Find, Tweak, Tag and Transfer
your Sound Effects…Just Like a BOSS!

basehead FREE for 2024 Official Announcement

It’s a bit scary that we are giving away something this feature rich,
but I figured it would be fun to piss off the competition!  haha  😉

basehead 2024 Sneak Peek Part1

basehead 2024 new Features in Pics: Part1Here are just 15 or so things of the many things to expect it this forethcoming new version. Purchase BaseHead now and get a FREE upgrade to this version when it's released within the next 2 months.The Main WindowWhere all the...

v2024 Change List

basehead 2024 Feature/Change ListFirst Official Public Announcement!below is a partial list of new things already working in that latest versions.  Join the mailing list or the new FB page to be in the know first. New High tech Cross-Platform Modular Framework that is...

Free Upgrade to basehead 2024

Buy in now and Get a FREE Upgrade to basehead 2024! As many of your have already heard, we are working hard on the next major version of BaseHead, which will arrive early next year.  basehead 2024 will be a game-changing version that has a completely re-written...

macOS 13 Ventura

Apple released macOS13 Monterey a few weeks back and we found and smoothed out a few major speed bumps caused by this new OS. So build 2022.11.15 (or higher) is officially Ventura compatible now from what we can tell.If you found something strange after updating to...

v2022.5: macOS M1 Native, Timecode Support and More…

BaseHead v2022.5 is now available for macOS and Windows with some new features and many improvements also!macOS Apple Silicon Native Support Native Apple Silicon M1/M2 support is now available as of 2022.5 allowing BaseHead to now communicate directly with other M1...

BaseHead CloudBased Network Licenses

CloudBased Floating Network Licenses have Arrived! Want to access your license from multiple locations and hate carrying dongles? Need and easy way to Assign/Revoke Licenses for your work from home (WFH) users?OR just want to loan your BaseHead License to a buddy for...

v2021.6 Update – Process Panel Rack, UCS Tagging and More!

The Process Panel Rack (PPR) gets an Over-haul New Process Panel FEAtures The Process Panel has undergone a major overhaul to offer even more flexibility for effects processing. Effects slots have been increased from 12 to 16 and now offers the ability to easily drag...

macOS 12 Monterey

We will keep this one short...Apple released macOS12 Monterey a few weeks back and we just now got thru the last graphic problems that were caused by it that we are aware of.  Thankfully that was a much easier ride than the last 2 or 3 macOS updates that took over two...

2021.4: Brings Some Major New Features

New Features so sick you'll want to give them Health Care!  😉  UCS Category and Subcategory  Importing Phase one of many in our planned new Category features/additions over the next month arrives in this version.  This allows selecting a UCS (category) template on...

v2021.9 September Update- CPM Is Back!, Win 11 Compatible, UCS 8.1 Updated & More…

The CPM Is Back Baby! We would like to extend a huge thanks for your patience while we worked to get the new CloudPacks Marketplace migrated to a new server.  We know it inconvenienced a number of you and it was a long and trying process to migrate such a huge...

basehead is an Enterprise class Sound Effects Search Engine and Library Manager designed by Hollywood Sound Designers and it’s the Ultimate companion program for your DAW or Video Editor to speed up your workflow.

Here are a sample of BaseHead’s Massive Amounts of Features…

Search with Advanced Precision!
with 50+ Fields of searchable Metadata and four Separate Search/Input fields that allow for Deep and Thesaurus based searches to help you can find what you need with pinpoint accuracy.

 The Audio Engine   (Yup, it’s got a HEMI!)

  • 10 channel Interleaved or Split Playback Metering with Individual Channel Extraction.
  • Stereo, Mono and Fold Down Downmix buttons with Solos’ and Mutes available on the Quick Access Panel.
  • Split LCR, Quad, 5.0 ,5.1 and Recorder A Channel file Playback.
  • Ambisonic B-Format Interleaved Playback
  • Choose between FILM, SMPTE and DTS playback channel orders.

Tweakers Delight!
Twist your SFX with the pitchFX X/Y Matrix on the Process Panel while playing in reverse AND all while running thru VST Plugins!  Get the sound you want and press “S” to Spot the file exactly as heard on the timeline in your favorite workstation software.

Mark it Up!
View, Add and Edit CUE, Region and Loop Markers from Wavelab, SoundForge etc…. directly on the Waveform.  Also set Sync points that transfer with an offset to your DAW.

Capture the Moment!
with Performance Multi-take Recordings never miss a knob twist or a fader move.  Keep recording takes till the cows come home and then go back and choose the ones to transfer your DAW and the unused recording will be discarded automatically on quit.

Metadata Tools Galore!


Includes 22,500+ FREE Sound Effects!

Support for these DAW’s.  but any other can be used via Drag and Drop!

Check out the comparison chart below and All licenses  Perpetual and never time out and die! 
all with No Stupid Monthly Subscription Fees!   (yeah I said it!)

Each version was designed with these target users in mind basically…

– Sound Designers, SFX Vendors and Librarians
– SFX, Dialog, and Foley Editors
Video Editors, Musicians, Music Editor and Re-Recording mixers.

Try basehead for FREE for 15 days!

System Requirements:
Windows 10 – Win 11 (with the .NET4.8  Framework installed)
macOS 10.15 or Higher (Intel/Apple Silicon)