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Registered Users ReadMe!
Each new Perpetual license gets 12 Months of free updates included.
Always make sure your Maintenance Period is still active before installing any new version. 
The build date needs to be before your Maintenance Period Ends.  You can see this date on both the Start Screen in BaseHead or the ‘My Licenses Page’ and also ‘Extend‘ if from there as well.

 OR just Download and use an earlier version of BaseHead that was created before your plan ended.   8)

The CloudPacks Marketplace is Included

Most Current Version:
Includes a 14 day 100% non-restricted Trial mode!

Build Date: September 24th, 2021 
Windows 11 compatible now!

Maintenance Period Expired?

If you want the latest and greatest features Extend it!

Older Versions are Below….

IMPORTANT  :If you are grabbing a version below cuz you just realized your Maintenance Period is expired when you installed the above version the make sure to uninstall and delete the old version first.  😉

Build Date: September 17th, 2021
Windows 11 compatible now!

Build Date: August 12th, 2021 

Build Date: July 31th, 2021 

Build Date: July 20th, 2021 

Build Date: July 9th, 2021 

Build Date: July 2nd, 2021 

Build Date: May 25th, 2021
UCS Tagging arrives in this version 

Build Date: May 13th, 2021
Process Panel Rack Overhaul, Wwise 2021.1 Support and more! 

Build Date: April 22th, 2021
Massive UI Overhaul, UCS Support and CPM Master database searching built in now! 

Build Date: March 19th, 2021
a ton of improvements and 3 new major features added including Plugin Drag and drop re-ordering.  See Release Notes below. 

Build Date: January 7th, 2021
This is an important one for CmStick users.
See the release notes below. 

(see the massive change list at the bottom of this page)
Build Date: December 19th, 2020

Important! CmStick Users of a non-Lite Edition, should avoid this version and use the version before or after instead.  We found a problem after it was posted that is fixed in v2021.1.12 


Build Date: September 10th, 2020 

Build Date: August 18th, 2020

Build Date: August 6th, 2020
(Includes the CPM)

Build Date: August 1st, 2020
(Includes the CPM)

Build Date: June 26th, 2020

Build Date: June 3rd, 2020

Build Date: April 27th, 2020

Build Date: April 16th, 2020

Build Date: April 1st, 2020

Build Date: March 24th, 2020

Build Date: December 2nd, 2019

Build Date: November 19th 2019

Build Date: November 12th 2019

Build Date: August 11th 2019

Build Date: July 24th 2019

Changes O'Plenty!

Click the version below to see detailed changes done for each of the above and to see why having a active Support Plan is ideal  😉

2021.9.18 - 2021.9.26


  • Auto-login fix for first time launches
  • CloudPacks: At least 4 times less lag with CloudPacks now!  Whooo!
  • CPM: more improvements done.
  • Increased VST scan timeout for WaveShell plutgin scanning for Waves V12


    • Small change for WF Cache Issue
    • The CPM is back online and better then ever!
    • UCS v8.1 Template now included
    • CloudPacks when localized, clicking the “green tick” in the PeekTree to release would instead cause the CloudPack to download again
    • CPM: has option to ‘Localize’ as either BWAV or FLAC now.
    • Waveform: Fixed when selecting a range on a streaming CloudFile and adjusting the left brace could cause a stuck playback loop
    • Batch Rename: The source field rule was not working in the batch renamer
    • CloudPacks: fixed issue when they would show as hidden if you did the first search before login was completed
    • CPM Login: Optimized to be 2-3 seconds faster now
    • Other Auto-Login Improvements
    • Windows 11 Compatible now!  Whoooo!
                  2021.7.04 - 2021.8.14


                  • Results List: Holding Ctrl skips missing file check
                  • Groups: Can drag CloudPacks to them now
                  • Licensing: Fix done for Expired Maintenance Plan with Device Bound Licenses
                  • Auto-login fixes done also
                  • CPM Fixes done


                    • CloudPacks: WF Drawing Speed improvements with LocalCached http files.
                    • Collections/Groups: Offline files and Drive Remapped files can now be dragged/added into Groups and Collections
                    • CPM: Fixed CPM window not showing on a new install on first run of BaseHead
                    • CloudBased Licenses: a few certificate fixes done for it


                          • Lite Edition: M/S Decoder button unlocked now
                          • KillSwitches Added to shut off areas of the program under construction


                          • Importing: fixed an issue related to new BaseHead Creator version that could be thrown when importing files to database
                          • Collections: fixed an issue that folders would sometime disappear on some systems when dragged to them.
                          • Collections: A backups the Collection .lib file once a day for the last 7 days now into folder ~Documents/BaseHead 5.x/Backups/Collections/
                          • DB Backup now moved to this folder ~Documents/BaseHead 5.x/Backups/Databases/
                          • Groups: When deleting a group the first dialog box would block further dialog boxes now fixed.
                          • Options Page: scrollbars and resize improvements
                          • GeoLocation Code added for the CPM
                          • Lite Edition: Unlocked the Recent Search Node now to be visible now
                          • Internet pings at launch reduced to speed up launch time.
                          • As always some licensing improvements.

                          2021.7.04 Hotfix

                          • UCS Browser Category names with “&” characters were not displaying results
                          • When using a server based database, “hidden” import libraries would still be viewed in results
                          • More Cloud.key Licensing fixes
                          • On License Drop fixed a false message for CPM Login
                          • Importing fix done



                          Lots of Solid fixes in this version!

                          • Import Progress now shows when the Right SidePanel is shown
                          • Remove Duplicate Records: fixed window cropped
                          • Process Pane Rack (PPR):  Rack bypass switch would cause individually bypassed effects to unbypass incorrectly 
                          • Options Menu: new Advanced Search Mode option added but now which  is the old 4 search box mode but now if unchecked will simplify things for people that don’t need all the crazy search options down to one box that searches in these fields [description] [filename][category][subcategory][comments] [notes]
                          • Resizing the application small now automatically drops into a Simple Search Mode so everything collapses better now.
                          • FLAC: replaced TAG reader with .NET Core compatible one and improved reading
                          • FLAC: Can edit fields in the Details Panel Now. (BETA) 
                          • CloudBased Licenses: Many improvements with Cloud License Pools with better Zombie protection built in now!  😉
                          • BaseHead Server/cubeSQL: fixed multi-select issue
                          • PrefsOverride.config feature added to all changing URLs in the future for old versions.
                          • USB License Users:  You can now put your .key on the USB drive in a folder named or “BaseHead\Licenses” on the root of your Flash drive and it will search for it there and launch from there now so no need to copy it over to the local file system anymore.
                          • Reverse File .wf issue fixed.
                                        2021.5.26 - UCS Tagging Arrived in this version.

                                        UCS Tagging now arrives in this version!

                                        • MetaData Viewer: “F3” Resizes better now
                                        • UCS TAB: Now can now drag and drop to UCS to tag files with Metadata and add CatID tags onto the front.
                                        • UCS TAB Option: Add CatID to [filename]   This will put the UCS tag onto the front of the [filename] and update the Database also.
                                        • UCS TAB: Burn into Metadata:  This will write to the Cat/Subcat in the iXML and whatever chucks you have turned on that apply to your file format
                                        •  UCS TAB: will also show Explanations and Synonyms in the hover over Tooltips!  8)
                                        • Process Panel Rack: Renamed program wide to avoid Copyright issues.  😉
                                        • PeekTree: Fixed issue when an import was hidden when BaseHead was launched, unhiding would not allow focused CTRL+Select until restart

                                        Lots of Imporvements for Wwise and CloudBased Licenses in this version…

                                        • Wwise: added support for Wwise 2021.1.1 and did a hoard of improvements at the same time 😉
                                        • Wwise: Added support for extra newly added BaseHead parameters since last Wwise update we did such as extra Solo/Mutes, 3 pitchSlider Mode  and the New VST Rack recalls also in this object.
                                        • Options Page: fixed Server section animation
                                        • Waveform draws now if the user goes directly to the PeekTree without searching first now for Xfers, History and Wwise nodes
                                        • Missing Database Window:  fixed selected item view
                                        • QAP: Stereo Dmix button fix done that was broken by code auto-refactoring mistake.
                                        • BASS Audio exporting is more precise now that we chop off the extra buffers that were being added.
                                        • CloudPacks: Fixed WF Cache Missing Error! That would appear sometimes when creating new _wfcache folders
                                        • Notifications: date check change done
                                        • CloudBased Licenses: It will grab the first available license from a Pool of Cloud.keys in the Licenses folder now for facilities to make it work more like Floating Licenses if desired.
                                        • CloudBased Licenses: Has a Grace Period added so it will launch even if your internet is down OR our License Servers are down.
                                        • CloudBased Licenses: Muy mucho intelligence added in when mixing and matching licenses.
                                        • PeekTree: Un-Pinned issue fixed 
                                        • Search: Fixed “NOT” searches being ignored when used in lower search boxes
                                        • ListViews and Datagrid Header style updated and the same with Thesaurus and Auto-Complete Panels.
                                        • Launch: finally located and killed white blob that appears at the bottom left while launching.  😉
                                        • REAPER: fixed issue with files with Synpoints not spotting with “S”.   FYI: Syncpoints are still not supported in REAPER but we will be adding this in the next month or so.  😉
                                        • Batch Renamer: Safeguards added when now source ‘Rule’ was added
                                        • Fixed: Action buttons below PeekTree not displaying on first start sometimes.


                                        • Group Header: Fixed dark text when using the Group Header feature
                                        • Avid Media Composer: Basic Target App support added for Avid users now.  “Bring to Foreground” works and also to be able to see the [description] in the MC bin “xNOTE=” is also added to the front of the bext [description] so it will show in the “Comments’ column inside M.C.
                                        • Groups/CloudPacks: fixed issue when a Group was hidden that some CP showed as having no files.
                                        • PeekTree: now shows number of items inside closed Node of Importance.
                                        • PeekTree: Collections.  Expanders removed and behavior update a bit to match recent changes done recently on Mac version.
                                        • Wwise Node: changed transfer keycommand to Ctrl+E now to be the same as transferring back to BH from Wwise
                                        • Collections: Improvements to saving while quitting BaseHead.
                                        • DatabaseMenu/Import Files menu item working correctly again


                                        • Process Rack:  More Preset fixes done.
                                        • PeekTree: Right click menu fix done.

                                        2021.4.12 (removed and replaced with 4.18)

                                        • Process Rack: Major Changes done with Preset System.
                                        • Process Rack: Monitor Section Added
                                        • Process Rack: 16 slots now possible with Drag and Drop to Re-order
                                        • Create ‘Import’ from Database window position fixed.
                                        • Process Panel: Scrollviewer added
                                        • Rename Panel: Scrollviewer added
                                        • Marker Panel: Scrollviewer added
                                        • New Key Command ‘V’ to toggle VST Rack  ON/OFF
                                        • Process Rack: Right Click to Copy/Paste and Remove Plugins added
                                        • Minimum BH Height set to 200pixels now to prepare for a new low profile mode.
                                        • The Whole application collapses down better now with more improvements on the way  😉
                                        • CodeMeter disconnected fully from EXE now unless you install the -CM version.
                                        • Left Sidebar pin: when clicked to unpinned immediately closes panel now
                                        • More bitmaps replaced with vector graphics
                                        • Lite Edition:  Target App Support Unlocked for Lite users now minus “Spot with Handles” and “Follow Session Folder” “Auto-Switching Paths” etc…. But basic spotting can be done now
                                        • Lite Edition: Spot to Track ‘S’ and Xfer to Bin ‘X’ unlocked for Lite Edition now
                                        • Xfer Node: Target items were playing slow when the pitch sliders weren’t set to S.R. mode
                                        • CPM: you can now set the ‘Local Path’ directly in BaseHead now when asked
                                        • “Remove Spaces” code fired at the very end now to catch rogue added spaces.
                                        • Thesaurus: Fixed some searches of multiple words using “Or” search instead of “And”
                                        • Results List: Drag Delay reduced to 30 ms from 50ms
                                          • Collections: DnD Bar fix done
                                          2021.1.12- 2021.3.24 (UCS Support Added, Process Rack Changes and More!)


                                          • New Major Change:  TheVST Rack you can now drag and drop to rearrange plugins and the start of a new preset system.  This is only 70% complete or now need for comments just yet as we are still sketching it all out  😉
                                          • UCS Template:  Can read in any column order now
                                          • UCS Template: Multi-language support added
                                          • Details Panel: fixed User Definable Window on multiple display resolution setups
                                          • CPM: setting the ‘Local Path’ on some rigs used to cause a crash. Fixed now
                                          • Hide/Show Right Sidebar key command now also added (P).  Since this sidebar has a minimum width now we added this to allow hiding it completely now
                                          • Batch Renamer: can double click to rename Presets now
                                          • Internal Note: old UseAsync code removed 3.15
                                          • Results List: Fixed issue that crept up in the last release that couldn’t drag to some DAW’s on some systems.
                                          • Wwise: Fixed some problems with Wwise 2021 (See updated setup info in KnowledgeBase requiring WAMP port 12101 now.  We have more work to add full support for Wwise 2021 that will come soon.
                                          • PeekTree: Fixed Wwise Transfer button click issue.
                                          • Options Page: Scrollviewer added
                                          • Results List: added 50 ms drag delay to prevent sloppy clicks from stopping playback.
                                          • New Notification system added for new versions since no one reads the Start Screen it seems….haha


                                            • New Major Feature: CPM Master DB Searching.   Allows your to compare your local Database to CPM results and audition them also before purchase directly in the Results List.
                                            • New Major Feature: UCS Template added:  UCS import priority can be adjusted on the Chunks Panel
                                            • New Major Feature: CloudBased Floating Network Licenses
                                            • New Major Feature: UCS Tab for Browsing/Searching by Category. (Non-Lite Editions)
                                            • Search: Browse Arrows Height/Width fixed
                                            • UI color panel unification in progress so let us know if any colors are wildly out now.
                                            • BaseHead Server: Error fixed caused by non-ASCII chars
                                            • BaseHead Server: ‘Add’ with CPM the issue fixed.
                                            • CloudPacks: fixed issue with icons not shown in M and L widths
                                            • CloudPacks: Disabled “Localize” context menu for Free Packs as it was never allowed.
                                            • FTS fix done for new Databases
                                            • Demo Mode fix done when USB Missing Device window appears.
                                            • Fixed: Some hidden commandbar buttons were still clickable in taglist and browser tabs
                                            • Results List: Multi-select drag issue fixed 
                                            • Fixed: Disabled thesaurus matches were causing BaseHead to crash if searched
                                            • Font/Size: Moved from Options Page to Results List right click header now since only affected the Results List anyway.  The same control is coming to other pages/panels soon also to give you more control..
                                            • Improvements done for first time users launching it the first time.
                                            • Browser Page: Metadata viewer (F3) now works on this page
                                            • Wwise: Settings icon reverted
                                            • PeekTree: Icons added to each node.  Not sure if I will keep the colors yet.  Still playing around with ideas  😉
                                            • PeekTree: “Playlist” renamed to “History”
                                            • Fixed: when using a combination search such as Description+Filename the lower search filters were ignored
                                            • PeekTree Width is user draggable/settable now and we ditched the S, M, L buttons since not needed anymore
                                            • Database Menu/Refresh UCS Template Metadata – (Non-Lite Editions) New functions that replaces and Updates Category/Subcat Metadata based on the selected CatID Template.
                                            • CPM: Fixed the manager tab CloudPack Free/Purchase selector was sometimes displaying the wrong group of libraries
                                            • Bitmap graphics are now slowly being replaced by vectors for a crisper more clean look.
                                            • Browser Page: Fixed an issue where files could not be added to the current database using the right-click option
                                            • Fixed: When in windowed mode, the Waveform options menu would not display correctly all the time.
                                            • Fixed: When selecting a file in the Browser tab then switching to the Results tab, using the DnD bar would cause a database error
                                            • VST: fixed a preset recall issue seen on some systems.
                                            • Start Page:  Latest News swamped out with true RSS feed now that can handle hyper links.

                                          All CmStick Users
                                          should get this hotfix version if not running the Lite Edition.

                                          other changes…

                                          • Lots of under the hood Licensing changes
                                          • the start of a User Interface refresh begins  in this version.
                                          • CPM: fixed issue where free CloudPacks would not show on a new install until database refresh was triggered
                                          • Fixed: Absolute searching words within “quotes” should now be working as expected
                                            “Q” now loops whole files also now and not just regions anymore
                                            Fixed: VST effects were not being bypassed if a VST window was open and the “bypass all” option was selected




                                            2020.12.104 (Speed Demon Searching Introduced)

                                            Massive Search Engine Over-haul in this version along with major BaseHead Server Additions and also Nuendo 11 and Cubase 11 Support added

                                            Full Change list below…

                                            • Searches: Speed Demon Searching now with search 4-10 times faster now.  😉
                                            • Search: sorts fully before displaying mac records returned now
                                            • Search: two new combo searches added [FName]+[Desc]+[Kwrds] AND [FName]+[Desc]+[Cat]+[Kwrds]
                                            • Database: extra indexes added that speeds up searches but the DB just got larger cuz of it, but Speed is King in BaseHead land .
                                            • Database Menu/Indexing Options: for non-FTS mode tick on the combo searches you use often and then click “Rebuild Indexes” to update the database
                                            • Enable RAM Database option for faster Deep Character Searching
                                            • Results List:  Changed Datagrid mode to TableView mode since speed is the same now and doesn’t have annoying paging visuals.
                                            • BaseHead Server: you can now ‘Rename’ and ‘Delete’ databases from BaseHead Clients if you have admin rights in cubeSQL.
                                            • BaseHead Server:  a ‘Validate’ account is no longer required for first time connect when using cubeSQL 5.8 or higher
                                            • BaseHead Server: ‘Rebuild Indexes’ possible from the Clients also now.
                                            • BaseHead Server: Admins can now Upload Database to the Server from the client from the Database Menu when connected.
                                            • Browser: better Store/Recall of last path on next launch
                                            • CPM: no longer auto-hides if you logout and back in
                                            • Split Files: improvements done with RFWP and Spot with Handles on for these file types.
                                            • 192kHz files: temp fix done for files playing in reverse that jump back to the end till the audio engine makers fix it on their end.
                                            • Mix Matrix: if the audio device only has 2 channels FILM order routed to right channel now
                                            • Options Page: Removed “Disable CloudPack Caching” cuz CPM is no longer in testing phase.
                                            • Fix done for 192khz files that hiccupped when playing in reverse by change stream creation order
                                            • Trickle Down Feature: the Rename Description function “R” is now available for Lite Edition users
                                            • Trickle Down Feature: the Standard Edition can now edit metadata in the Details Panel.
                                            • Trickle Down Feature: The Chunk Panel (F4) is also now visible in the Standard Edition
                                            • Trickle Down Feature:  The Standard Edition can now also add images to files in the Details Panel
                                            • pitchFX Matrix:  This accidentally was shown for the Standard Edition.  It has been corrected to match the 2020 Comparison sheet. So Sorry  8(
                                            • Rename Panel: Batch TAB hidden now if not Ultra cuz not needed.
                                            • Chunk Panel: fixed LIST chunk double checkbox
                                            • Variable Row Heights is now working with the new datagrid BUT the option is renamed to “Expand Rows Dynamically” in the Options Menu
                                            • Extracted Channels and Solo’d:: now adds .A1 .A2 .A3 etc… onto the end of the newly created files
                                            • Summed to Mono: adds a .M onto the end of the files
                                            • Extracted Split Files: Now cleans up all old extensions when extracted and replaces it with .A1 .A2 .A3 etc…  in transferred files.
                                            • Extract buttons:  clicking anywhere on the WF will hide them now if currently visible and the QAP is closed and a channel is not currently extracted.
                                            • Sum2Mono: Works with Split Files also now
                                            • Trial Mode: changed to verified trials that require internet to start the trial period
                                            • Wwise: fixed missing properties file in the full installer that was preventing some functions and also renamed it internally
                                            • BatchRenamer: fixed Rules file exception during loading.
                                            • Browse Arrows: error fixed with that occurred only with (S)erver databases
                                            • Imports/Search: fixed strange bug with one ‘Import’ if would try and rescan
                                            • Bring to Foreground: holding the ALT modifier key doesn’t just disable this anymore.  It’s been changed to flip the state instead.  So if it’s OFF then holding ALT toggles it on temporarily.
                                            • Bring to Foreground: forced ON for “S” and “X” functions like the old days cuz it’s only supposed to effect DnD
                                            • Browser Page: fixed Offset issue when spotting with Ultra for whole files
                                            • Imports/Rescan: fixes done for BaseHead (S)erver databases
                                            • REAPER: fixed freeze issue with “S”  you must re-install the RPI plugin in the full installer.
                                            • Results List: fixed issue of it initiating Drag and Drop when clicking the same record twice.
                                            • Results List: fixed issue some controls not showing on first click
                                            • Start Page: fixed focus issues an improved login UX
                                            • Results List: fixed focus after searching to be improved
                                            • Results List: font size recalled on next launch
                                            • Results List: ugly dotted line removed from around highlighter records
                                            • Details Panel: Removed two legacy Hide/Show right click menu items
                                            • Database Menu: Added FTS Virtual Table Menu item
                                            • Browser: Fixed some Spotting and RFWP and ‘Spot with Handles” issues
                                            • Search: Improved Foreign European Character support thx to the new SQLite FTS Extension we added to the engine.
                                            • Batch Renamer Fixed an issue that caused saved presets to not reload the first rule correctly
                                            • FTS Fix done so actually works with ‘Groups’ / ‘Imports’ that are muted now
                                            • Ctrl+F fixed to not show the XCEED Datagrid filter and back to the normal state.
                                            • Options Page: “Use RAM Database” option added.  This will speed up DEEP CHAR searches and will only load the DB into RAM if this is enabled on the Results List
                                            • Imports/Groups: fixed lag when Ctrl+Clicking them to do a focused search
                                            • Waveform Drawing: detects broken .wf and rebuilds them automatically
                                            • Audio Engine: Updated BASSenc and BASSFLAC Libraries
                                            • BaseHead Server: Rescan Fixes done
                                            • Marker Panel: Disables now if not the Results List
                                            • a gang of other things I can’t remember right now.  This is one of the largest updates internally we have done in years!
                                            • “Remove Duplicate Records” Improvements done
                                            • CPM: Fixed Free CP’s that were not showing on first launch
                                            • Fixed issue where in some cases an error was thrown when clicking search field drop down boxes
                                            • Fixed refreshing the result list when doing a “blank search” to clear a search would take a long time to refresh the list
                                            2020.9.84 - 2020.9.86 (Now with the CloudPack Manager)

                                            2020.9.86 Changes


                                            • Importing: Fixed issue that crept up the last build that required naming the Import to Import.
                                            • Shift+M fix done for 5.1 files
                                            • CPM: extra low space safeguards added in
                                            • Browser: Recall of last folder improvement done
                                            • CPM: Fixed preview in BaseHead not clearing played/dimmed selections on next CP library preview
                                            • QAP: Expanded state recalled on next launch
                                            • Browser: DEL key fixed and another fix for destructive editing



                                            2020.9.84 Major Changes:
                                            Imports: will now auto-detect if files or folders you are trying to add to the database are under an existing Import and will ask you if you would like to add the new files to it.

                                            Imports/Groups: Live Show/Add of these nodes in the Results List now.  No longer do you need to do a new search to see the new filtered results.  8)

                                            Other Changes…..

                                            • MP3 files always write ID3 chunk even if ID3 is unchecked in the “F4” Panel
                                            • Playlist and Xfer Nodes: HTTP fix for these nodes done
                                            • CPM: shows available space left now on the Manager Page
                                            • CPM: fixed crash issue due to DateTime Format
                                            • CPM: Default Path crash when set to external or non-authorized folder issue fixed
                                            • Imports/Database ”Create Import from Database” working again on PC
                                            • ”Create Import from Database” prevents adding the currently loaded DB to itself now cuz it will cause a Paradox and rip in the time/space continuum.
                                            • Imports, Groups and CloudPacks: added right click menu item “Focus/Unfocus Search”  you could always do this with Ctrl+Click but we added a menu item now for people that might not knew this existed.
                                            • Search Boxes: Moved more towards center now to make better for large 4k screens to avoid turning neck so much when typing in a search…hehe
                                            • PeekTree: S,M,L width buttons added to top of Tree and other UI changes done 
                                            • RFWP: works with Split Files that are Extracted or Solo’d now
                                            • Split Playback: Quad file fix done
                                            • Split Playback: fix done for > 6 channel Split files
                                            • Extract Channel fix that had part of another channel in start of the file
                                            • Standard and Lite Editions: MixMatrix regarding Mono Extraction should work better now
                                            • Extracted Channels: when restored with the ‘ESC’ key then so is the Mix Matrix again now

                                            CPM: Warning added if the vendor didn’t supply a preview file.

                                            2020.8.80 (Now with the CloudPack Manager)

                                            • CPM: Fixed an issue that could cause an error when purchasing a CloudPack  if BaseHead was signed into users account before launching CPM
                                            • CPM: Resolved an issue where clicking through files fast while a file was buffering could cause BaseHead to stop responding
                                            • CPM: Can now cancel a download of a CloudPack when triggered from within BaseHead by clicking the download progress indicator again or using the cancel button in CPM on the progress indicator
                                            • Options Page: moved “Disable CloudPack Caching” checkbox to Misc
                                            • Fixed: Attempting to drag files when previewing from CPM would cause the mouse to highlight-select multiple files instead of not allowing dragging. 
                                            • Markers: Some sound files that contained multiple cue markers would show these all at the start of the file in BaseHead
                                            • CPM: When choosing to Move CloudPacks in CPM the path is now refreshed correctly in BaseHead
                                            • CPM: If BaseHead is closed when moving a CloudPack in CPM the library will now ask to be relinked and will now refresh so you don’t have to remove and add the library to relink
                                            • CPM: Switching between accounts will now correctly hide any CloudPack files the second users account does not have access too. CP remains in the list, just “offline” 
                                            • CPM:  Deselecting the login “remember me” option will now not allow auto login of the last used account on next launch. 
                                            • FILM Order: Mono and Stereo DMix and Solo’s go out channel 1 and 3 now instead of 1 and 2 again
                                            • Start Page: “Shop CPM” button added to this page that goes direct to the store now
                                            • PlayList/Xfer Nodes: works better with HTTP and CloudPacks
                                            • CPM: Option Page.  new option “Keep Running in Background” that will keep CPM running after first launch and automatically quits with BH now if not working
                                            • CPM: fixed issue with BOOM  bundles that charged for the bundle when selecting version A


                                              2020.7.72 - 2020.8.74 (Now with the CloudPack Manager)

                                              The CloudPack Manager/MarketPlace has Arrived!

                                              The CPM is the star of this show but many many other changes are in this version also   8)


                                              • “View In BaseHead’ now works with Hidden ‘Groups’ in the PeekTree
                                              • CloudPack freezes from clicking like a crackhead fixed again  😉 
                                              • CPM: issues with Demo Licenses fixed
                                              • Fixed: Markers were not saving in files created by a SoundDevices recorder
                                              • CPM: Previewing CloudPack files in BaseHead no longer adds files to the playlist history
                                              • CPM: If a fully localized library is available in the CPM default directory when choosing to localize it will now correctly be detected, scanned and added and not freeze during scanning 
                                              • Start Page: ‘Shop CPM’ button added to make more people aware of the CPM


                                              • CPM: most  images download from a zip now speeding up first launch and more solid now getting them all displayed
                                              • CPM: synced loging fixes done
                                              • CPM: many under the hood changes


                                              • Fixed playing files from a read-only network drive location would sometimes cause a crash
                                              • CPM: When CPM would auto-login the free libraries would not display in the store or manager.
                                              • CPM: BaseHead now remembers when libraries have been set to disabled/hidden from searches in the peak tree
                                              • CPM: fixed a check that disables streaming for expired subscription accounts
                                              • Collections: Playback is now triggered on MouseUP allowing easier re-arranging items internally.
                                              • Build All Waveforms: skips HTTP files in the list since impossible to draw at an HTTP path
                                              • Bring to Foreground:  fix issue that it wasn’t firing with Nunde/Cubase till mouseUP.
                                              • Pro Tools:  fix done for “S” with RFWP is ON
                                              • CPM: Localize/Release Feature (BETA) roughly working now.  It still needs buckets of polish still!  😉
                                              • CloudPacks/HTTP: bext chunk copied to new files with multi-selected transfers now
                                              • CPM: BaseHead could sometimes become unresponsive when clicking too fast through streaming files while they are buffering
                                              • [original_date] fix done that was reading garbage.
                                              • CPM: Many little improvements and additions to the CPM Manager Page 
                                              • CPM: Options Page: Refresh CPM DB option now working
                                              • CPM Manger Page: better relinking for missing CP’s  with better visual feedback.
                                              • CPM Manger Page: can now click download path and show it in Explorer/Finder
                                              • “Use Waveform Caching” now works with CloudPacks now.  If OFF it still downloads the .wf file but it goes to a temp folder that is cleaned up when BH is quit.  When ON if places them at the DefaultPath set in CPM in a subfolder named after the library
                                              • A bunch of other CPM improvements and things related to it
                                              • CPM: CPM now warns of an active download when quitting if added using the “Localize” feature in BaseHead
                                              • Search: search fix done for [location], [microphone] and [notes] with [all] search field
                                              • Playlist Node: CPM preview files prevented from being added to this node 
                                              • CPM: Fixed when a default path was set in CPM options and a new path selection was cancelled it would delete the existing set path
                                              • Details Panel: Case sensitive fix done.  You can now change [filename] and other [fields] case only
                                              • CPM: Fixed when user logged out and back in again in CPM all cloud packs in BaseHead would be set to disabled, now remembers last state
                                              • CPM: When clicking “Localize” on a pack in Basehead and then selecting “No” to cancel download, the download status indicator would still display.
                                              • New Full Installer with the CPM added to it
                                              • Fixed USB Scan crash caused by log entry write(WTF?) that affected users that are using USB Flash drive bound licenses.
                                              • CloudPacks: if you log out it no longer disabled the Localized CP’s
                                              • Collections: more fixes done in this node regarding Exporting/Importing of Collections
                                              • Imports: the ‘Rescan’ function now has safeguards in place that gives you a report after analyzing to show you what will be done to your database before it’s done to help you recognize issues before you commit to the changes like a current drive offline that in the past would remove all these files.
                                              • CloudPacks/HTTP files: fixed buffer flicker that creeped up in the freeze fix done a few weeks ago
                                              • CPM: a gang of changes like an RSS feed on the main screen.  
                                              • CPM: Quantity added to the Pay window to handle Multi-seat licenses.
                                              • CPM: The store is LIVE now for BETA testers.  Show us the Money!  😉
                                              • If the Support Plan is expired now clicking Demo Mode doesn’t require a new code if days remain still.
                                              • Holding SHIFT at launch will force the non-CM version into Demo Mode.  Good for debugging licensing issues.
                                              • CPM: Allows adding CloudPack now that are local even with an expired Support Plan
                                              • If the Support Plan is expired now clicking Demo Mode doesn’t require a new code if days remain still.
                                              • Holding SHIFT at launch will force the non-CM version into Demo Mode.  Good for debugging licensing issues.
                                              • CPM: Allows adding CloudPack now that are local even with an expired Support Plan
                                              • CPM: synced login improvements




                                              2020.6.54 -6.48

                                              A Gang of Changes!


                                              • Marker Panel: Fixed issue where BaseHead would only show the first 2 loop marker points in a file that contained more than 2 loop markers
                                              • Marker Panel: Correctly reports if a file is open/in use in another application when trying to save markers
                                              • Marker Panel: Fixed when creating markers in another application and switching back to BaseHead, marker tabs would sometimes not display correctly
                                              • Browser Page: massive speed improvements done with large datasets
                                              • Browser Page: “Include Subfolders” bug fixed that only showed one file
                                              • Demo Expired Fix done that was just quitting BH when encountering an error.
                                              • CPM: Setup for multiple users on the same macOS login now. 
                                              • FYI: you we need to re-login since we changed the folder structures around
                                              • Date Format fixed for Support Plan Expired window to resemble system settings more.
                                              • CPM: “Add the New Database” option stored/recalled better now
                                              • CPM: fixed UI issue that too easy to press the ‘Pay’ button when switch Credit Cards on file
                                              • CloudPacks/HTTP: Will now transfer already buffered 100% files instead of re-downloading them with multi-selected files for a workflow speed boost.
                                              • CloudPacks/HTTP: Multi-Selected HTTP files transfer up to twice as fast now.  Whoo!!  😉
                                              • CloudPacks/HTTP: hides Cloud Progress now properly on short files instead of being stuck cuz the file downloads faster then the UI can draw…hehe
                                              • Start Page: Login Panel fixes done
                                              • CPM: ‘Release’ button improvements done
                                              • CPM: We changed database formats so you will need to delete this folder to get it to launch ~AppData\Roaming\BaseHead Inc\CPM\
                                              • RFWP: now forced OFF with T, S and X for http files on an individual basis also now.
                                              • Transfers: fixed problem that some transfers we cancelling after the first of many
                                              • PeekTree:  new cleaner gfx added.
                                              • Split Files: Can S, T and X Split files with RFWP ON now
                                              • DnD Bar: improvements with mix and match HTTP/Local and RFWP
                                              • RWFP: also improvements with transfer with mix and match with S,T and X
                                              • RWFP: also improvements with transfer queue not being cleared
                                              • CloudPack/HTTP: code to detect if buffered 100% already improved. 
                                              • Playlist Node: HTTP files are now added to it
                                              • Xfer Node: if a file is Media Offline we clear the WF now
                                              • CPM: Options page: “Refresh Image” button added to re-download all the icons and images
                                              • CPM: Options page: Default Download path added that will be used with BaseHead upcoming ‘Localize’ feature.
                                              • Results List: drag no longer checks if files exists for HTTP file cuz SSLLLLooowww
                                              • New Option: “Disable CloudPack Caching” in the Advanced section of the Options Page.  When ON, Streaming CloudPack & HTTP files will NO longer write temp WAV files to the local directory ~AppData\Roaming\BaseHead Inc\BaseHead\Cloud   This option is recommended to always be OFF for better performance (unless you are low on disk space)  FYI: WAV cache files are cleaned up everytime the application  closes or launches.
                                              • Collections: CloudPack/HTTP files can now C, S, X and T
                                              • CloudPack/HTTP files: W and O prevented since not possible
                                              • Playlist Node: removes offline media on next launch
                                              • Collections: Missing WF cache issue fixed for HTTP files
                                              • Playlist Node: if you play a file already in the list it removes it and places it at the top of the list
                                              • Collections: right click no longer initiates drawing and playback


                                              Lots of changes….

                                              • CloudPacks: can zoom in now again once buffer reaches 100%
                                              • Transfer Window:  made modal now to prevent clicking on other things that might break the transfer.
                                              • Thesaurus: fixed issue where word searches were matched with results from both a root and sub word when only root match is required
                                              • CodeMeter CmStick Users:  We reverted back to CM encryption that does not interfere with the Windows Drop event that would freeze Nuendo/Cubase and cause random errors dropping into Pro ToolsFixed crash that could occur when searching some terms that appear in the Thesaurus
                                              • Audio Engine: changed back to old way Mix Matrix is created to fix distortion issues with audio devices with over 30 outputs
                                              • Fade in Animations removed from Taglist, Options and Browser Tabs now.
                                              • Purple “M” ‘Sum2Mono button fix done that the Mix Matrix wasn’t updating correctly.
                                              • CPM: .NET Core 3.1 is self-contained in the EXE now and no longer requires a separate download.
                                              • CloudPacks: Right click context menu added to PeekTree for common functions (not complete just yet)
                                              • Server Pipe Connect crash fixed
                                              • Batch Renamer: fix done for multi-select with [field] names within the FreeText Rules Block
                                              • Collections: “Show Contents” fix done for character since special SQLite escape character.
                                              • CPM: “Play Preview” now has .wf files online making WF drawing way faster.
                                              • CPM: shows Library cover art now when both doing “View in BaseHead” and playing purchased CP’s
                                              • CPM: auto-adds [library] and [manufacture] data if no value exists in the files 
                                              • CPM: show cover in BH with “Play Preview” function from CPM
                                              • CPM: degrader limited to Results List now since not used on other pages.
                                              • CloudPacks: disabled metadata editing since at HTTP paths and not possible.
                                              • CPM: library art displayed immediately after press “View in BaseHead” now
                                              • Results List:  Sorting retained in datagrid on next search
                                              • Results List: Xceed Datagrid upgraded to version 7.0
                                              • Marker Panel: Shows Sync Point now even if [sync_point] is hidden in the Details Panel.
                                              • “R” Rename Panel: after adding multi-line descriptions the Details Panel expands to match now
                                              • Disabled metadata editing for CP and other HTTP files since impossible.
                                              • Fixed ESC key to allow to “Re-trigger Playback’ again
                                              • Rename Panel: Fixed Transfer panel indicator on rename tab not correctly displaying when switching tabs
                                              • Markers: Fixed region/loop markers issue when Wavelab creates markers causing duplicate markers to be created
                                              • Markers: Fixed markers sometimes showing at position 0:00 in other applications when created in BaseHead
                                              • Taglist Orange Label: can click it to clear Taglist list again.  
                                              • CloudPacks: Encrypted packs no longer remove records with functions like “Remove Offline Media” and “Show Offline Media”
                                              • HTTP/CloudPacks: if Auto-Play is OFF it still buffers audio now
                                              • HTTP/CloudPacks: Coding History now writes “BaseHead CloudPack” instead of “BaseHead Injected” for newly created files that came from the cloud
                                              • CloudPacks: buffering no longer stops when BaseHead is no longer in the Foreground
                                              • CloudPacks: fixed freeze that would randomly happen with multi-selected HTTP files at the end of Transfer.  Yay!
                                              2020.4.34 - 2020.4.42


                                              1. Nuendo/Cubase:  replaced the SKi plugin from the last full installer that was out of date.  These DAW users should re-install this plugin from the main installer.
                                              2. Browser Page: unlocked for Lite users now.
                                              3. Fixed issue that deleting Preferences.config file was reset the database at the default path
                                              4. Thesaurus and Auto-Complete panel focus issues fixed
                                              5. Markers: Fixed issue where selecting a marker in the waveform window to play prevented Space from stopping playback
                                              6. Markers: Fixed an issue where space was not enabled when changing the label of a marker
                                              7. Thesaurus: improvements done with regards to Root/Synonym relationships and priorities.


                                              1. Windows 7 Support Officially dropped now in the full installer since Microsoft has also stopped supporting it a while back and we can’t waste time walking users thru their problems on this ancient OS anymore… 😉
                                              2. Marker Panel: moved “Auto-Write” checkbox here now from WF Settings menu
                                              3. Batch Renamer : Replace this/with bug fixed
                                              4. DetectSplit() playback improvements done with numbered extension files that match to iXML nodes now.
                                              5. Options Page: “Loose Match Split Detection”  when ON matches numbered extension Split files to name and rough length instead of the to iXML metadata for files that might be missing this info
                                              6. Split Playback index out of range error fixed that occured on some files
                                              7. Fixed Support Ticket: Crash to desktop when using Thesaurus under certain conditions
                                              8. Device Scan fix done for first launch



                                              • Split Playback:  fix done for 5.0 split files with .L .R .C .Ls .Rs naming convention regarding playback and transfer.
                                              • Split Playback:  Quad file changes and improvements for all naming conventions
                                              • MixMatrix: internal cleanup and optimized due to above to note
                                              • Split Playback: downmix improvements done
                                              • Option Page: “Fold Down Field Recorders” option added to turn off auto-detections
                                              • QAP: “Fold” button added to Downmix to Stereo for monitoring only.  This option does NOT transfer when ON unlike the “Stereo” button.
                                              • Split Playback Waveforms: increased compatibility cross-platform
                                              • Batch Renaming: traps the use of PC illegal chars. With the [filename] field now.
                                              • Drive Re-Mapping:  Fixed focus issue
                                              • Blank WF caused by quitting in Browser to Taglist page fixed
                                              • Trial Mode upgraded to version 4 and fixes done during launch.
                                              • Options Page: box labels are back
                                              • Results List: Delete File crash trapped
                                              • TextFile Import: removed fields that could be troublesome and shouldn’t be tampered with.
                                              • SyncPoint writing disabled if a region again.
                                              • Pro Tools: We removed the limitation of having the option “Create Unique Filenames” ON
                                              • Thesaurus:  more improvements regarding ROOT to Syn relation
                                              • Transfer: improved partial file cleanup if the user cancels a transfer midway.
                                              • Rename: removed option when set to 32 max characters that it didn’t apply suffixes



                                                2020.3.30 (45+ changes for the first official release of 2020)

                                                1. Removed Display Hidden Records

                                                2. Reset ALL RECORDS TO VISIBLE also removed

                                                3. “Show all Hidden Records In DB” is also Removed

                                                4. Sum2Mono retains yellow range after completed now

                                                5. Sum2Mono selects range aif zoomed now after pressing (SHIFT+M)

                                                6.. Fixed Transfer that was missing first Transients on Xfer.

                                                7. CloudPacks: Flickering buffering UI fixed

                                                8. CloudPacks: Renders Low Res WF if zoomed in before 75% is complete and adjusts after completed instead of drawing blank like before.

                                                9. Process Panel: Improvements with Looping in Reverser with a selected yellow range

                                                10. SyncPoint can be set when zoomed in now.

                                                11. Yellow Range + DnD from top 1/3 of the waveform used to sometimes drag the whole file also along with the region. Fixed now.

                                                12. BaseHead Server: Extra Intern Mode safeguards added. in PeekTree for limited BaseHead Server Accounts.

                                                13. First Record Dims now if played again.

                                                14. The Online page removed since we now have the CloudPack Manager (CPM)

                                                15. Start Page moved to its own TAB now.

                                                16. IT Admins: We added support for dongle-less -CM versions now. As us if you want to ditch the CmStick in favor of a soft floating LAN license instead now. NOTE: if you are single user please switch to USB Device biding instead if you want to get rid of your CmStick.

                                                17. “F5” working again

                                                18. Process Panel: No longer auto-select the last preset but still loads the last preset for now. An option is coming to cancel this soon.

                                                19. Allows editing and renaming of files in Dropbox and Google Drive folder now AS LONG as you turn the process off in Task MAnager first.

                                                20. Auto-Complete doesn’t store single character searches anymore.

                                                21. Rename Panel: new function” Replace [path] with [folder] +[filename]”

                                                22. Strange “Hide Indexes >1” SQLite error fixed reported by J.C. many moons ago.

                                                23. Transfer a mono’d file with “M” do longer transfers in stereo.

                                                24. Pro Tools: Secret Channel Order Data found and copied to newly created filesn now finally!

                                                25. FMT Chunk added to “F4” Panel

                                                26. Transferring with pitchSlider: Fixed issue being delayed on faster system within transfered files.

                                                27. VST Presets: Did fix for systems that sent back commas in floating point values that “shouldn’t” be possible

                                                28. CreateUniqueFilename no longer skipped if pitchSlider is changed.

                                                29. Cannot open a closed file problem fixed caused by nmix chunk

                                                30. WF Drawing: Large files Split WF Drawing dramatically speed up.

                                                31. Offline Renaming renamed to Batch Renamaing with a complete overhaul done! More changes and improvements are coming but it’s time to unleash this to the masses to play with.

                                                32. Batch Renaming : Function Replace [filename] with [description] working with multi-select again.

                                                33. ProTools: Limit character length to 248 for region now to fix suspected crashing

                                                34. Split file Playback: now support 10 channel playback

                                                35. Split Files: Added support also for _01, _02 , 03 etc …extensions.

                                                36. Field Recorders: added support for 10 channel .A Channel files

                                                37. ‘Build All Waveforms‘ with Long files no longer freezes when it reaches one

                                                38a. Markers: Ctrl+Shift+Click on the waveform will set a orange marker now
                                                38b. Markers: Ctrl+Click on the waveform located to this position and stop now allowing you to set a marker with “M” easier.
                                                38c. Markers: Can select regions directly on the timeline now with the same behavior as selecting them in the Marker Panel if you click between the in and out points.

                                                39. Improvements with Split Channel drawing when the channels change width

                                                40. Metadata Viewer: SyncPoint shows correct value now when other markers are present

                                                41. Markers: When hiding markers in waveform view marker list is now dimmed instead of blank

                                                42. Markers: Region markers now playback a single time from start to end of region, loop markers will continuously loop when played

                                                42. Markers: dragging regions no longer triggers playback

                                                43. Added Keycommand (Shift+S) to be able to Spot checked items on the Taglist without the need to look at the Taglist first. NOTE: this used to be assigned to Shuffle ON/OFF but this is more important by far.

                                                44. New Full Installer: with the CodeMeter decoupled as an option now.

                                                45. New Full Installer: Nuendo/Cubase and REAPER plugins are installed via the full installer now instead of thru the Option Page now and the “install” label is not a “check” label with plugin version check coming in the next version



                                       (The final version 5.2)

                                                1. “F3” closes the Metadata Viewer panel also when press when it’s open already

                                                2. Chunk Error for nmix chunk placed in Log instead of Dialog now

                                                3. Browser: Multi-Select with “C” fixed

                                                4. Set Result List Datagrid drawing priority higher than CloudPack Progress now so it scrolls better now.

                                                5. On launch you can now hold the CTRL key to get option of prefs/config files to delete.

                                                6. Destructive Editing fixes done that was causing distortion on some files.

                                                7. ReadAllTags() extra logging done and crash fixed.

                                                8. Removed wyUpdate auto-updater cuz casuing too many problems now and will be replaced in 5.3.

                                                9. Stereo meters no longer pinned with Split Files

                                       (Almost 50+ changes and improvements)

                                                1a) Major Results List Change in this version:
                                                Brand Spanking new Results List Datagrid. The old Microsoft WPF one was annoying slow if you grabbed the scrollbars. This new one has data virtualization built in so Asyncronous Loading is not needed until showing more than 30,000 records so it’s now shut off by default and sh*t is way faster now!

                                                1b) “Show Header Grouping” new in the Options Menu. When ON will allow you to group items in the Datagrid.

                                                1c) Another main reason why the old grid had to be replaced was it was damn near impossible to multi-select records and drag them from the Results List direct. Not Anymore! This now works like a dream also! 😉

                                                This new Datagrid has a gang of cool new feature that we need to have off for now besides this one otherwise the macOS user are gonna get pissssedd!! haha

                                                and….Search times should be drastically improved also!

                                                2. REAPER: fixed with New Project TAB and emptry track crash.
                                                Important: The RPI needs to be re-installed from the Options Page to get this fix.
                                                This was supposed to be fixed in the last update but we forgot to include the new .dll DOH! 8)

                                                3. QAP: Meters UI finalized for now.

                                                4. Adobe Audition: Updated Gerneric Target App support to work with latest CC version.
                                                FYI: if you Audition guys want proper Hardwired support shout for it on the RequestBase cuz it’s possible now that we added Premiere Support.

                                                5. Stereo Meters: show the right side of Split Files now and show RMS instead of Peak now.

                                                6. SQLite Error fixed with Focused Searches and Browse Arrows.

                                                7. CloudPacks: draws Hi-Res Waveform now once downloaded fully so can zoom in and have a better view

                                                8. pitchSlider, panSlider and volumeSlider can all be double clicked now to reset to default value also now.

                                                9. ‘Register Panel’ menu Item added to Main Menus

                                                10. DriveRemapping: Option added to ‘Commit’ changes to the [path] field also for macOS compatibility.

                                                11. Details Panel: UI refresh for [field] picker in User Definable mode.

                                                12. Drive Remapping: added two new Paste icons that pastes the [folder] path of the last selected file in the Results List

                                                13. VST: Removed auto-save preset code cuz not a good idea

                                                14. Individual Channel Extraction: It’s instantaneous now! no more waiting for channels to extract. BLAM! done in an instant now!

                                                15. Fixed issue that couldn’t transfer a Reversed file.

                                                16. Focus no longer goes to the first search box after transfer

                                                17. Channel Extraction: for fixes done for new way

                                                18. Field Recorder CrashDown Playback now supports 10 channel Interleaved Files.

                                                19. Channel Extract: Supports 9 and 10 channel files now also if use “9” and “0” keys

                                                20. Results List: Search box Browse Arrows fix done

                                                21. Lots of little tweaks and color changes.

                                                22. Transport improvements done.

                                                23. Marker Pane: Crash fixed when double clicking list item

                                                24. SmartLoop fix done

                                                25. Details Panel: Focus fix done for after editing the details panel allowing Spacebar to work again.

                                                26. Browser/Playlist: Prevent non-audio files from being added to the Playlist node now.

                                                27. referenced files add to Xfers Node now to prepare for Project Mode

                                                28. Pro Tools: fix for “Spot Inline” feature.

                                                29. CloudPacks: now availble for Lite version also in preparation for Retail packs that are a coming 😉

                                                30. pitchSlider defaults to 48000Khz on next launch if was locked when quit last time

                                                30. Marker Panel: Prevented changing name of SYNC point cuz not needed.

                                                31. Mix Matrix fixes done for when channels are extracted.

                                                32. Collections: now clears all search boxes if run the function “Show Contents”

                                                33. Out of range Channel Extraction fix doing in relation with the Taglist.

                                                34. Split Channel Extraction improvements done with new style Extraction

                                                35. Writes 9 and 10 channel Interleaved files now also.

                                                36. Details Panel: Spacebar starting causing Playback to start/stop while editing text Fixed again now

                                                37. Results List: Scrollbars added to new right click header menu.

                                                38. fixed Nuendo/Cubase spotting issue for non-handle regions

                                                39. CloudPacks: Improved stability with long files

                                                40. HTTP files from source locations can now be added to ‘Collections’ and ‘Groups’
                                                IMPORTANT: You should hold the ALT key before dragging to avoid the warning message.

                                                41. Rename Panel: fixed Transport Start/Stop issue when adding values Editing

                                                42. QAP: Added Solo/Mutes/Meters for Channels 9-10 now

                                                43. “Play Random Sound” “?” crash fixed

                                                44. CloudPacks: Freeze fixed that has been plaguing us for a long time

                                                45. Import paths larger than 259 characters now supported finally if checked ON in the Impprt Window.

                                                46. PeekTree: Source path added for HTTP file no in the Xfer Sectrion.

                                                47. Keycommands added for “Spot with Handles” “Spot Inline” and “RFWP” (See tooltip in QAP or user manual for key commands)

                                                48. License Apply updated inside package to version 2.9




                                                1. Fixed FLAC decoder caused Freeze caused be BASS Addon’s being removed and Default Windows one taking over that is unstable. This fix will probably help with WMA and AAC file also that might have had the same issue.

                                                2. SmartLoop: it shut off now if pitchSlider is locked on next record click like it should work.

                                                3. SyncPoints: 2-3 issues fixed with these

                                                4. Fixed SyncOffset when using two new pitchSlider Modes for Nuendo and Pro Tools



                                                1. Fix for Marker dragging done

                                                2. Auto-Complete: alighment fixes for High DPI screens

                                                3. Auto-Shows CloudPack Node it if one is added to Database.

                                                4. Adobe PPro: listen hang at close/quit fixed that was holding onto CM licenses

                                                5. Performance Recording: stability fixes done and other improvements.



                                                1. SmartLoop: works with SkipSience markers now also

                                                2. Main TAB controls work better with ALT keycommands now

                                                3. SmartLoop: other tweeks done for Yellow Range cases

                                                4. Yellow Range: Drag and Drop HotSpot made a bith larger now



                                                1. BaseHead Server: disabled Async Loading for Server Databases as safter precousion until intenal problem is resolved

                                                2. QAP: now has RMS meters on it for 8 channels. (NOTE: they dsn’t work with Split Files yet)

                                                3. Markers: Adjust accordingly after Destructive Editing now!

                                                4. Markers: Undead Zombie Regions finally get their head cut off 😉

                                                5. Markers: Loop Marker Export to new files also now fully

                                                6. CUE Chuck added to “F4” Window

                                                7. Reverse File “Ctrl+R” key command working again.

                                                8. pitchFX Slider fixed that broke in the last build somehow

                                                9. Process Panel: double click will reset all 3 of these slider also now.

                                                10. Process Panel: Stretch Slider fix done

                                                11. REAPER: fixed with New Project TAB and emptry track crash.
                                                Important: The RPI needs to be re-installed from the Options Page to get this fix.

                                                12. Split Files: Metadata editing disabled cuz on nasty bug found and we have a new way and better way to do this soon.

                                                13. ID3 Edit in Details Panel fix done for Mult-selected files.




                                       Massive 75+ Changes, Additions and Improvements!

                                                Massive 75+ Changes in Detail

                                                • New Major Feature (Ultra) Performance Recording:  You can now record takes of pitch bends and VST parameter changes.
                                                • Major Feature Added: Adobe Premiere Pro hardwired target app support
                                                • Developer Notes: WPF Toolkit and Metro packages updated
                                                • Collections: many fixes for Markers when played from Collections that was causing errors
                                                • Yellow Range:  Improved Hotspots for resizing it
                                                • More Marker fixes done
                                                • Options Page: removed Max records returned value off ALL option cuz people don’t read  😉
                                                • new function “Force Show All Records” added to Action menu as an additional fix for #6 above
                                                • Fixed Issues when “Spot with Handles” and Mono DMix were both ON for Nuendo/Cubase, REAPER, Pro Tools and PPro.
                                                • Details Panel: fixed Mona Lisa not showing when dragging art to the Details Panel
                                                • Resizing Markers XAML Crash fixed’
                                                • CloudPacks: If .wf files were missing it used to break BH.   This is fixed now
                                                • Markers: Improvements with Basehead Server
                                                • CloudPacks: Disabled Skip Silence Code for now cuz playback was stopping prematurely
                                                • Removed more old aXML Region code since replaced with new Marker System.
                                                • Major Solo improvements when in combination with “Spot with Handles”
                                                • Markers Writing: no longer plays small segment of audio
                                                • REAPER: Fixed a crash caused by having only an Empty region in the session
                                                • Spot With Handles: Added safeguards if VST Tails are ON or the Stretch slider that force disables handles cuz the math is way too complex to be rendered correctly.
                                                • pitchFX Panel: improvement done to give more accurate reproductions of what you are hearing to the target file
                                                • Mono DMix with 6 Channel files Out of Range error fixed.
                                                • PPro “Spot with Handles” (User Defined) Crash fixed
                                                • “Clear All Search Boxes” key command updated “Ctrl+Shift+C”
                                                • “Force Show All Records” key commands assigned to “Ctrl+Shift+F”
                                                • Options Page: new option for global “Disable Split Playback” added
                                                • Fixed issue with PitchFX direction slider that was broken
                                                • Markers: Random Crash fixed for when resized marker
                                                • Rename Panel: a few UI fixes done.
                                                • Browser: No longer shows “Reading Subfolders” when OFF
                                                • Searching set to [ALL] now includes [keywords] field
                                                • If no metadata exists for [original_date] we fill it with date from file.
                                                • Pitch Slider: now has 3 mode and is lockable also now.
                                                • BH is now built on .NET 4.8 so you might be asked to download it if not on your PC currently.
                                                • Silent Delete no longer shows files as ‘Media Offline’ after
                                                • Wwise Startup safeguards added.
                                                • Collections: dropping files in folders no longer breaks playback of next record selected in Results List
                                                • Build All Waveforms: Plays audio on long files again while building the .wf
                                                • Open in Waveform Editor:  .wf refreshes if the audio file is edited externally.
                                                • Added SCSI check for license check now.
                                                • Pitch Slider: Improvements for typing in numbers
                                                • Canceling of an ‘Import’ removes newly added files now.  For some reason this was never added to the PC version before.
                                                • Zoom in WF Sync of playhead improved
                                                • Import Window: Skip files that start with .period fix done
                                                • “Use Description for Region Name” working with Nuendo/Cubase and REAPER now allowing to turn it off now.
                                                • pitchSlider recalls previous state better now
                                                • new BASS_VST added to project that was compiled by Un4Seen
                                                • Groups: increased setting and adding speed 1000% faster now
                                                • UI: New cleaner scrollbars
                                                • ReWire: fixed C++ crash some systems were seeing
                                                • ReWire+VST: no longer shuts down VST engine and re-starts it for processing now.
                                                • Performances: can right click button to choose record channel count and destination.
                                                • Nuendo 10: Official support added
                                                • Performances: can now have any speaker setup and choose any channel output.
                                                • cubeSQL Import fixes done
                                                • Wwise: added check at start if running before we try and connect now.
                                                • ProTools: SyncPoints set with Alt+Click on the Waveform will Spot “S” with this an offset now. The was reserved for Nuendo and Cubase only users in the past. Not anymore 8)
                                                • Nuendo/Cubase: Spotting SyncPoint offsets also work when using “S” now
                                                • disabled time display label when recording from changing via pitch slid
                                                • BASS_VST addon updated again with WAVES crash fix added.
                                                • Prevention of Temp CloudFiles from being dragged to the ‘Collections’ Node now for safety.
                                                • fixed RFWP issues regarding new pitchSlider modes
                                                • Wwise: fixed various issues and include new pitchSlider modes to store/recall now
                                                • Fixed stretchSlider Crash/Freeze that  happened with 192khz files by changing BASS_FX.dll to most recent one.
                                                • New SmartLoop feature: Whenever you change a pitch/stretch or pitchFX slider it will automatically start looping even without a region selected now cuz we figure if you start tweaking sliders then your want to hear it over and over right? 😉
                                                • Fixed strange issue that the Import Window would pop up after copying a CloudPack file or other long files.
                                                • DB Hotswap Box unlocked for Lite edition now
                                                • Individual Channel Extraction: Unlocked for Standard Users now.  Tossing them a bone also…hehe
                                                • Fixed top  1/3 of WF drag and drop misfires when dragged between the Yellow Range.
                                                • Improved code that was causing dead playback cuz it thought transfer window was still open.
                                                • Cloud/HTTP:  You can DnD single HTTP files from the Results List now. (Note: they will be copied to the Transfer Path)
                                                • Since all these low budget apps are throwing in Individual Channel Extraction, we just unlocked it for Lite and Standard users also to put the beat down one the kiddie programs…hehe  😉
                                                • Sum2Mono also unlocked for Lite users!
                                                • Decided to unlock the PeekTree with these three Nodes. Playlist, Paths and Xfer for Lite users now.  They will also be able to see the range selection Start/End Length now since this is docked at the bottom of the PeekTree
                                                • Markers: Transfer now to new file with SRC and FileRatio adjustments.
                                                • Markers: show on Taglist now also
                                                • SyncPoints: Many fixes done in this area




                                                • CloudPacks data now disconnected from internal array and read from GCP now to prepare for retail packs coming soon.
                                                • Browser: Waveform clears if coming from the Results List now and click a folder
                                                • “Build All Waveforms” slow down fixed.
                                                • Audio Engine Library updated: Supposed to have better quality Sample Rate Conversions now.
                                                • SyncPoint: Easier to Remove now from the Waveform
                                                • Auto-Write Markers also works with Dragging of existing markers now.
                                                • Browser: Include Sub-folders improvements done.
                                                • Markers: more reading improvements done.
                                                • Imports: problem fixed with long file paths derailing adding to them
                                                • VST: Plugin UI window stay open after processing again now.
                                                • VST: Processing fix also done.
                                                • Markers: Hover over markers now show full names in ToolTips
                                                • Fixed Transfer crash if pressed “T” too fast with some VST’s on
                                                • Markers: disabled writing for Lite users
                                                • Markers: Playback when clicking them improved.
                                                • Disabled auto-play of regions now since that is a old feature when only one marker existed.
                                                • added hack to prevent Import Window from popping up un-expected


                                                • 88.2 and 96khz tranfers re-unlocked for Standard users.
                                                • Can access the ‘Register’ Panel from Maintenance Expired sheet now.
                                                • Browser Page: performance increase for new Filter Search and other improvements done.
                                                • Extracted channel clipping fixed on files with 4 or more channels
                                                • Marker Panel: fixed issue when some old aXML marker were invisible
                                                • added “Function: disableDescriptionEdit” ability to CustomCmds file
                                                • Four channel Sum2Mono out of bounds error fixed.
                                                • Search Box linking issues reported by Chris P. ages ago fixed now 8)
                                                • Browser: Switching off some Options no longer mis-play the next audio file clicked.
                                                • REAPER RPI installer updated
                                                • Welcome Screen fixes done
                                                • VST Enable: better retain of previous state on next launch
                                                • Marker Panel: fixes done with enter names in
                                                • Marker Panel: other fixes done
                                                • Upgrade to .NET 4.6.2 to support longer folder paths
                                                • Fixed: when clicking record in the Results after using pitchball it wouldn’t work until next record click


                                                • MS Decoder: when ON and no other VST’s on it no longer adds ‘_Prcs’ to the filename cuz it’s not processing currently
                                                • Details Panel: Fix done for search of [folder] field if at a network path.
                                                • Marker Fix for Extracted channels
                                                • DB Hotswap box has a new function “Remove Current Database” that just removes it from the list.
                                                • Slowdown casused by database consistancy check fixed so DB’s should load much faster now.
                                                • DB Hotswap Box: no longer need to right click twice to see context menu
                                                • same goes for the Recent Places combo box on the Browser Page
                                                • Register Panel: better looking dialogs now instead of stock Windows ones.
                                                • Start Screen: License Dates shown in same format as PC now for the users location
                                                • User Thesaurus: Crash fixed when missing ID “1” inside XML file
                                                • aXML Index crashes caused by bad metadata fixed.
                                                • TimeCode issue resolved that was showing 00:00:00 for some files that had different values plus other T.C. fixes done.
                                                • Browse Arrows fix done regarding CloudPacks.
                                                • Easier to see BurnIn.log if error occured.
                                                • Fixed Ctrl+DnD Bar issue with Extracted Channels
                                                • BurnIn, Text File Import/Export: eaasier to view logs now.
                                                • Process Panel: Fixed VST presets being reset
                                                • Process Panel: gfx condensed a bit to stop overrun on low res displays less.
                                                • VST Preset improvements done
                                                • Shift+M was causing sum to mono when searching or typing in any text box. Prevented now
                                                • Warning added that you tried to import files with too long of paths for Windows
                                                • Continue Play: fixed issue it was skipping some records randomly
                                                • Wwise: check done to see if Wwise is running before transferring a file with Ctrl+X
                                                • Libraries/Collections: If a large amount of folders were in it it slowed boot dramatically. Now we lazy load the TreeView, so it’s way fast now launching BH and opening folders.
                                                • 5.0 split files transfer without missing channel now
                                                • Split File Match Tollerance increased to 8500 bytes from 2500
                                                • “Libraries” renamed to “Collections” by user poll results. Thank You! 8)




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