CloudBased Floating Network Licenses have Arrived!

Want to access your license from multiple locations and hate carrying dongles?
Need and easy way to Assign/Revoke Licenses for your work from home (WFH) users?
OR just want to loan your BaseHead License to a buddy for a few days?

These new CloudBased Containers now allow you to leave the dongles at home and access your BaseHead license from anywhere now.  You don’t have constant internet as it will coast on a temporary certificate for a day or so in case your ISP is flaky and unreliable. 

We built this new system so it will integrate with the same existing  .key file system and you can jump between License Containers on the ‘My Licenses Page’ from Cloud to a USB Device to System Drive Binding or to iLok Binding.  It’s super flexible cuz a License Container is just a container.  You choose which one to use and when! 
Heading to the jungle to record for a week?  Then bind to your laptop for that time and move it back to Cloud or a Device when you get back to civilization with internet and more USB ports.

NOTE: CodeMeter CmStick/CmACT users can’t jump at will between license containers like the .key users but we can move you off that old system if you want no problem and it’s Free now!   Just send an email to licensing ‘AT’ baseheadinc ‘DOT’ com   😉

Read this Post for more info on Self Manageable Licenses that arrived a few months back. 

Here is a screenshot of an Activated Cloud Container on the ‘My Licenses’ page.   They appear along side any Device bound licenses you maybe already have and it gives you info on who is using the current license with the option to Kick them off also.

The main focus  when designing these new Cloud License Containers was definitely partially Pandemic driven.   So by design, each license can be assigned to individual Named Users that need to move about to multiple locations OR a facility with say 25+ users with some working on site, some working at home and some going back and forth between both locations depending on current  Pandemic restrictions. If the your License Admin gets word from management to reassign a WFHers license they can easily ‘Deactivate’ it and create a new Cloud.key for another user in seconds!  

Important: Version 2021.6 (or higher) is required for this new Cloud.keys feature!

No IT experience is required to Dish these out, Manage, Deactivate and Re-assign them.  8) 

Here are some typical cases when you might want to switch to CloudBased Licenses…

  • Users that want to use their same license at home and at work or at the same location on multiple rigs.
  • Facilities that need to Dish out/Manage Licenses to WFH users quickly and painlessly.
  • Users wanting to lend their homie a license for a few days.  Share BaseHead Love man!  You bought the license so we believe you should be able to hand it off to anyone to borrow for a few days easily and whenever.  No licensing C-Blocking going on here. 😉


What if I leave my Cloud Session running at home and go to work? 
No problem!  On the ‘My Licenses Page’ you will see a ‘Logout’ button and force kill the current running copy and then your work rig will be able to take over the Cloud Session. 

What if my internet goes down for a few hours? 
We built in a 48 hour Grace Period into these Cloud Containers to solve this problem.  If your internet goes down BH will coast on a Temporary License Certificate license for up to 48 hours giving plenty of time for your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get their act together and back up and running.  😉

Can it grab from a pool of licenses for facilities?
Yup…..Just drop all your Cloud.key files into the ‘Licenses’ folder and BaseHead will grab the first available one and on next launch it will seek out the same license first to connect to and use that again if possible.