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Taglist Page

The Taglist Page is used to collect multiple sounds to be transferred to your desired DAW or location all at once instead of one sound at a time or simply to hold processed files for later use.

When you “Tag” a file it is copied/processed with whatever selection you have made in the Waveform, whatever playback and channel settings you have made with any effects you have loaded and is placed in the Taglist. The copied/processed file is added to the Transfer folder location you have set in BaseHead and the original file remains untouched.

To add sounds to the Taglist simply select some records on the Results Page or Browser Page and press (T)

You will see an orange label under the Taglist tab showing how many records are currently added the the Taglist

You can skip the processing of files and add the referenced file if you need to simply add the whole original to the Taglist by pressing (Ctrl/Cmd+T)

Pro-Tip: To drag the Taglist without even having to switch and look at it hold Ctrl or Option and grab the DnD bar in the bottom left and it will drag all check items in the Taglist instead of the files selected on the Results Page.
Also, to clear any items that might have been accidentally tagged just click this orange label to zero all the Taglist checked items

Save/Load Taglist
You can save/load the list of tagged files using these buttons. This will save and recall the list of tagged files only and does not save the files themselves but can be useful to build different lists of files that you wish to easily recall at a later date. Files are referenced from the Transfer folder location you had set.

Clear Taglist
Click the Clear Taglist button and you will have the following options that are pretty self-explanatory.

Remember: Deleting files from disk will delete the tagged/processed file that was copied to the Transfer folder. It will not delete your original files, all files in the Taglist are copies of the original so safe to delete when you are finished with them

NOTE: Plugin Processing and Sample/Bit Depth conversions will be disabled on the Taglist page to prevent double processing cuz the files should have already processed once before being added to this page

The actions (or right-click) are pretty straight forward and should be self explanitory.

Setting Transfer Path Location
Down the bottom right of the BaseHead window in the Info Display Bar are the DB Hotswap menu, DB Selection path and the Transfer path setting. Just click the Transfer Path setting to set the transfer path you wish to use. You can change this at any time to create new transfer paths for different jobs.