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This Page of the this User Manual is still in Progress to be updated for version 2024.

Search Bar and BLOCKs

The Search Bar is where all the magic happens!
You can search through all your files metadata and the results of a search are displayed on the Results Page.


Deep Character Search

This is best to leave OFF unless you are searching for CamelCase’s fiels ThatAreNamedLikeThisWithoutSpaces.  


Search Operations

You can use typical Boolean searches to filter your search results.

“AND” Search

If you type in a search term with Spaces the search will perform an “AND” search and look for results that contain all of the words entered. It will not search for an exact match for the sequence you type, only if ALL words are found in the field

“NOT” Search

You can exclude a word match by prefixing a minus (-) to the word. This will exclude any result that has this word as a match.  In this example, results will be listed if metal AND hit are found but only if crash and hollow were not found in the description.

“OR” Search

You can perform an OR search that will return results when either word is found by adding a capital OR between words


“EXACT” Search

If you need to search for an exact match, place your search “within quotes”


(Ultra only)

The Thesaurus is available in Ultra versions of BaseHead and opens up the ability to search for “like” terms using a comprehensive inbuilt word library specifically curated for sound designers.  Users also have the option to exclude or add their own words to the internal Thesaurus database.

As you enter a word in the top search box, matches will be displayed in the second search box. You can choose to modify the thesaurus match if you need to add/remove a word from the search.

If you wish to edit the thesaurus library see the Thesaurus Options


[Video] using The Thesaurus

Search Specific Imports

When you perform a search your entire database is searched for results which will display in the Results List.
You can simply click on any library in the NodeTree to apply the current search to only that library.

Hold Ctrl/Cmd + Click multiple Imports to perform searches only in the selected ones (these will be highlighted) and repeat this to deselect the libraries again. You can also Right-Click and select the option “Focus/Unfocus Search”

Favorite / Recent Searches

(Ultra only)

In the NodeTree you will find a “Favorite Searches” and “Recent Searches” node available. If you do not see these and are using the Ultimate version of basehead, check the NodeTree options to see if these nodes have been hidden from view:

Recent Searches lists a history of previous searches that you can reload the results by simply clicking. Each query stores all the search box parameters that were set for the search when pressing Enter.

Favorite Searches is a place to put the searches you use all the time.
You can add them to this node by pressing the green plus icon from the Recent Searches node.