Find, Tweak, Tag and Transfer your Sound Effects Like a BOSS!

BaseHead is an Enterprise class Sound Effects Search Engine designed by top working Hollywood Sound Designers.  It’s already being used to create the SFX on your favorite first person shooters all the way to your favorite television show with dragons. It’s constantly evolving and moving forward with rapid development and the ultimate companion program for you DAW to drastically speed up your daily workflow.

Take control of your SFX Libraries and Find Sh*t FAST!! like never before!  8)

  • Integration with all major DAW’s.
  • Increases daily workflow speeds dramatically
  •  Streams SFX from the Cloud or local HTTP paths
  • Pitch and Process thru VST’s on the way to your DAW
  • Channel Extraction/Sum2Mono and DMix options
  • Insanely powerful Metadata Batch Renamer
  • Reads/Writes iXML Metadata along with many other chunks.
  • Purchase and access Cloud Based SFX directly within with the CPM
  • Cross-Platform licenses are FREE!
  • Floating Network Licenses with Centralized Databases options
  • No monthly or yearly Subscriptions Required!
  • No Signup or Registration Required just to take it for a test drive!  8)
  • Makes all the competition look and feel like a complete toy! 
    Yup….We said it!   😉

BaseHead scales with your company as it grows!

From lower priced Lite versions that can be upgraded to an insanely powerful Ultra version with centralized licensing and databases.

You name it and we’ve got it covered!  8)


The new CloudPack Manager/Marketplace is here (CPM)

our new SFX Purchase/Delivery and Streaming Platform
Find sounds for your project without  leaving the BaseHead Environment.


Let's Jump Start the new CloudPack MarketPlace with a Free BaseHead Upgrade Offer!With the release of the new CloudPack Manager/Marketplace we realize many of you are on older versions of BaseHead and can't even use the new Marketplace yet.  Also some are happy with...

CloudPack Manager/MarketPlace

BaseHead 2020.7 with Retail SFX Packs Have Now Arrived! Many new features and fixes since 2020.5 can be viewed on the main 'Downloads' page, but the CPM  is the definitely the Star of this Show! Check out below what we have been working on for the past year.   8)   ...

New Batch Renamer Feature

BaseHead v2020.5 Batch Renamer Feature   The first release of BaseHead for 2020 introduces a whole range of new features, improved color scheme, bug fixes, performance enhancements and ongoing UX improvements.  One particular new feature that was requested by...

Catalina Statement

MACOS 10.15 CATALINA IMPORTANT INFO: we have had a 95% 10.15 Catalina compatible version for a while on the main 'Downloads' page.  The missing 5% is inter-app communication.  This problem mostly affects new macs.  Rigs that were upgraded to 10.15 seem to work mostly...

November 2019 Update

 We've been super busy the last few months on improvements and stability fixes. Here's just a taste of the 50+ some changes on the horizon for both PC/Mac coming this week! the official last builds to keep an eye out for will be... for PC 5.2.21 for macOS...

July 2019 Update

Here are just a short list of  the many tasty new features and changes that arrived in this July 2019 in the first version 5.2 update. We just added hardwired Target App support for Adobe Premiere Pro We made a panel that loads into PPro now allowing bi-direction...

New User Community

Ok....So after testing 8-10 forum engines and lots of reading I've decided on where this community will go. It was really hard choice cuz even though Google+ has some flaws it's hard to beat that engine. It's simplicity is also what makes it's special. Nothing else...

Rent-to-Own Plans now available

Updated May 4th 2019We've been offering Rent-to-Own plans unofficially now for a while when people emailed us direct telling us they really want BaseHead, but were a bit strapped for cash at the time.  We were always happy to help! Now we finally got around to a...

New Website Engine

Alright everyone! I just ported over the whole website to this new more future proof engine they has massive room for expanded future features. The new site now has a MY ACCOUNT section now that lets you store your info, view and print past orders and invoices. (if...

New Features in the December 2018 Update

  If you haven’t seen yet, we posted new major PC and Mac versions on the main download pages for the month or December. Some of the main changes and features include... Audio Kinetic’s Wwise hardwired WAAPI integration added for your game audio cats. Check out the...

Support Plan Extensions are the new Upgrade!
We changed things around in the store a bit today. From now on…upgrades will be only for unlocking extra features not in your current Edition. example: Lite to StandardLite to Ultra or Standard to Ultra.

No longer do you need to pay an upgrade price to get on the latest version.  Just purchase a lower priced Support Plan only now to be able to use the latest and greatest version!

See the store page for more info…

Existing Users:
We now have a ‘‘My Account’ section with a new dashboard to view you Licenses and Support Tickets. If you purchased a product before March 2019 you will need to create an account when you get a chance, since the old site never asked you to store anything during checkout.

Payment Plans now also Available at checkout!
for both new Perpetual BH licenses and also Upgrades that are on the pricey side.

Follow @baseheadcloudpacks on Instagram for the latest CPM additions.  >>