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How To videos

Older Videos for BaseHead

These older, and in some cases very ancient, videos show versions 4.x and 5.x  still apply mostly to current versions of BaseHead, but some things may have changed. Many of these will be updated soon if not already.


Getting Started

Here’s the Getting Started Video for version 4.x Ultra
Watch this first one to get the basics and to get you up and running in no time.

Pro Tools & BaseHead Mac by Jonah Guelzo

Originally posted on

Jonah originally made this video himself for the love of his new discovery and posted at PTE. I asked nicely if I can put it up on my site also, so here it is…8)

It’s a great video from a different perspective on how someone will use BaseHead with PT and might be easier to understand than my down and dirty videos for some people….hehe
Thanks Jonah!

Using Nuendo or Cubase with BaseHead

a must watch if you are using one of these Steinberg DAW’s
This Video shows tips on:

  • Auto-Switching Paths
  • Follow Session Folder
  • Tossing files to the POOL
  • Spot to Track and Region Spotting
  • Set permanent SyncPoints in BaseHead that transfer to Nuendo/Cubase

Using Pro Tools with BaseHead

a must watch if you are a Pro Tools user

Shows tips on:

  • Quick Setup with Pro Tools
  • Spot to Track
  • Tossing Files to the Bin Only from the Taglist
  • Auto-Switching Paths/Follow Session Folder
  • Source Nexus Integration

Mystery: Where my files at?

Explains when files are copied and sample rate converted and when they are NOT
This Video helps:

  • People that can’t understand why some files seem to go into different locations.
  • People that never read their DAW manual….hahaha

HTTP Playback

Stream audio instead of playing it
This Video helps:

  • Facilities that don’t allow mounting local volumes for security reasons
  • For users that want to put their personal SFX in the cloud

July 2019 Update


  • Adobe Premiere Pro Support
  • Performance Take Recordings
  • Two new pitchSlider modes
  • 75+ other thaangs 😉