BASEHEAD VERSION 5.2 just posted!  Hail to the King Baby!  😉


Check out all the Groovy  new features and changes such as


  • Performance Multi-take Recordings
  • ReWire for macOS
  • Hardwired support added for Adobe Premiere Pro and Nuendo 10 
  • Two new pitchSlider modes and a lot more!


Read all about the 75+ changes in version 5.2 for July IN THIS POST.

and below are just a sample of a few tasty new features that also arrived recently in case you missed it!  8)

General Changes in 5.x


  • BaseHead is now fully 64bit with a ton of UI & UX refinements and bug fixes.
  • Improved speed and stability!
  • Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave and also 10.15 if using version 5.2
  • CloudPacks: Free Online SFX that stream from the cloud
  • HTTP Playback (for those facilities with security concerns)
  • Wwise Hardwired Target App support (added in 5.1)
  • REAPER Hardwired Target App support added.
  • Nuendo 10 and Cubase 10/9 Target Support Added.
  • Target App Support Added for Adobe Premiere Pro
  • SONAR Platinum and Professional Generic Target App support added.
  • 16 ‘Group’ colors now that are all user definable.
  • Multiple PeekTree Widths now. (Small, Medium and Large)
  • Even more flexible licensing including rentals and  subscriptions!
  • Non-Ultra versions can connect to the BaseHead Server with an Add-on now.

Panel Additions

  • Quick Access Panel for Solo/Muting and access to frequently toggle controls (F2)
  • MetaData Viewer Window (F3)
  • Master Metadata Chunk Window (F4).
  • Process Panel: PitchFX Axis
  • Marker Panel (added in v5.1)
  • Online Page: With free streamable, royalty free CloudPacks.
  • VST: Improved Scanner, New Picker with Filter Search  and Preset system.
    Including better store/recall of WAVES and other shell style plugins.
  • Import/Export Text Files  (Even Supports importing a few “rival” companies text files….MMMmmwwwuuuhahahhaha   8)


Waveform Changes

  • New Hi Resolution Waveform Drawing Engine that draws all channels with added time display.
  • Draws all the channels of split files now (.L .R .C .LFE .Ls .Rs)
  • Markers can be clicked, dragged and reset with your mouse now.
  • “Auto Gain Waveform” option.
  • (SHIFT+MouseWheel) Waveform Zooming
  • Faster channel extraction now
  • Shows  Start/End/Length  of current selection.
  • CUE Markers from Wavelab, SoundForge etc. are now displayed
  • Green Re-Trigger Marker



  • 64bit VST Plugin support now that BaseHead is x64
  • Choose between FILM, SMPTE and DTS channel orders.
  • Channel Offset option that works with VST’s also now.
  • Stereo and Mono DownMix buttons
  • Transfer and Playback Quality can be set Independently now.
  • Auto Toggle  M/S Decoder option.
  • Split LCR, Quad, 5.0  and 5.1 Playback.



  • “User Definable” Spot with Handles
  • “Reference File when Possible” option makes it’s return!
  • Retains Dimmed Records till you clear them now
  • Spell Correct ON/OFF for the search boxes
  • Details Panel: Auto-Complete option now available for these cells.
  • Can link bottom two Browse Arrows/Search boxes along with many more search refinements



  • Process Page: File Reversing Function (Ctrl+R)
  • Database Menu: Remove ‘Offline Media’
  • Database Menu:  Create ‘Import’ from Database
  • Can quickly create ‘Groups’ now from Details Panel values.
  • Libraries: “Remove ‘Offline Media’ from Library”
  • Too much to list here…..
    Not to mentions it manages to improve your sex life even more now then before!!   😉



 BaseHead already dominates the video game industry and is taking over post more and more each month.

If you are a sound designer for video games or feature films using a DAW  (like Nuendo, REAPER or Pro Tools ) and want to speed up your workflow, then this is the product to get!

version 5.x also brought in many features that Dialog and Foley editors have been craving.
Originally we made this program just for ourselves only, but the BaseHead Project has grown beyond that being used by thousands daily to….

BaseHead comes in 3 different flavors…

BaseHead Ultra (for the power users) 
BaseHead (the standard edition)
BaseHead Lite (for people not needing all the fancy bells and whistles)


 The Standard Edition  and Lite Edition aren’t as feature rich as the Ultra Edition of course.

Check out the comparison chart to the right to rough idea of the differences.
Neither version is crippled by a limited amount of databases, playback sample rates, surround playback or any of that non-sense  that other companies do.
They’re still 110% BaseHead to the Core!

It’s  recommended to preview all 3 versions by installing and running the included Demo in the full installer and simply switch versions with the upper right popup box to see for yourself which features are in each version exactly.

 Still confused which version to buy?

Each version is designed with this in mind basically…
Ultra – Sound Designers
Standard – SFX, Dialog, and Foley Editors
Lite – Video Editors, Musicians,Music Editor and Re-Recording mixers.
(NOTE: Premiere Pro users should use at least Standard to get Target App integration

You can upgrade to a higher version at anytime for no extra cost!

CHECK OUT the Galley of Images Below

Join our user forums to get the latest info on new features and BETA’s

Some previous version features that are also in most versions of 5.x

  • Imports: Name import and sub divide your Database for easier re-scanning and removal of chunks of it.
  • Groups: allows you to group and colorize your favorite sounds while importing or after.
  • Collections: Put your favorite sounds in virtual folders for quick access, pulling sounds and exporting!
  • Mass Batch Tagging: Rename just about every field now that burns into NON-Encrypted iXML.
  • The most cutting edge User Interface/UX of the lot!
  • Cross-platform (PC/Mac) licenses and Database format (No Extra Charge!!)
  • 100% native code base for both PC and Mac to give you the best user experience and performance possible on each platform.
    We do NOT use a wonky half-baked cross-platform framework like  other guys do  😉
  • Floating Network Licenses that work over LAN or even the WAN!  (yes, the freaking internet yo!…8)
  • 50+ Fields of searchable Metadata now with 4 Separate Search Input Fields so you can fine tune searches w/ History
  • Injects renamed Descriptions back into the audio files 
  • Boolean Searching (And, Or, Not, Exact)
  • Centralized server Databases using BaseHead Server
  • Ability to Set and Remove of Playback Markers
  • Common Combo and ALL searching in the search boxes
  • Auto-Complete Searching (Non-Lite Versions)
  • Ability add your Album Art/Images to files.
  • 12 VST slots now with full preset Store/Recall functions and filter searching.
  • Destructive Editing
  • Ambisonic B-Format Interleaved Playback
  • Dims records that have been played already for better visual feedback.
  • Batch, Online and Offline Renaming options.
  • Reverse Playback and Shuffle Mode
  • Multi-channel audio playback Crashed to Stereo)
  • Browser and Taglist pages
  • Reads iXML field recorder data
  • Auto-Switching Paths Feature (Changes Transfer Path based on opened session)


Applications With Hardwired Target App API support:  (Non-Lite Versions)
Nuendo/Cubase, REAPER , Pro Tools, Wwise, LogicX and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Most all DAW’s and video editing systems can be used with BaseHead via Drag and Drop even if they are not in the Target App list.

Metadata Chunks Read during Importing:
iXML, aXML, bext, ID3, ANNO, SNDN, WMA, nmx, LIST and OGG

Metadata Chunks Written:
iXML, aXML, bext, ID3 , CUE and (LIST Coming next)

New Requirements as of version 5.2
Windows 10, 8 or 7  (with .NET4.8  Framework installed)
macOS 10.10 or higher

All Licensing and Authorizations info can be found ON THIS PAGE


New Video from Pro Sound Effects showing their top 6 top favorite BaseHead features!