folder as required by Apple now to fire commands into another program.

As of BaseHead 2021.5 includes a useful feature that will check System Accessibility settings for the selected target application and warn of any possible issues.

  • Firstly setup your application to be used with BaseHead and launch it
  • In BaseHead Options select the application you will use
  • Take note if a warning symbol appears and click the symbol to display the permission settings:

In the Permissions Panel simply click the “Give Permission” button for any preferences that are not currently enabled.

NOTE: ‘Automation’ can only be set when you have the application that you need to enable permissions for running. If you still have issues with Spotting (S), ‘Follow Session Folder’ or transfer of files to a DAW then you may need to manually deselect and reselect all security options for both BaseHead and the target application to force macOS to “reset” the permissions.

See below for the areas in Security/Preferences to check if still having issues..

Checking macOS Security Preferences

Make sure BaseHead is set to control your computer in System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Accessibility.   If it’s already in the list then remove it and re-add it.

In 10.14 and higher BaseHead needs to be set or refreshed in System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Automation

If you are having issues with “Follow Session Folder” or “Auto Switch Paths” for Pro Tools, check/refresh System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Screen Recording.

  • If BaseHead is not in the above list or corrupt you will see a “no alias was created error” also like below.
  • In fact….if you are having issues we suggest
    a) Quit BH first
    b) Delete BH from this above list and manually and re-add from the ‘Applications’ folder in the Accessibility TAB.
    c) Re-Launch BH and see if it’s working then.
  • If still having issues, especially with “Follow Session Folder” for Pro Tools try and force clear all Screen Recording settings then launch BaseHead and check the above “Target Application” warning and grant access again:

    Open Terminal and enter: 
    sudo tccutil reset ScreenCapture com.basehead.basehead

    If that does not work, try the following reset command which will reset ALL Screen Recording permissions for all programs:
    sudo tccutil reset ScreenCapture

    NOTE: Screen Recording is ONLY used for a hack to read the Pro Tools Session name and never used to record your screen!  😉

To fully nuke all your basehead permissions you can run this in terminal
sudo tccutil reset All com.basehead.basehead
OR this for Creator Edition
sudo tccutil reset All com.basehead.creator

OR you can individual remove permission for Accessibility and Automation with these two commands via Terminal
sudo tccutil reset Accessibility com.basehead.basehead
sudo tccutil reset AppleEvents com.basehead.basehead