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How do I Deactivate…Move…Reactivate a license to another Device?

It is now possible to self-manage your license and easily move it from one activation device to another or re-generate a new license if you have upgraded or switched computers. If you need to update your license for a new computer, switch from ilok to SystemID activation or manage your license in any way, this is all now easily possible via your account without having to send requests or wait for us to do it. It takes just minutes so you can stay productive!

Firstly, open the License Request utility and select the method you want for activation (note if you would like a cloud activation you need to do this from your account page).

Copy the serial that is generated

On the My Licenses page click the “Deactivate” button for your license (select the correct one if you have multiple licenses) then click ‘Activate” and paste in your newly generated serial.

Once activated, ‘Download’ the new .key file and place it in… ~Documents/BaseHead 5.x/Licenses folder.  It’s best to cleanup old and un-used .keys from this folder to avoid possible future conflicts.

NOTE: You can deactivate and reactivate licenses at any time without limitation to allow you to easily switch systems or devices when needed.

See this video on deactivating/updating your license for BaseHead