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This Page of the this User Manual is still in Progress to be updated for version 2024.

Details Panel (Metadata)

The Details Panel in the Right Side Bar and displays all the metadata for the selected file.  It also allows you to edit metadata in Standard and Ultra. 

Customising Details Display

(Ultra and Standard Only)

Hide Spectrum Meters
when ON hides and disables the Spectrum Meters at the bottom of this panel.

Auto-Complete Editing (Ultra Only)
when ON will show suggestions while typing based on other values already in the current [field] in the database.

Dynamic Display
Select this option ON to only show fields for available metadata in the selected file. All empty fields will be hidden and this will automatically change when metadata is available in a file.

User Definable Display
Selecting this option will allows selection of which fields you would like to display in the details panel. These fields will always display no matter if metadata is available in a field or not.

Select this option then click the field selector to choose which fields to show/hide:

Once you get all the fields you care about editing….go ahead and tag away by selecting the records you want to change and double clicking a [field] you want to change!

NOTE: Dimmed [fields] can’t be edited for the file [type] selected.
For Ultra users you can also batch update metadata for files using the Batch Rename Panel.


    Metadata Formats




    This panel can be used to turn on or off Chunks in all three stages from Importing files to Editing them to Transferring and creating new files.

    If in doubt, simply leave all options enabled unless you have a need to not copy certain metadata chunks.


    CatID Option: basehead supports importing of UCS Category Data.  This allows files that contain the UCS CatID tag on the front of the filename to auto-populate the Category and Sub Category fields in BaseHead based on the UCS tagging database.

    Set this option “Low” to allow importing of this data from the filename only if existing Category/Sub Category information is not included within the files iXML data, or is not already in your database if you are refreshing the CatID data. Only missing Cat/SubCat data will be populated

    Set this option “High” to force UCS CatID data to be written to the database. This will ignore any iXML tags stored within the file and will overwrite existing Category, Sub Category and ShortID fields in your database if you are forcing a category refresh from the database menu


    FYI: basehead can also Import/Export various text file formats of all fields that you can also use to import into “rival” programs also now as another option if that is what you prefer. You can check out more info on this in the Import/Export Text File* section


    Adding Artwork / Images

    (Standard & Ultra Only)

    basehead also the ability to add Art/Images to files that burn into the ID3 chunk of a file. Just drag a .gif .png .jpg or .tif to the Details Panel and it will add the artwork to the selected records. Images can be added to MP3, Wav and AIF files and can be burned into the files.

    The image artwork will appear in the details panel over the spectrum meter. Click the artwork to move it to the side of the spectrum meter. Right clicking an image will remove it.

    Also if you just place images with the same name as the audio file in the folder with the extensions (.png, .jpg and .jpeg)

    It will show these as priority over any image burnt into the file.