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Metadata Viewer Panel (F3)

Wanna see the changes you make live?

This panel shows the raw metadata in the selected file, so you can see exactly what is being changed as you tag your files.

Extra Info about some Chunks we write into:
Your can turn Chunks On/Off at will with the Chunk Panel (F4)

BEXT is slow as sh*t cuz it re-writes to the head of the file, it’s more universal, but the whole file needs to be re-written completely every time to do this.
so editing [description] or anything like [originator] will be slow if this chunk in ON.

ID3 even with this OFF it will still write metadata into MP3 files. The ON/OFF of this chunk only affects WAV/BWAV files and should not be used in 2020 and beyond unless you are selling libraries that NEED to be read by old versions by a certain “rival” program.

Writing an ID3 chunk into a WAV file was basically Illegal and we were only doing this to match compatibility with the geniuses that thought it was a good idea. 😉

UPDATE: Since many have since copied us by adopting open source iXML as a metadata standard also we suggest just leaving this chunk OFF. 😉


The [fields] that write into ID3 are the six below…

  • cd_title
  • publisher
  • track_title
  • composer
  • genre (for WAV files it’s populated from the [category] field instead of [genre] for compatibility)
  • artist (for WAV files it’s populated from the [library] field instead of [artist] for compatibility)

iXML is the quickest by far cuz it writes to the rear of the files and other programs have copied us and reading/writing in the open format so this is the main one you want to worry about nowadays.

Paul Virostek of Creative Field Recording just did a nice write up BaseHead’s metadata editing for beginners.

Check it out Here!!

BaseHead Metadata 101