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How To videos

Videos for BaseHead v2020+


Importing Media Files

An overview of how to get your sound files into BaseHead

Drive \ Path Remapping

Demonstrates how to remap drives and folders when moving your media files around or when going between mac and PC.

Importing \ Exporting Text Files

An overview of importing data into basehead from Text Files. If you need to import data that has been exported from a rival program or included with a library of files you can import using a text file. It is also possible to export some/all data from BaseHead to text file for backup or to make edits externally.

Marker Panel Overview

A video that demonstrates the use of markers and regions and how to manage these
and write to the files.

Thesaurus Overview

Demonstrates the use of the in-built thesaurus feature and how to add custom
thesaurus entries to help find your media files using similar key words

Rename Panel / Batch Renaming

An overview of the file transfer and batch renaming features.
covers all the new features of the latest 2020 version!

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