Get a Free Upgrade to basehead 2024!

Buy a new Perpetual license now thru the end of the year and you’ll get a free Upgrade to basehead 2024.  Click the button below to Learn More!

Looking to Renew your license to run the most recent version or Unlock extra features?

Both can be done on your ‘My Licenses’ Page by choosing ‘Extend’. This will allow you to use the latest and greatest version and get extra features by clicking the ‘Unlock’ button next to your current license.

Need a Payment Plan?

Payment Plans are also available on every single item in the store now.   8)

Option #1

Choose PayPal at checkout and then look for ‘Pay in 4’.
That is one option to do Partial Payments. You can pay via PP or your Credit Card with this option.

Payments are automatic and easy to manage through the PayPal app and 

NOTE: This option is only available in certain counties right now.

Option #2

If Option #1 is not available in your country OR you want to split it up to 6 payment you can also choose the ‘’ option that is available on the Checkout page.

FYI:  This Option will charge an extra 6% fee so best to use Option #1 if is available in your country.  😉