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This Page of the this User Manual is still in Progress to be updated for version 2024.

Process Panel

(Ultra / Standard Versions Only)

The Process Panel allows you to load your effects plugins which you can apply to your sounds on transfer/spot into your project. Access the Process Panel by clicking the “Process” tab on the right- Sidebar:

Supported Plugin Formats
We support 64 bit VST3® plugins only 
VST3® is a Registered Trademark of Steinberg/Yamaha Corp.


Scanning Your Plugins

1. Open the Process Panel and it will auto-scan the plugins for you.


Scanned and blacklisted plugins are stored within a separate configuration file which you can delete if you need to reset the scanned plugins/blacklist:

WIN: ..\Documents\BaseHead 5.x\VST.config
MAC: Open Terminal and enter: defaults delete com.basehead.baseheadVST

PROCESS Effects Rack

The top section of the process panel is the “Process Panel Rack” where you can combine your effects using up to 16 effects slots.

At the top are the following functions (left to right):

Will enable/disable all effects in the rack. You can also trigger this using keyboard shortcut [V]


Adding / Removing an effect

select a plugin from the list of plugins in the combobox.
Remove it with the delete (-) button or click the [+] button after the last effect slot to add an additional slot.

If a plugin you have installed is not listed be sure the path where the plugin is installed has been added and also be sure you have a VST2® version installed.

Reorder Plugins

You can reorder the effects by simply clicking an effect and dragging it to a new position. You will see a positional bar where it will be inserted and releasing will move the plugin to the new position.

Copy Plugin Settings

You can copy a plugins settings to another slot or preset. Just right-click on the effects slot you want to copy and select “Copy Plugin Parameters”. Select the preset you wish to copy the plugin settings to and on an empty plugin slot right-click and select “Paste Plugin Parameters”. The plugin will be inserted with the copied settings.

PROCESS Rack Effects Presets

BaseHead Process Rack and monitor presets are saved in the following location:


~/Application Support/basehead/Presets/VST

Applying/Bypassing Effects on Files

The Effects Rack will be applied to your monitored audio and also automatically to any sounds you Transfer/Spot/DnD to your project. If you wish to not apply the effects rack to a certain sound but need to keep it setup, simply use the global bypass button at the top of the effects rack to bypass all effects from processing. 



This “Tail” setting is for when you are using reverb or delays so you can add extra time to the end of a file to not cut off the plugin decay.
(Not working with AIF files yet)


Monitor Section

The Monitor section consists of 2 effects slots that are designed for you to load effects that you want to always have active for monitoring (such as a limiter) but may not want active in the effects chain when applied to a file.  Add effects to this section and by default you will hear the effect but it will not be applied to the exported sound.

Pre: This button will switch the effect to “Pre Rack” so it is applied before audio is processed by the effects rack. 
Prcs (Process): This will enable the effect to be added into the process chain when you export/transfer the audio file. 

Monitor Effects Presets

Presets for the monitor section are saved separate to the effects rack. To save/recall monitor section presets select the “Mon” tab on the preset panel. 

Presets are managed in the same way as effects rack presets above but only apply to the monitor section effects.

Pitch FX AxiS

Ultra Only

It’s a standard type X/Y axis control with two different pitching modes to choose from. (pitchFX and stretch).

Just grab the green ball and whip it around to hear the difference and have fun with it! 8)

Reverse File (Ctrl+R)

You can also create a temporary reversed a file from this panel also by pressing the ‘Reverse’ button

Video: BaseHead Process Panel

For a detailed overview of the latest features of the Process Panel check out the following video


Click a box below to see the answer

Are effects applied to files or only for monitoring?

Effects in the VST Rack section will be applied to files on transfer/export from BaseHead. You can disable this using the Bypass buttons.

On the other hand, Monitor section effects are NOT applied to files on export unless the PRCS button is engaged.


Effects such as reverb are cut short when I export a file

Effects such as reverb and delays need additional processing time added to the end of the file. The the “Tail” setting to add additional time to the end of the file when exporting.