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This Page of the this User Manual is still in Progress to be updated for version 2024.

Tips and Tricks

There are many internal tricks and keyboard shortcuts that are inside basehead that you might not know about yet listed below.

1. Holding Ctrl/CMD) while clicking an ‘Import’ ‘Group’ or ‘CloudPack’ will create a Search Filter Block.

2. If you DnD a folder to the lower left Transfer Path combo box it will set it this folder’s path as your Transfer Path.

3. Holding (Ctrl /CMD) before you DnD from the Results Page will disable “Bring to Foreground” if enabled.
This feature is normally to bring your Target app to the foreground, but sometime your want to drag to another destination so it’s handy to know this one!

4. After Tagging a bunch of files you can hold Ctrl or Option (on macOS) and drag the Taglist from the DnD Bar instead of having to look at the Taglist Page first.

5. If you drag an image file to the lower part of the Details Panel it will apply it to the selected records. Right Click of it will remove it.

6 Clicking the count ball number above the Taglist Tab and Results Tab will reset them.

7. Holding Shift and using the mouse wheel over the waveform will Zoom In/Out on it.

8.  The Database, Taglist, Process Panel and many areas allow to show the folder from the page.  That is not the big deal.  What is is that it starts a folder watcher to track changes so you can rename, add and delete them from the comfort of Explorer/Finder and the change will update in basehead immediately.