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This Page of the this User Manual is still in Progress to be updated for version 2024.

Not Ported to basehead 2024 Yet!

wwise Integration

WAAPI integration was just added to hard-wire Audiokinetic Wwise to BaseHead allowing you to toss files back and forth while retaining most all the parameters. This feature can be seen in both PC and Mac versions rolling out in starting version 5.1. Yes, I know what you are thinking that BaseHead usually comes in the workflow before the DAW and then to Wwise last in the chain.
So who is this for? This feature isn’t aimed at Sound Designers as much as it’s aimed towards the audio programmer/implementer, people that want to sketch out rough ideas quickly and mobile game developers that aren’t making as complex of assets as a AAA titles that don’t need the fully power of a DAW in between and already have a pack of made assets.

Now I’m gonna walk you thru setup to get you going….
Firstly, open the Wwise User Preferences and turn ON WAAPI to link the two programs. If you are not currently using WAAPI with any other programs we recommend setting it to just #unknown as in the screenshot below.
Next set the External Wave Editor to BaseHead. This allows you to send selected objects to BaseHead using the key command [Ctrl/Cmd+E]. Then close out of that.

UPDATE:  Make sure to set the WAMP port: to 12101 now.

Then go to basehead’s NodeTree settings panel and show the Wwise Node. (This is unchecked by default)

Now your ready to go!
Find a sound you inside BaseHead….pitch it up or down, add Plugins to it and when your ready, click the transfer icon from the Wwise node in the left side NodeTree and watch it fly over to Wwise.
You can also use the [Ctrl+E] key command on PC or [CMD+E] on Mac)


We  store the most recent objects transferred in the left side NodeTree node, so you can quickly recall them, make changes and update the object in Wwise. To do this simply click the object in the NodeTree to pull it back from Wwise OR if your are inside Wwise you can also use [Ctrl+E] to toss the file back to BaseHead and it will be added to the top of this node list. The make a your changes inside BaseHead and press the right most “Refresh Wwise Object” button to update it in Wwise.

This image shows a side by side comparison of a file region sent to Wwise (Left), with Loop points set and sent back to BaseHead (Right)


You also have control of some global parameters that are recalled when an object in the Wwise Node is clicked that you might not want over-written on each object recall



<<  Opening the Multi-Editor inside Wwise reveals all the parameters being retained and sent back and forth between the two programs inside a designated BaseHead node.

 Here is a rough video below shows the workflow in detail tossing files back and forth between basehead and Wwise with fully synced parameters using WAAPI  

Keep in mind this video is old and key commands and Setup has changed slightly.  (See Above)