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“Spot to Track” doesn’t seem to be working. No error message and it looks to work, but no file appears on the Pro Tools Timeline after press “S”

Here is a checklist to be aware of when using Pro Tools:

  • Using macOS Spaces or Pro Tools Maximized in FULL SCREEN mode will wall off contact to PT from BH, so avoid these at all costs cuz PT will not receive an Apple Event from BaseHead.
  • as of macOS 10.13 or so BaseHead has to be in your ‘Applications’ folder as required by Apple now to fire commands into another program.
  • BaseHead’s Sample Rate on the Options Page must match the Pro Tools Session Sample Rate to work correct also especially with regions and “Spot with Handles”.
  • Also make sure BaseHead is set to control your computer in System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Accessibility.   If it’s already in the list then remove it and re-add it.

Be sure to check all macOS Security/Privacy settings, follow this guide