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Some keyboard shortcuts or functions don’t work

Some keyboard shortcuts or functions don’t work Security Preference settings in macOS can sometimes become out of whack and may need a forced refresh. If you find that some operations in BaseHead are not working (some...

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I have a bunch of SDII that aren’t importing?

I have a bunch of SDII that aren’t importing? In version 5.x Apple forced us to drop support for this ancient format and files without extensions as a whole. No 64 bit application will be able to use them so start...

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BaseHead crashes importing/playing certain files

BaseHead is crashing on certain files while Importing or playing them. Check if the files are LOCKED.  If so, un-lock them by…. Using Finder, the top level folder of those files that you want to unlock. Switch to List View...

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macOS Defaulting Preferences

Defaulting Preferences (mac) Doing a prefs wipe or setting wipe does not delete your database, groups or collections, just any settings you have made to the program and is usually the first recommendation if you are having...

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macOS Rewire / Source Nexus

Setting Up Rewire, Source Nexus or SoundFlower (macOS) You may need to setup audio routing out of BaseHead into a DAW in order to use both BaseHead audio and your DAWs audio at the same time. There are many different ways to do...

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macOS Setting Security Preferences

MACOS SECURITY PREFERENCES Since macOS 10.14 the security preference settings are very important when you need to use BaseHead with another application and often are the source of most issues with Spotting or transferring files...

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