Deactivate, Move…..Reactivate!

Want to change the USB Flash drive or iLok to a newer one? 
Need to move that System Bound License to a brand new spanking PC or Mac?
OR want to switch from System bound to a USB Flash Drive so you can be more mobile?
Broken iLok that you need to replace with a new one?

It’s all so Easy Peasy Now!

The first step of many phases in our Licensing over-haul is completed!
In the past to move a license you had to contact us and hope we weren’t sleeping or still not past out from a major rager the night before….haha  😉

BUTTT now we are putting the power in your hands!
You can now self-manage any USB/iLok or System bound licenses from the ‘My Licenses’ page and also move licenses without the need to contact us.

Some of the new possibilities are…

  • Deactivate, Move and Reactivate licenses manually and instantly.
  • Rename/Tag any license in your account giving them easier to recognize names.
  • ‘Activate’ with a simple Copy/Paste of a DeviceSerial Code from the new License Request 4.0 (or higher)
  • Import XML files from the new and old License Request application to Activate licenses also on the ‘My Licenses’ page

Offline Activation via simple Copy/Paste

Give your licenses a more human name

NOTE: To create a DeviceSerial code to paste in for activation you have to use the latest version of License Request 4.0 (below) or be using BaseHead v2020+.

Download the new License Request v4.0 at these links.

The Licensing next phases that are coming…

    • Online Activation directly inside BaseHead with a new Activation Wizard
    • Automatic licenses writing/extending after new orders and for things like Support Plan Extensions.
    • Subscription Licenses (don’t worry Perpetual Licenses are never going away)
    • CloudBased Floating Network Licenses
    • Ability to assign other users accounts as sub-accounts for license and CloudPack Sharing.

CmStick Users:

Unfortunately, all these new instant perks are not possible CmSticks.  If you are not using the LAN/WAN features of a CmStick and are only one single user we highly recommend contacting us for how to switch to a device bound license or to the upcoming CloudBased Floating Licenses.   8)
Moving off a CmStick is FREE so it you want to free up a USB port give us a shout on the Support Ticket System.