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Defaulting Preferences (mac)

Doing a prefs wipe or setting wipe does not delete your database, groups or collections, just any settings you have made to the program and is usually the first recommendation if you are having sudden issues.

Be sure to enter these commands exactly or copy/paste to terminal

1. Open the Terminal program and paste in the below commands based on the version you are running:

BaseHead Version 2020 or higher

Main Program Preferences:
defaults delete com.basehead.BaseHead

To wipe the separate VST Plugin Preferences [Intel based mac]
defaults delete com.basehead.baseheadVST

VST Plugins Preferences[Apple Silicon based mac]
defaults delete com.basehead.baseheadVST_ARM64
*Clearing VST preferences will clear the scanned files and custom folders allowing you to reset and rescan your VST folders if you have issues

BaseHead Creator Edition

defaults delete com.basehead.Creator

if you did NOT see the BaseHead Welcome Screen on next launch then the above didn’t work so try this then…
  • Do the above one more time
  • Empty your Trash
  • Reboot your Mac

2. If the above doesn’t fix your problem, more additional prefs are stored here that you can start renaming one at a time until your find the problem one or the whole folder and let them re-build
<user>/Library/Application Support/BaseHead/

If you can’t find see this above folder then open terminal and enter this:
chflags nohidden ~/Library/  

3. The final Place for files to be cleared or renamed is in this folder
~Documents/BaseHead 5.x