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Starting with BaseHead 2021.6+ it is now possible to activate or switch your existing System, iLok, CM Stick or USB bound license to a new flexible “Cloud.key” license which authorizes your BaseHead session via an online cloud license server. This means your license is safe in the cloud and can be used on ANY system you place the key file on that has an internet connection.

This is perfect for users who may need BaseHead installed on their main computer and a portable laptop or moving easily between home and work.

Cloud licenses allow a single BaseHead session to be authorized at a time just as other keys do but allows immediately switching between systems without the need to use a USB license or re-activate another machine.

If you would like to setup a new BaseHead license as a Cloud.key check HERE

If you have an existing license and would like to switch it to a Cloud.key check HERE

See this video for a detailed example on how to switch to or enable a cloud license for BaseHead: