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I see the error “.ptx file location not indexed” when opening a Pro Tools session with “Follow Session Folder”

This is because the location of your Pro Tools session is not in a location indexed by windows for searching. In order for the detection of the session folder to work the session must be in a location (local) that is set to be indexed by Windows for searching.

Network locations cannot be set to be indexed so if you are running a project over a network then you will not be able to have the session folder set automatically by BaseHead for file transfers.

You can set the transfer location manually if you need to use sessions from a network location using the Transfer Folder setting in the bottom bar of BaseHead (bottom left of basehead window).

If you have a Pro Tools project on another drive on your system check it is set to be indexed by opening the Windows Indexing Options (search for “indexing” in Windows) and click “Modify” then check the drive/path your project is located is set to be indexed: