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This Page of the this User Manual is still in Progress to be updated for version 2024.

Rename Panel

The Rename panel allows you to batch rename your files using a flexible rules based approach with the ability to save renaming presets. There are 2 parts to the Rename panel, Transfer (which applies when files are being transferred / spotted out of basehead) and Rename (which is used to batch rename a selection of files in the Results List

[Video] Batch Renamer Overview (Older video but still Applies)

Transfer Renamer Tab


This section helps decide how a copied/tagged file name is created on the way to the Transfer Path. Naming Options are ONLY applied whenever a file is copied and a new file is created.

NOTE: If you DnD from the Result Page, the files will always be Referenced so no naming options will be applied then or whenever a file is referenced

The “Base” combo box gives you the option to use the [filename] or [description] or a combination for the start of the newly created filename and then the below options shape it in the order top to bottom.

Strip PC Illegals  (macOS)
Remove characters from filenames that PC’s are not a big fan of such as
? / = + < > : * | “

Pre/Post Naming
Lets you add extra description onto transferred files along with a separator character. So for example, if they are ALL metal sounds you can easily add an extra MTL on the front or rear of all the sounds to help recognize them later in your DAW or transfer folder.

Your typical Replace one word With another (It’s case sensitive).

Remove/change the following formatting:

  • Duplicate Words
  • Decap/Recap
  • CamelCase
  • Un-Camel Case
  • Non-Alpha Numeric
  • Non-ASCII Chars
  • Numbers Only

Apply one of the following formatting rules when transferring files: 

  • Camel Case Format
  • Clear Comment
  • Load Comment to Description
  • Load Filename to Description
  • Number Files
  • Remove Spaces
  • Rename File from Description

Remove Spaces
Removes all spaces from filename

Max. Filename Length
Limits the length of the newly created [filename]. Especially useful for development where you have to conform to filename limits.


Batch Renaming Tab

(Ultra Version Only)

This section of the Rename Panel is used to copy values from one field to another field or modify values or file names of the selected records. These are not applied when files are copied like the Transfer Naming section above, but instead only applied when the Rename/Copy button is clicked.

NOTE: This ONLY applies to records currently selected in the results list

The rules based operations allow data from one (or many) fields to be formatted in the source section and then applied to the selected field in the Destination section either replacing the destination or adding onto the existing data in the destination.

Formatting of the string is done from top to bottom in the rule list and at any time you can drag rules to reorder them.
At the bottom of the batch window a preview of the string is shown as rules are added.

Source Rules
Click the “Add Rule” button to add rules to build a batch rename operation.

Source DB [field]: Inserts data from the selected db field
Strip: Strip or remove spaces, duplicate words, decap & recap, non-alpha numeric, non-ASCII char, numbers, head/tail spaces, text
Case: Change formatting to lowercase, UPPERCASE, Title Case, Decap & Recap
Replace: Replace a matching term with another term (case sensitive as an option). Can also be used to remove a matching term from a string
Free Text: Allows entry of any custom text in the string or can be used to insert any field in BaseHead using square braces. Example to insert the Microphone field: [microphone]
Number: Generates incrementing number sequences for files. You can set a prefix/suffix to the number sequence, starting number and digit count.

To reorder rules, click and drag up/down on a rule. You will see a green position cursor where the rule will be moved to
Click the (X) for a rule to delete it
Click Clear to clear all rules from the list

Set what field or filename will be affected when the Rename/Copy button is clicked.
You can choose to replace the current text or add the source to the start/end of the destination field

Save Load Rules
If you use a set of rules often, you can click the Save button to save the rules for future use.
Saved rules are stored in your Basehead data folder PresetsBatch Renaming
To load a saved rule, select it from the Presets list and click Load
To rename or delete a rule, just locate the xml rule file in the Batch Renaming preset folder and rename/delete the file

A selection of inbuilt presets for common file rename operations.