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Browser Page

The Browser Page is your typical file browser with many of the same functions available on it as on the Results Page. It allows you to browse your computer and attached drives for media files regardless of if they are in your database or not.

Just right-click the left and right panels to see what options are available.
You can navigate your Drives/Volumes using the left panel or jump direct to a location by pressing the […] button.
You can also store Recent Places by pressing the green add icon so you can jump back to your favorite folders quickly.

Browser Options

Clicking the Options button in the top right of the Browser Page window there are a few toggle options available:

Ignore Key Commands
When ON will ignore firing key commands and instead, pressing single keys will jump to that letter in the list of files.

Show All File Types
When ON will show all files and not just supported audio files.

Auto-Store Last Drive Location
When ON will add you last location on a Drive/Volume to the Recent Places List.

Include Subfolders
When ON will show you files in the subfolders of thye folder you select in the left panel. Keep in mind this will be much slower and we do cap this to a certain amount to keep the program snappy. 8)

Retain Filter Search
Stores the last location automatically when drives letters are switched in the filter text box



All actions are pretty straight forward and shouldn’t need much explanation.