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Below are links to full installers of version 5.x for Windows Users.

5.x Registered Users ReadMe:
Each new license gets a Support Plan with 12 Months of free updates included.
Always make sure your it’s still is active before installing a new version and that the renewal date is later than the build date.
If not, you’ll need to renew your Extend your Support Plan OR download and use an earlier version of BaseHead that was created before your plan expired.  8)

IMPORTANT!: version 5.1 (and higher) has a new and improved licensing system for non-CmStick Users. Read about it below.

Build Date: August 11th 2019

Build Date: July 24th 2019

Build Date: July 11th 2019

Build Date: Feburary 26th 2019

Build Date: January 29th 2019

Build Date: December 18th 2018

Support Plan Expired?
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click the below button to go to the Store item to extend it.

Changes O'Plenty!

Click the version below to see detailed changes done for each of the above and to see why having a active Support Plan is ideal  😉 -

 1. SmartLoop: works with SkipSience markers now also

2. Main TAB controls work better with ALT keycommands now

3. SmartLoop: other tweeks done for Yellow Range cases

4. Yellow Range: Drag and Drop HotSpot made a bith larger now


1. BaseHead Server: disabled Async Loading for Server Databases as safter precousion until intenal problem is resolved

2. QAP: now has RMS meters on it for 8 channels. (NOTE: they dsn’t work with Split Files yet)

3. Markers: Adjust accordingly after Destructive Editing now!

4. Markers: Undead Zombie Regions finally get their head cut off 😉

5. Markers: Loop Marker Export to new files also now fully

6. CUE Chuck added to “F4” Window

7. Reverse File “Ctrl+R” key command working again.

8. pitchFX Slider fixed that broke in the last build somehow

9. Process Panel: double click will reset all 3 of these slider also now.

10. Process Panel: Stretch Slider fix done

11. REAPER: fixed with New Project TAB and emptry track crash.
Important: The RPI needs to be re-installed from the Options Page to get this fix.

12. Split Files: Metadata editing disabled cuz on nasty bug found and we have a new way and better way to do this soon.

13. ID3 Edit in Details Panel fix done for Mult-selected files. -

1. Fix for Marker dragging done

2. Auto-Complete: alighment fixes for High DPI screens

3. Auto-Shows CloudPack Node it if one is added to Database.

4. Adobe PPro: listen hang at close/quit fixed that was holding onto CM licenses

5. Performance Recording: stability fixes done and other improvements.


1. Fixed FLAC decoder caused Freeze caused be BASS Addon’s being removed and Default Windows one taking over that is unstable. This fix will probably help with WMA and AAC file also that might have had the same issue.

2. SmartLoop: it shut off now if pitchSlider is locked on next record click like it should work.

3. SyncPoints: 2-3 issues fixed with these

4. Fixed SyncOffset when using two new pitchSlider Modes for Nuendo and Pro Tools Massive 75+ Changes, Additions and Improvements!

Massive 75+ Changes in Detail

  • New Major Feature (Ultra) Performance Recording:  You can now record takes of pitch bends and VST parameter changes.
  • Major Feature Added: Adobe Premiere Pro hardwired target app support
  • Developer Notes: WPF Toolkit and Metro packages updated
  • Collections: many fixes for Markers when played from Collections that was causing errors
  • Yellow Range:  Improved Hotspots for resizing it
  • More Marker fixes done
  • Options Page: removed Max records returned value off ALL option cuz people don’t read  😉
  • new function “Force Show All Records” added to Action menu as an additional fix for #6 above
  • Fixed Issues when “Spot with Handles” and Mono DMix were both ON for Nuendo/Cubase, REAPER, Pro Tools and PPro.
  • Details Panel: fixed Mona Lisa not showing when dragging art to the Details Panel
  • Resizing Markers XAML Crash fixed’
  • CloudPacks: If .wf files were missing it used to break BH.   This is fixed now
  • Markers: Improvements with Basehead Server
  • CloudPacks: Disabled Skip Silence Code for now cuz playback was stopping prematurely
  • Removed more old aXML Region code since replaced with new Marker System.
  • Major Solo improvements when in combination with “Spot with Handles”
  • Markers Writing: no longer plays small segment of audio
  • REAPER: Fixed a crash caused by having only an Empty region in the session
  • Spot With Handles: Added safeguards if VST Tails are ON or the Stretch slider that force disables handles cuz the math is way too complex to be rendered correctly.
  • pitchFX Panel: improvement done to give more accurate reproductions of what you are hearing to the target file
  • Mono DMix with 6 Channel files Out of Range error fixed.
  • PPro “Spot with Handles” (User Defined) Crash fixed
  • “Clear All Search Boxes” key command updated “Ctrl+Shift+C”
  • “Force Show All Records” key commands assigned to “Ctrl+Shift+F”
  • Options Page: new option for global “Disable Split Playback” added
  • Fixed issue with PitchFX direction slider that was broken
  • Markers: Random Crash fixed for when resized marker
  • Rename Panel: a few UI fixes done.
  • Browser: No longer shows “Reading Subfolders” when OFF
  • Searching set to [ALL] now includes [keywords] field
  • If no metadata exists for [original_date] we fill it with date from file.
  • Pitch Slider: now has 3 mode and is lockable also now.
  • BH is now built on .NET 4.8 so you might be asked to download it if not on your PC currently.
  • Silent Delete no longer shows files as ‘Media Offline’ after
  • Wwise Startup safeguards added.
  • Collections: dropping files in folders no longer breaks playback of next record selected in Results List
  • Build All Waveforms: Plays audio on long files again while building the .wf
  • Open in Waveform Editor:  .wf refreshes if the audio file is edited externally.
  • Added SCSI check for license check now.
  • Pitch Slider: Improvements for typing in numbers
  • Canceling of an ‘Import’ removes newly added files now.  For some reason this was never added to the PC version before.
  • Zoom in WF Sync of playhead improved
  • Import Window: Skip files that start with .period fix done
  • “Use Description for Region Name” working with Nuendo/Cubase and REAPER now allowing to turn it off now.
  • pitchSlider recalls previous state better now
  • new BASS_VST added to project that was compiled by Un4Seen
  • Groups: increased setting and adding speed 1000% faster now
  • UI: New cleaner scrollbars
  • ReWire: fixed C++ crash some systems were seeing
  • ReWire+VST: no longer shuts down VST engine and re-starts it for processing now.
  • Performances: can right click button to choose record channel count and destination.
  • Nuendo 10: Official support added
  • Performances: can now have any speaker setup and choose any channel output.
  • cubeSQL Import fixes done
  • Wwise: added check at start if running before we try and connect now.
  • ProTools: SyncPoints set with Alt+Click on the Waveform will Spot “S” with this an offset now. The was reserved for Nuendo and Cubase only users in the past. Not anymore 8)
  • Nuendo/Cubase: Spotting SyncPoint offsets also work when using “S” now
  • disabled time display label when recording from changing via pitch slid
  • BASS_VST addon updated again with WAVES crash fix added.
  • Prevention of Temp CloudFiles from being dragged to the ‘Collections’ Node now for safety.
  • fixed RFWP issues regarding new pitchSlider modes
  • Wwise: fixed various issues and include new pitchSlider modes to store/recall now
  • Fixed stretchSlider Crash/Freeze that  happened with 192khz files by changing BASS_FX.dll to most recent one.
  • New SmartLoop feature: Whenever you change a pitch/stretch or pitchFX slider it will automatically start looping even without a region selected now cuz we figure if you start tweaking sliders then your want to hear it over and over right? 😉
  • Fixed strange issue that the Import Window would pop up after copying a CloudPack file or other long files.
  • DB Hotswap Box unlocked for Lite edition now
  • Individual Channel Extraction: Unlocked for Standard Users now.  Tossing them a bone also…hehe
  • Fixed top  1/3 of WF drag and drop misfires when dragged between the Yellow Range.
  • Improved code that was causing dead playback cuz it thought transfer window was still open.
  • Cloud/HTTP:  You can DnD single HTTP files from the Results List now. (Note: they will be copied to the Transfer Path)
  • Since all these low budget apps are throwing in Individual Channel Extraction, we just unlocked it for Lite and Standard users also to put the beat down one the kiddie programs…hehe  😉
  • Sum2Mono also unlocked for Lite users!
  • Decided to unlock the PeekTree with these three Nodes. Playlist, Paths and Xfer for Lite users now.  They will also be able to see the range selection Start/End Length now since this is docked at the bottom of the PeekTree
  • Markers: Transfer now to new file with SRC and FileRatio adjustments.
  • Markers: show on Taglist now also
  • SyncPoints: Many fixes done in this area
  • CloudPacks data now disconnected from internal array and read from GCP now to prepare for retail packs coming soon.
  • Browser: Waveform clears if coming from the Results List now and click a folder
  • “Build All Waveforms” slow down fixed.
  • Audio Engine Library updated: Supposed to have better quality Sample Rate Conversions now.
  • SyncPoint: Easier to Remove now from the Waveform
  • Auto-Write Markers also works with Dragging of existing markers now.
  • Browser: Include Sub-folders improvements done.
  • Markers: more reading improvements done.
  • Imports: problem fixed with long file paths derailing adding to them
  • VST: Plugin UI window stay open after processing again now.
  • VST: Processing fix also done.
  • Markers: Hover over markers now show full names in ToolTips
  • Fixed Transfer crash if pressed “T” too fast with some VST’s on
  • Markers: disabled writing for Lite users
  • Markers: Playback when clicking them improved.
  • Disabled auto-play of regions now since that is a old feature when only one marker existed.
  • added hack to prevent Import Window from popping up un-expected
  • 88.2 and 96khz tranfers re-unlocked for Standard users.
  • Can access the ‘Register’ Panel from Maintenance Expired sheet now.
  • Browser Page: performance increase for new Filter Search and other improvements done.
  • Extracted channel clipping fixed on files with 4 or more channels
  • Marker Panel: fixed issue when some old aXML marker were invisible
  • added “Function: disableDescriptionEdit” ability to CustomCmds file
  • Four channel Sum2Mono out of bounds error fixed.
  • Search Box linking issues reported by Chris P. ages ago fixed now 8)
  • Browser: Switching off some Options no longer mis-play the next audio file clicked.
  • REAPER RPI installer updated
  • Welcome Screen fixes done
  • VST Enable: better retain of previous state on next launch
  • Marker Panel: fixes done with enter names in
  • Marker Panel: other fixes done
  • Upgrade to .NET 4.6.2 to support longer folder paths
  • Fixed: when clicking record in the Results after using pitchball it wouldn’t work until next record click
  • MS Decoder: when ON and no other VST’s on it no longer adds ‘_Prcs’ to the filename cuz it’s not processing currently
  • Details Panel: Fix done for search of [folder] field if at a network path.
  • Marker Fix for Extracted channels
  • DB Hotswap box has a new function “Remove Current Database” that just removes it from the list.
  • Slowdown casused by database consistancy check fixed so DB’s should load much faster now.
  • DB Hotswap Box: no longer need to right click twice to see context menu
  • same goes for the Recent Places combo box on the Browser Page
  • Register Panel: better looking dialogs now instead of stock Windows ones.
  • Start Screen: License Dates shown in same format as PC now for the users location
  • User Thesaurus: Crash fixed when missing ID “1” inside XML file
  • aXML Index crashes caused by bad metadata fixed.
  • TimeCode issue resolved that was showing 00:00:00 for some files that had different values plus other T.C. fixes done.
  • Browse Arrows fix done regarding CloudPacks.
  • Easier to see BurnIn.log if error occured.
  • Fixed Ctrl+DnD Bar issue with Extracted Channels
  • BurnIn, Text File Import/Export: eaasier to view logs now.
  • Process Panel: Fixed VST presets being reset
  • Process Panel: gfx condensed a bit to stop overrun on low res displays less.
  • VST Preset improvements done
  • Shift+M was causing sum to mono when searching or typing in any text box. Prevented now
  • Warning added that you tried to import files with too long of paths for Windows
  • Continue Play: fixed issue it was skipping some records randomly
  • Wwise: check done to see if Wwise is running before transferring a file with Ctrl+X
  • Libraries/Collections: If a large amount of folders were in it it slowed boot dramatically. Now we lazy load the TreeView, so it’s way fast now launching BH and opening folders.
  • 5.0 split files transfer without missing channel now
  • Split File Match Tollerance increased to 8500 bytes from 2500
  • “Libraries” renamed to “Collections” by user poll results. Thank You! 8)






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