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Quick Access Panel (QAP)

Ultra Version

The QAP can be shown by clicking the bottom left expander or by pressing [F2]

The ‘QAP” is used many things including…

  • Solo/Mute of individual channels. These channels will also transfer as you hear them now also
  • Extracting Individual Channels by pressing the 1-0 buttons. (can use your keyboard also)
  • You can Sum the channels to mono by pressing the purple “M” button
  • Down mixing to Stereo or Mono buttons also exist on this panel.
  • Fold multi-channel field recordings to stereo output
  • This panel also includes a few options that you might want fast toggle access to multiple times per day like “Reference File When Possible”, “Spot with Handles” and “Spot Multiple Files Inline”.

IMPORTANT:  For Spotting to work correctly with “Multiple Files Inline” , “Spot with Handles”  OR any Spotting function, you must set the “Transfer Sample Rate” on the Option Page to the same as your DAW Session Sample Rate AND “Reference File When Possible” must be OFF.

You have the ability to extract a single channel from a multi-channel file.
This is useful if you don’t need a sound in stereo and plan to drop it on a mono track.
This is done by clicking the purple Extract Buttons appear on the top left of the waveform near the DnD Bar.
You can also extract by pressing the the number of the channel you want to Extract on your keyboard 1-0 (above the QWERTY)
So pressing the number (4) will Extract Channel four if it exists in the current audio file.

Sum to Mono

Also next to the purple 1-10 Extract buttons you will see a ‘M’ button.
Pressing this will sum all channels to mono in a temp file.

For both of the above features the WF will turn yellow as an indication a channel is Extracted or Summed and a temp file is created.
This temp file can then be handled like any other file with all functions available to it OR can be dragged out of BH to your DAW.
Pressing (ESC) will go back to the original file.

NOTE: This is non-destructive and no harm is being done to the original file


[Video] Quick Access Panel Features