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This Page of the this User Manual is still in Progress to be updated for version 2024.

Basic Functions/Menus

basehead offers a clean and uncluttered interface and almost all operational functions have keyboard shortcuts* to speed up your workflow dramatically.
Here are some of the main ones listed below.

Command Bar

The command bar is found below the peak tree and offers some quick shortcuts to common functions which can be found in the actions menu along with many more functions.

Hover over a button to find out what each one is and what the keyboard shortcut is. From Left to Right:

  • Add to Taglist (T)
  • Spot to Track (S)
  • Copy to Transfer Path (C)
  • Open Containing Folder (O)
  • Open in Wave Editor (W)
  • Random Sound (?)

Read on for descriptions on each of these functions.

Basic Functions…

Add to TagList (T)
Will add the selected sound to the Taglist Page.
Once a list has been created you can drag and drop it all by either showing the Taglist Page and holding down (Ctrl or Option) and drag from the list. You can also hold (Ctrl or Option) and grab the DnD Bar on bottom left of the main Results Page to drag the whole list without ever looking at it. You can also transfer all the current checked sounds on the Taglist to the target applications’ Pool/Bin using (ALT+X) from either the Taglist Page OR Results Page.

Open in Wave Editor (W)
This with toss the file into the set wave editor on the Options Page, which is usually something like Wavelab or Sound Forge.

Open in Wave Editor2 (Ctrl/Cmd+W)
If you have multiple wave editors you like to use you can set a second wave editor in the Options and Choose this option to send to your second wave editor.

Open Containing Folder (O)
Will show the selected record in Explorer/Finder.

Copy File to Transfer Path (C)
Will copy selected files to your currently set Transfer Path. Click the folder icon on the bottom Info Strip to set a Transfer Path manually.

Spot to Track (S)
If your one of the type of guys that prefers to lay a cursor/marker down in your DAW and toss files to it instead of Drag and Drop then this is the option for you. Select your Target Application on the Options page and hit (S) to toss files to a track in your DAW.

X-fer to Pool/Bin in Target App (X)
Files are tossed to the Pool/Bin in Nuendo/Cubase or Pro Tools or other supported DAW’s

Spot ‘Taglist’ to Track (Shift+S)
Spot all ‘Checked’ items on your taglist to the target app

X-fer Taglist to Pool/Bin (Alt+X)
Current checked file on the Taglist page are tossed to the Pool/Bin in Nuendo Cubase or Pro Tools
(Note: Spotting features for non-hardwired DAW’s can only send one file at a time)


Show Folder Contents (Alt+F)
Will show the folder contents of the selected record in the Results Page.

Force Show All Records (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+F)
This bypasses the ‘Max Records Returned’ set value on the Options Page and instead returns All records.
NOTE: You can also hold CTRL when pressing ENTER on a search to bypass the set limit to display.


Set Wave Editor (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+W)
Lets you select a wave editor for 2 track editing (usually SoundForge or Wavelab) Once set press ‘W’ to toss a file to it.

Set Wave Editor2 
Lets you select a second wave editor