The CPM Is Back Baby!

We would like to extend a huge thanks for your patience while we worked to get the new CloudPacks Marketplace migrated to a new server.  We know it inconvenienced a number of you and it was a long and trying process to migrate such a huge collection of commercial sound libraries but CPM is now up and running in its new home now with many added improvements. 

There are not just 1 but 3 different SFX servers now.
So you can set your streaming server location to the closest and faster one:
U.S., Europe and Asia

Other CPM Changes

  • all files are stores as FLAC on the 3 new servers for speed benefits
  • New CPM Option to ‘Localize’ as either FLAC or BWAVE.
  • The CPM is now basically a 2nd Engine to BaseHead and auto-launches silently after login so there is no more delay now launching it.

NOTE: If you have purchased SFX via the CPM in the past and your Maintenance Period ended in the last 3 months, while the CPM was down… s
Send an email to
cpm ‘AT’ baseheadinc ‘DOT’ com to get it extended for Free to current so you can use the new v2021.9 CPM .  😉

UCS v8.1 Template Update

There has been an update to the UCS Template to v8.1 which adds some extra Categories and Sub Categories to the list. This has been updated in all available languages into BaseHead and is available in the v2021.9 release

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Windows 11 Ready!

PC Users can feel confident that the latest BaseHead v2021.9 has been updated/tested and is Windows 11 ready!  No need to fear upgrading to Windows 11, just be sure you are running the latest v2021.9 to ensure you have trouble free operation if you plan to update to the latest from Redmond.

Payment Plans now done via PayPal

We are now integrating PayPal’s payment plan feature. Any product can now be split into 4 or 6 payments at checkout using your PayPal account or a Credit Card via PayPal (even if you do not have a PayPal account). This includes all top tier products and even lower priced items can be split into payments unlike before, so it’s never been easier to get that upgrade you have always wanted.

As always…
v2021.9 s a FREE update for anyone that has an active Maintenance Period.
You can grab it now on the Main Downloads Pages