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This Page of the this User Manual is still in Progress to be updated for version 2024.

Results List

The Results List is where you will spend most your time. This is where all your library files and searches are displayed. You can customize the layout of columns, save layout snapshots, use the Search Bar to display filtered results and manage all your files.

Library / Search Results

When you click a library in the NodeTree all records in that library are displayed in the result list. 

To focus all your searches on a specific set of libraries hold Ctrl/Cmd + Click the library to force results only from those libraries. Do the same to reverse this selection. Check the PeakTree page for more detailed info on how to filter your libraries in the Results List

Column Layout & Snapshots

You can customize the fields that are displayed in the result list and reorder their position easily. Simply Right-Click the header of the result list to select the fields you want to display and Click-Drag the headers to reorder the positions.

Snapshots will store your current result list view including the fields displayed, positions and sizing. This can be handy to create different views to see the metadata you need for a search.  Hold Ctrl/Cmd when clicking a Snapshot Icon to store a snapshot in that snapshot number.



Result List Options

Dim Played Records
When ON dims records that you select to offer visual feedback of what files you have played.

Retain Dimmed Records
When ON keeps track of which records you clicked on already until manually cleared. You will see the number of records increasing near the Results Tab. To reset it to back zero simply click on the greenish number label where the ’18’ is.

Expand Rows Dynamically
Expands Results List rows heights to display all the metadata for both the [description] and [track_title] columns.

Disable Split File Matching
Disables Split Files that were Grouped/Matched during importing that have an Orange Split Icon next to the record.