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Converting a License to a Cloud.key

Before you convert your license to a CloudBased license let’s go over a bit of info..
The below steps are for Non-CodeMeter CmStick users, but is still very much possible for CM users also. Just contact Licensing Support and we will email you the steps to move over to these new modern self manageable license containers.

Also you need to be running v2021.6 or higher to use this new Cloud.keys.

Who are these Cloud.key licenses best suited for?
Basically Anyone!  They really are the future for single users that work at home OR users that work in multiple locations OR WFH users all the way to facilities needing a Pool of Licenses to grab from.  The only real time to avoid these is you work at facilities that locks you out from the internet completely.  If you can read this webpage from your work computer then these new licenses will work no problem.  😉

If you work at places with uncertain internet then best to stick with a Device Bound license instead.

Just follow these Simple Steps to Convert your license …
First, go to your ‘My License Page’ and find the license you want to convert to a Cloud.key and click the ‘Deactivate’ button then walk thru the following steps.  FYI: You can always switch back to Device bound at a moments notice if you need.  8)

Next click ‘Activate’ and choose the Cloud Option

Enter the user to attach this license to and click ‘Activate’ one more time.
Note: this name can be changed anytime later.

Once Activated you will see the screen below:

Then click ‘Download’ to get your Cloud.key file.

NOTE: if the .key file gets named .xml instead, from your web browser, simply rename the extension to .key to fix that issue.

IMPORTANT STEP:  Since your old device bound license was just put on the Kill List, when you ‘Deactivated’ it moments ago, it is very important to  delete that old .key file from the ‘Licenses’ folder next.

Delete your old key file from here: ~Documents/BaseHead 5.x/Licenses

After you cleaned up the old keys in this folder then place this newly downloaded .key file in the same folder.  


How to know it’s running off the Cloud?
To confirm it’s working, BaseHead will launch normally and
you will see ‘Cloud’ on the start page.

Done and Done!


Ran into some Issues or need some help with Licensing?

Send an email to with your problem and we will sort you out as soon as possible.  😉
Non-licensing problems should follow the links below instead to get help.