basehead 2024 new Features in Pics: Part1

Here are just 15 or so things of the many things to expect it this forethcoming new version.
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The Main Window

Where all the business gets done!  It’s might look similar at first glance, but it’s a whole new multi-thread beast under the hood that you will immediately notice the first time you use it with it’s massively improved UI and UX.

Search Blocks

This version is all about Blocks!  Search, Filter and Folder Blocks can be created from just about any Node or Element now but Ctrl/Cmd+Clicking any Import or Folder inside an Import, a Group, or even a UCS Category/Sub Cat.

Floatable Panels

Just about every panel can be floated now when using Standard or the Ultra Edition. To right >> we see the Rename Panel floating.  Also there are four different layouts to choose from also now with a way coming soon be able  to re-arrange and re-dock every single section of this new  hi-tech modular User Interface Engine.

Searchable Markers

CUE Markers are now searchable also now by your massive amounts of requests for this feature.  NOTE: You’ll have to re-import the files for them to be updated in the Database.

Explode Import Folders

We replaced the Browser Page in this version in favor of allowing you to look and browse inside ‘Imports’ directly via the ‘Explode Folder’ function in the NodeTree (formerly know as the PeekTree).  This has many benefits as it’s Database Driven now and you can Ctrl/Cmd+Click any folder now to create multiple  [folder] Search Blocks. 


You can change the accent and background colors, meters, playhead and waveform with also saturation and hue slider controls. The System Sounds can also be changed, add your own or turn down or even off now. 

Unlimited Group Colors

No more 16 color limitation anymore.  Now you can create unlimted ‘Groups’ all with their own personal color.

Unlimited Search Blocks

Old BaseHead had only 4 search boxes.  In basehead 2024 you create as many as you like and also add Starts/End Width, Has Either, Has Exactly and Contains.  Also the Numeric [fields] have Greater/Less Then, Equals and other useful combinations.

Multiple Results Lists

Just like using a web browser you can open up multiple Search Tabs now using Ctrl/Cmd + T

Multiple Taglist Lists

The Taglist also gets a major over-haul in v2024.  You can create multiple Taglists and switch between them quickly.  They also get written to the file immediately.  No need to Save/Load them anymore.  Also we tag to these lists using full parameter objects so now there is no waiting after pressing “T”.  All the processing is now done on the way to the DAW or Transfer Path.

Multi-Channel Extract

Also buy a huge amounts of  request…We now bring you the ability to extract multiple channels in any order and they will also Spot to Track also in that same order.

Dual Target Apps

You can also set for both the the Target App and Wave Editors two different ones.  If the Primary is not found it will try to use the Secondary one.  If both are running you have also have a key command to just use the Secondary one.

Transfer Updates

Since it was very popular in the RequestBase we brought it to you…
You can now transfer as the Original Sample Rate/Bit Depth and also to FLAC now.
This was requested by many many users.

New Options Page

Just like almost every area of the program even the Options have been redesigned and rethought out to be more slick, modern and better laid out then before.

basehead Connect

We have a new DAW plugin included for FREE to stream up to 8 channel audio directly from basehead 2024 to your DAW of choice now.  Yay! No more ReWire!  😉

Audio Settings

The Audio Settings panel is more visual now and soon we will also have free routing abilities also.

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Some various older videos made during the BETA phase.

That all  for now!
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