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Why when Pro Tools HD is open I can’t hear BaseHead anymore?

It’s cuz PT HD with Avid Hardware can’t share hardware with any other program.  It’s the only DAW in the world that will NOT release an audio driver in the background.

This is NOT a BaseHead problem cuz you will find that any media player like VLC or Windows Media Player will also have the same issue after PT seized the driver and won’t let it go.

Some solutions…

  • Use a better audio interface with a proper multi-client driver.
  • Use a different audio interlace or on board sound for BH.
  • BaseHead PC users: Use ReWire if available in your version or use VoiceMeeter (ASIO4ALL is not multi-client)
  • BaseHead Mac users: Use Source Nexus to route audio into PT or another program to program routing application.
    (email us for SN discount codes!)
  • Route BH out your internal sound card and into a mixer or SPDIF out to SPDIF in on your PT hardware and open up an input track to hear BH.

Or even better…..Switch to a DAW that doesn’t suck like Nuendo or REAPER!  hahaha
sorry…couldn’t resist!  8)