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Many users in the past asked me if it it’s possible to hang a CmStick on a NAS to avoid having a fully blown always on PC/Mac hosting the LAN based dongle.

The problem with NAS units is they don’t have a version of Linux on them your can install the CM Runtime onto.

Fortunately a $35 Raspberry Pi unit does!

BaseHead user Antonio Muñoz got it working so I will share his info with you here  8)

“Hi Steve, finally I got it work like a charm!. Few steps are required, but with some help from Wibu support it was really easy.

I’ve purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ kit with case, power supply and sd card with OS Raspbian preinstalled. Then installed CodeMeter Runtime for Raspberry (I send you the link)

Once you’ve got the package installed it’s just a matter of calling the runtime. The easiest way to call the WebAdmin is by opening the page “localhost:22350” in browser on the raspi (for instance, chromium).It’s amazing how this cheap machine works and the amount of things you can do with it!

Hope it helps!

There you have it.  It’s possible to set up a cheap, always on and lower power license server for a CmStick.

Download the following PDF for more info and below are some screenshots from Antonio:

CodeMeter Network Licenseserver on Raspberry Pi

FYI…this is the unit he purchased