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Having BaseHead Issues?

This page explains how to get us the most useful information so we can assist much faster and assign it to the correct coder to fix it quick and easily. Please do not email directly and always use the Ticket System.  Thank you!

If you think you are having a CodeMeter Licensing Issue see the Licensing FAQ Section first!

If a recent update seemed to cause the problem then grab an older version first to compare to. You can always find older versions on the main Downloads page.

Make sure you have the latest versions of all related software including the CodeMeter Runtime if you have a license that is using it.


If you are having issues with DAW Integration (Especially Pro Tools on Mac) check here:

PC DAW Specific FAQ (including Pro Tools)

macOS DAW Specific FAQ

macOS Pro Tools FAQ


If you are having General BaseHead Issues check here:

macOS General FAQ

PC General FAQ


After the above is taken care of…..


Try wiping your preferences and check the common points of issue cuz 95% of problems can be fixed with a pref wipe. You can find out how to do this on the FAQ pages for both PC and Mac.



Submitting a Support Ticket:

  • If you have checked all relevant help sections and are still unable to resolve your issue, Create a Support Ticket Here
  • Provide some some sort of proof of the issue/crash and add as many Screenshots as possible or Video if you are able. If you do not know how to screen record your screen just use your phone.
  • Make sure the issue is reproducible and didn’t only happen just once before you report it please..  😉
  • We need solid evidence of the crime.  Without a dead body, there was no murder…..haha
  • Submit your ticket with the following details:
  1. If the issue is a BaseHead Crash attach a System Crash log and also a BaseHead Log created directly after the program crashed. (see below how to make one)
    Try to capture the problem at least twice and look at both logs to make sure you see the same info at the end of both logs. If not, it wasn’t the same crash probably..
  2. Steps to reproduce the problem.  If you can figure out how to re-create it 100% of the time tell how like this…
    1. …..
    2. …..
    3. …..
    We can only address issues that can be confirmed and tested.
  3. Capture a video shot on your phone or using screen cap software showing the issue. We prefer to watch a video then read a lengthy ticket any day…8)
  4. Source files used that are causing the problem zipped up if only some files seem to be affected. If you shoot a video using files, please send the files you used in the video.
    Even if you think it happens on all files we still need these!
  5. Screenshots of your BaseHead Options Page and if the issue is with DAW integration, the Preference/Processing page of the DAW.
Multiple Bugs?

Please submit a different ticket per bug unless they seem related and only have 3 tickets open at one time please!


Keep the support tickets short and sweet and to the point.

Please leave all extra drama like “the program is worthless until this is fixed…..This is a deal breaker!”  etc….

Keep it positive, stick to the facts, provide evidence and be patient.

Your bug will get resolved in a timely fashion….8)


Where are the System Crash logs located?


BaseHead logs are located here depending on your version…

Documents\Basehead 5.x\Debug.log

Documents\Basehead 4.x\BaseHead<user>.log

Also submit a .evtx file from your Windows Event Viewer if it is a crash issue:
Right Click Windows Logs/Applications and select “Save Selected Events” and attach this file to the ticket.



BaseHead logs are located here depending on your version…

~/Documents/BaseHead 4.x/Debug.log

~/Documents/BaseHead 5.x/Debug.log

Also include us an Apple Crash log also along with a BH Debug.log AND also your Console output like this when it crashed

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