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BaseHead quits immediately after seeing the splash screen. How can I fix this?

1. Try going to this super hidden folder and delete all files instead to fix this:
C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\wyUpdate AU

NOTE: it’s super hidden so make sure you enable seeing hidden folders first on your PC in folder options.

Then in the start menu type %AppData% to go to this folder and browse to   \AppData\Roaming and then manually type and add to the path wyUpdate AU to see this secret folder.

If you do not see this folder, then read the above one more time….Trust us it is there and you need to delete all the files inside this folder.. 😉

Note: in version this folder will auto-wipe on launch since wyUpdate was removed from BH in this version.

2. Check if you have the  FastPictureViewer Codec Pack installed codec installed and it so remove them.
More info on the bug is here….

3. Another reason that BH wil quit after the splash screen will sound a bit insane,…first clear your AppData Temp folder located here
The go to your Recycle Bin and right click it and choose “Empty Recycle Bin”
Let us know if that didn’t help, but we has seen a few times in the past that too many files in the Recycle Bin are causing a WPF error.