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Speed Up / Optimise BaseHead

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How can I speed up and optimize BaseHead PC?

If you want to get the best performance out of BaseHead you can try some of the following: 

  1. Build all your waveforms for all your files and maybe cache them on your local drives. See the manual on Waveform Caching in the Actions menu
  2. Set you ‘Max Files Returned’ to a lower number like 4000
  3. Shut off all fields on the Results Page you don’t care about. (Right Click the header to see field choices)
  4. Disable “Deep Character Search” to improve searching speeds
  5. Enable the use of the Ram Database option in the Options Tab to load your database into Ram for faster performance
  6. NEVER run a database file from a network location unless you are using the BaseHead server addon as this will cause both slow performance and possible corrupt database. Using network based files is fine, just make sure your database file is on a local drive