Introducing the BaseHead Creator (Free) Edition

We have been making BaseHead for many years and wanted to give a little love back to the audio community that has supported us over the years.  So we just whipped a new simplified and FREE version of BaseHead named the Creator Edition! 

It’s built on our time tested SFX Search Engine and was primarily designed to help out anyone newly getting started in Game Audio or the Film and Post Production world.  Learning is much easier and effective when you start off with the correct tools.


Creator allows you to do all the usual BaseHead tasks like Importing and Searching metadata w/ Spotting or Dragging of pitched and trimmed files to your favorite DAW or Video Editor.

One key difference with this special edition is on first launch you will notice an option to install many Free CloudPacks all at once that were graciously donated from the various SFX vendors listed here to the left.

PLUS!  Creator also includes a Massive collection courtesy of the BBC Archive.   So in total that is over 22,500 Included SFX to really help you come out swinging in the audio game!

Oh…and did we mention it’s FREE?  

 That’s the Best part! . . . NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION! 
 we so hate Subscriptions also!   🙂

Content Creators (hence the name) can also use this version to sweeten their videos before uploading them to YouTube to take them to the next level with ease.

Audio Pros can use Creator to preview and purchase some new and tasty SFX via the CloudPacks Marketplace without the need for a BaseHead license now.  Just log in with your existing BaseHead, LLC credentials to view all available CloudPacks.

So to sum it all up…

  • Uses a top SFX Search Engines in the Industry used by countless Video Game and Post Production houses.
  • Includes 22,500+ Royalty Free CloudBased Streaming Sound Effects to help give your audio career kick start.
  • Unlimited CloudPacks can be added and also 69,000 of your own Local personal SFX.
  • Audio Pros can also Preview and Purchase SFX via the included CPM without the need for a BaseHead License. 
  • 100% FREE! with No Subscription that  bleeds out your wallet over time! 

Start your audio career right by using the same engine that the Pros are using!

Steps to Get Started
1. Create a BaseHead, LLC Account

Create an account, if you don’t have one already, and keep these credentials handy as you will need to them to sign into Creator in Step #3.

2. Sign up to the Creator Newsletter

Use the same exact email as in Step #1 but don’t worry! 
We don’t have the time nor energy to send many emails…haha  

3. Download and Install Creator

Once you confirmed your Newsletter Subscription … Launch Creator and enter your account credentials from Step #1 and you should be good to go!

Here’s a comparison table of how it stacks up to the full versions of BaseHead

Paul Virostek’s review of Creator at Creative Field Recording. Check it out below!

Check out the Creator Getting Started video below.
It you are not yet familiar with BaseHead, then also make sure to watch some videos in the KnowledgeBase.

So…What’s the Catch?
The true main purpose is to help out kids starting in audio while giving back to the game and film audio communities.  We also know the Creator market is a massive one and so instead charging a Subscription like everyone else and fight for scraps we decided why not just release a 100% FREE version with included SFX to shake things up a bit for own amusement.  😉  Lol!

Is it limited? 
Sure it is a bit.  You can see how and where in the table above, but it’s close to what BaseHead Lite was a few years back.  Plus you might be nagged a bit on the start screen and also via the separate Creator Newsletter once in a while, but we rarely send more then one newsletter a month.

Can I still use the CPM for SFX Previewing/Purchasing even if I use other software?
Yes For Sure!   Anyone can use this Free version and get the full benefits via the CPM,  After purchase you can Download the SFX as BWAV files and drop them into any program of choice.

Can we outfit our facility or school with this edition?
Sorry No… This version is for individual and personal home use only!  EDU’s need to purchase special EDU specific licenses.   Contact us for how to obtain them, but as you will see, EDU licenses are insanely cheap!  8)

Is a Creator database compatible with BaseHead if I decide to upgrade to a full version?
Yep!  Creator uses the same database format but just a separate set of prefs.  So after first launching of BaseHead, just re-check the options you have set in Creator and select your database and you will be and running.  We should have actually really named this product ‘Gateway’ as it’s basically the gateway drug to BaseHead.  haha  😉


Just some of the wonderful vendors that have included sounds for Creator