basehead FREE has Arrived!

As promised in the Creator Edition Newsletter basehead FREE is replacing the Creator Edition. It’s powered by the revolutionary new basehead 2024 engine. Preview the next level of basehead with enhanced features and even more FREE Sound Effects. 
Also….There are NO More local record limits nor database restrictions compared to Creator.

Downloading the FREE Edition

This time it’s included in the regular version of basehead.  You will need a BaseHead, LLC account to authorize it on your local machine and periodic checks that you are on the Newsletter will also happens still.

basehead FREE Install and Setup Instructions

After you Install basehead for 2024, if you don’t have a full license, you will be greeted by this screen Choose the right side option to start the FREE version Authorization process.

This will bring you to the FREE Tab.  First make sure your are logged into your BaseHead, LLC account and click ‘Activate’  It will then start the Activation process. NOTE: This can take up to 15 seconds.

Once you see this…Click the ‘Copy Token’ button and return to basehead.

basehead will auto-create a FREE certificate to use on your computer to avoid the above steps again in the future.  😉

Once you see this screen your are all Set and Ready to Go with the new FREE edition and preview the new future of basehead today.

If you used the Creator Edition for a while you should be able to get acclimated fairly quick.  Just Drag your Creator database to the Results List or select “Open Database” (Ctrl/CMD+O) from the Database Menu to select it.

What Happened to the CloudPacks Store that Creator had? 
Purchased Packs will appear in basehead FREE to stream still.   As far as the store goes…we will relaunch it in a few months or so via a website selling CPM codes.  We wanted to get this version out first.

Can we outfit our school with the FREE edition?
Sorry No…EDU’s need to purchase special EDU specific licenses.   
Contact us for how to obtain them, but as you will see, EDU licenses are insanely cheap!  8)


Some of this months Featured Affliated SFX Partners

Click the Images to Learn more and to help Support basehead.

More wonderful vendors that have included sounds for basehead FREE.