BaseHead Ultra is a SFX searching Beast! 

If you are a Sound Designer for video games or feature films using a DAW  (like Nuendo, REAPER or Pro Tools ) and want to speed up your workflow, then this is the product to get!

Check out the feature set below, download it, watch a few getting started videos and try it for yourself to see if it’s a right fit for your world.


BaseHead scales with your company as it grows!  From lower priced Lite versions that can be upgraded to an insanely powerful Ultra version with centralized licensing and databases.

You name it and we’ve got it covered!  8)

The CloudPack Mananger/MarketPlace is now in BaseHead
You can purchase SFX packs without ever leaving the BaseHead Environment!

Some of the BASE Features

  • BaseHead is now fully 64bit.
  • 50+ Fields of searchable Metadata with 4 Separate Search Input Fields so you can fine tune searches w/ History
  • Cross-platform (PC/Mac) licenses (No Extra Charge!)
  • Floating Network Licenses that work over LAN or even the WAN!
  • CloudPacks: Free and Retail Online SFX that stream from the cloud!
  • HTTP Streaming/Playback gives the ability for WFH users to play and transfer SFX from a work server.
  • Performance Multi-take Recordings
  • Flexible licensing including Perpetual, RTO and Subscriptions!
  • Three pitchSlider modes that transfer to new files.
  • 10 channel Interleaved or Split Playback/Channel Extraction and Metering
  • Marker Panel: CUE Markers from Wavelab, SoundForge etc. are now displayed
  • Choose between FILM, SMPTE and DTS channel orders.
  • Ambisonic B-Format Interleaved Playback
  • Stereo and Mono and FoldDown DMix buttons with Solos’ and Mutes on the Quick Access Panel that transfer also.
  • Split LCR, Quad, 5.0  and 5.1 Playback.
  • New Massively powerful Batch Renamer inside the Rename Panel  (Ultra only)
  • Reverse Playback that transfers also in reverse and Shuffle Modes
  • Reads iXML field recorder metadata and groups A Channel files during playback
  • 100% native code base for both PC and Mac versions to give you the best user experience and performance possible on each platform.
    We do NOT use a wonky half-baked cross-platform frameworks like the other guys do  😉
  • Improves your Sex Life!   😉


See the below comparision table for a list of more included features


Hardwired Support for these fine DAW’s.  but any other can be used via Drag and Drop!

 Check out the comparison chart below for the 3 different flavors available.

No version is crippled by a limited amount of databases, playback sample rates, surround playback or any of that non-sense  that other companies do.

NOTE: the below prices may not be current or are sales prices.  See the store for actual numbers!

FYI: Each version was designed with these targets in mind basically…
 – Sound Designers
– SFX, Dialog, and Foley Editors
Video Editors, Musicians, Music Editor and Re-Recording mixers.

Still confused which version to buy?
the full installer will run in trial mode for 14 days.
No Registration is needed!  Just switch between the versions in the top right to preview each version is the easiest way to know for sure.  8)


Licensing Options:
we offer more options than just about anyone with more soon to come.   8)

Tech Specs

System Requirements:
Windows 10, 8 or Vista (with .NET4.8  Framework installed)
macOS 10.10 thru macOS 10.15

 Metadata Chunks Read during Importing:
iXML, aXML, bext, ID3, ANNO, SNDN, WMA, nmx, LIST and OGG

Metadata Chunks Written:
iXML, aXML, bext, ID3 , CUE and (LIST Coming next)



New Video from Pro Sound Effects showing their top 6 top favorite BaseHead features!