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We now have a MY ACCOUNT section in the upper right with a dashboard to store your info for faster future checkouts from the Store plus you can create and view Support Tickets from inside this new dashboard. Existing user should create an account when you get a chance, since the old site never asked you to store anything during checkout.
UPDATE: a new ‘My Licenses’ page was just added to the user dashboard allowing you to view your current licenses and re-download them if you lost it  😉


Version 5.2 just posted for both PC and Mac.
Now includes PerfoRmance MuLti-Take RecordingS and a HOaRD of other IMprovements….
Peep out the new sh*T by clicking the news article below!

July 2019 Update

Here are just a short list of  the many tasty new features and changes that arrived in this July 2019 in the first version 5.2 update. We just added hardwired Target App support for Adobe Premiere Pro We made a panel that loads into PPro now allowing bi-direction...

New User Community

Ok....So after testing 8-10 forum engines and lots of reading I've decided on where this community will go. It was really hard choice cuz even though Google+ has some flaws it's hard to beat that engine. It's simplicity is also what makes it's special. Nothing else...

Rent-to-Own Plans now available

Updated May 4th 2019We've been offering Rent-to-Own plans unofficially now for a while when people emailed us direct telling us they really want BaseHead, but were a bit strapped for cash at the time.  We were always happy to help! Now we finally got around to a...

New Website Engine

Alright everyone! I just ported over the whole website to this new more future proof engine they has massive room for expanded future features. The new site now has a MY ACCOUNT section now that lets you store your info, view and print past orders and invoices. (if...

New Features in the December 2018 Update

  If you haven’t seen yet, we posted new major PC and Mac versions on the main download pages for the month or December. Some of the main changes and features include... Audio Kinetic’s Wwise hardwired WAAPI integration added for your game audio cats. Check out the...

New Licensing System in version 5.1 (PC Users Only)

There is a new Licensing system for version 5.1 (or higher) for PC users. The reason this has to be done is cuz TimeMachine on macOS would break the new 5.0 license system created causing way too many headaches, so I decided to simplify things and ditch the CM Runtime...

Mojave Statement

MACOS 10.14 MOJAVE IMPORTANT INFO: UPDATE2 for version 4.x users: build 4.2.170 was just posted and WILL WORK ON MOJAVE, but it’s not fully compatible nor will ever be cuz it will take way too many man hours to make that 3-6 year old 32 bit application 10.14...

Announcing BaseHead 5.1 with Audiokinetic Wwise Integration!

When two titans of the Game Audio world partner up....You know it's gonna be good!  8)  This unrivaled integration gives you the ability to send Wwise audio objects back and forth to BaseHead. Most all parameters, regions and FX recall when sending objects between the...

5.x Mission Statement

BaseHead 5.x Mission Statement. As many of you know by now, a new version 5.x came out a while back. It's soft Release was Oct 1st, 2017 and official release was Oct14th, 2017. If you don't have it already you are seriously missing out!  😉 This with be the very last...

Find, Tweek and Transfer your Sound Effects Like a BOSS!

BaseHead is our flagship product for PC and Mac for searching and organizing your sound effects, music and audio files for PC and Mac. Designed by top working Hollywood Sound Designers and people that actually use the product they make daily.  8)

BaseHead is an Enterprise class program that is already used on your favorite first person shooter all the way to your favorite tv show with dragons.  😉  It’s  constantly evolving and moving forward with rapid development.  Metadata is written in open source iXML also instead of encrypting and locking you into our platform.  Open platforms are always better then closed.. 😉
BaseHead already dominates the video game industry with most major game houses using it daily on their AAA productions.

If you are sound designer for video games, feature films or broadcast using any DAW like Nuendo, Pro Tools or REAPER and want to speed up your workflow, then this is the product for you so you can Find Sh*t FAST!!

Cross-Platform licenses are FREE!
No monthly or yearly subscriptions required!
All licenses are Perpetual as standard. (unless you choose a special option)

BaseHead scales with your company as it grows!
From lower priced Lite versions to an Ultra version with Enterprise class Licensing and Centralized Databases.
You name it and we’ve probably got it!  8)

New Licensing/Authorizations Options:
You can go Dongle Free, bind a to a USB Device like a Flash drive or even an iLok now via USB Device Locking.
See all the authorization possibilities by clicking the button below

Payment Plans now also Available at checkout!
for both new Perpetual BH licenses and also Upgrades that are on the pricey side.

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