BaseHead Ultra is a SFX searching Beast! 

If you are a Sound Designer for video games or feature films using a DAW  (like Nuendo, REAPER or Pro Tools ) and want to speed up your workflow, then this is the product to get!

Check out the feature set below, download it, watch a few getting started videos and try it for yourself to see if it’s a right fit for your world.


BaseHead scales with your company as it grows!  From lower priced Lite versions that can be upgraded to an insanely powerful Ultra version with centralized licensing and databases.

You name it and we’ve got it covered!  8)

Search with Advanced Precision!
with 50+ Fields of searchable Metadata and four Separate Search/Input fields that allow for Deep and Thesaurus based searches to help you can find what you need with pinpoint accuracy.

 The Audio Engine   (yeah it’s got a Hemi!)

  • 10 channel Interleaved or Split Playback Metering with Individual Channel Extraction.
  • Stereo, Mono and Fold Down Downmix buttons with Solos’ and Mutes available on the Quick Access Panel.
  • Split LCR, Quad, 5.0 ,5.1 and Recorder A Channel file Playback.
  • Ambisonic B-Format Interleaved Playback
  • Choose between FILM, SMPTE and DTS playback channel orders.

Tweakers Delight!
Twist your SFX with the pitchFX X/Y Matrix on the Process Panel while playing in reverse AND all while running thru VST Plugins!  Get the sound you want and press “S” to Spot the file exactly as heard on the timeline in your favorite workstation software.

Mark it Up!
View, Add and Edit CUE, Region and Loop Markers from Wavelab, SoundForge etc…. directly on the Waveform.  Also set Sync points that transfer with an offset to your DAW.


Http: Streaming and Playback
This gives the ability for WFH users to play and transfer SFX from a work server via the cloud OR used to access your personal library from anywhere OR this can also be used for facilities to secure local SFX from being accessed without permission on site.

Capture the Moment!
with Performance Multi-take Recordings never miss a knob twist or a fader move.  Keep recording takes till the cows come home and then go back and choose the ones to transfer your DAW and the unused recording will be discarded automatically on quit.

Instantaneous SFX Purchasing!
The CloudPacks MarketPlace/Manager is included, so you can purchase CloudPacks and Stream them immediately without ever leaving the BaseHead Environment!

Metadata Tools Galore!


The most Flexible Licensing Anywhere!

  • You can bind your licenses to your System drive, USB Flash Drive or iLok.
  • Facilities can put multiple floating licenses on a CodeMeter CmStick or go dongle-less on a VM License Server with CodeMeter CmACT to use over LAN/WAN.
  • OR try our new CloudBased Licenses designed for WFH users!
  • Jump between license containers at will with ease on the ‘My Licenses’ page. 
Some Screenshots to check out..

Hardwired Support for these fine DAW’s.  but any other can be used via Drag and Drop!

Check out the comparison chart below for the 3 different tasty flavors available.
All licenses below are Perpetual and never time out and die!  No monthly Subscription fees that add up fast over time!

FYI: Prices are currently Reduced heavily to help everyone struggling out there right now. 

Basic Target App Support such as’Spot to Track’ just unlocked in the Lite Edition also!

Each version was designed with these target users in mind basically…
– Sound Designers, SFX Vendors and Librarians
– SFX, Dialog, and Foley Editors
Video Editors, Musicians, Music Editor and Re-Recording mixers.
Creator – Anyone getting started out the audio world, Content Creators or non-BaseHead users wanting to use the CPM.

Still confused which version to buy?
the full installer will run in trial mode for 14 days.
Just switch between the versions in the top right to preview each version is the best way to know for sure which to choose. 

Get your 14 day 100% Unrestricted Free Trial Now!
Just grab the Full Installer to start playing Immediately!   8)


Tech Specs 

System Requirements:
Win8 thru Win11 (with the .NET4.8  Framework installed)
macOS 10.13 thru macOS 11.4

Metadata Chunks Read during Importing:
iXML, UCS, aXML, bext, ID3, ANNO, SNDN, WMA, nmx, LIST and OGG

Metadata Chunks Written:
iXML, aXML, bext, ID3 , CUE and (LIST Coming next)


an older Video from Pro Sound Effects showing their top 6 top favorite BaseHead features!


Just getting started in the audio world?

Then get started right with BaseHead Creator.  Our new entry level Edition designed for at home learning with included SFX and it’s 100% Free and when ready you can easily migrate to one of the version above.  8)