The CLOUDPACK Manager & Marketplace  (CPM)

Retail CloudPacks and much much more are a coming…

Below is rough Sneak Peek of a taste of things on the horizon.  8)

  • Instantaneous Delivery of newly purchased Sound Effect (SFX) CloudPacks!
  • No more visiting and scouring countless web pages to search, play and purchase SFX.
  • View in BaseHead: Preview the whole library, it’s metadata and listen to it before purchase.  Yep! all sounds can be individually previewed so you can make sure it has enough of what you want before purchasing.  Users have a choice of 3 different preview degradation options to preview thru.
  • Manage/View all purchased libraries in one central location for quick access.
  • The CloudPack Manager is a companion application with bi-directional communication to BaseHead and works in the background when downloading to not interrupt your workflow. 
  • No need to backup purchased SFX in triplicate anymore.  Let them reside on our Google Cloud Platform and always have access to them at your finger tips always from anywhere.
  • If you change a local location of a downloaded CloudPack the location in your databases will automatically updated with a click of a button.
  • Ability to bring files local temporarily for speed and release them back to the cloud when no longer needed to free up space. (the DB will update changes)\
  • Already purchased some of the libraries we offer and want to make them stream-able also?  Yes, This will be possible! (more details to come on this)
  • The initial  release will include SFX packs from our good friends from SoundMorph, Pro Sound Effects, BOOM Library Pole Position Production, The Recordist, Soundrangers and Airborne Sound.  More and more packs will be added weekly.
  • Free CloudPacks will come back also with more to be added in the future.
  • The CPM can also be used standalone without being a BaseHead user, but why the hell would you want to be?  😉

Check out a few teaser screenshots below of the new CloudPack Manager and MarketPlace coming in hot very soon!

CHECK BACK SOON for more UPDATES on this new feature COMING VERY SOON into BaseHead