Introducing the BaseHead Creator Edition

This new version of BaseHead was designed to help out at home Students, Content Creators or anyone getting started into the Audio World.
It’s also great for Pro users looking to preview and purchase SFX via the CloudPacks Marketplace without the need for a BaseHead license.

This simplified version of our main flagship BaseHead  also includes many free SFX CloudPacks from various vendors ala Pole Position Production, BOOM LibraryPro Sound Effects, SoundMorph, Airborne Sound, SoundBits, The Recordist  and many more!
Plus, it includes a very large SFX CloudPack collection courtesy of the BBC Archives to really help get you started in the audio game.

You can also add up to 6,900 of your own local files.    (Yeah we choose that number on purpose . . . haha)
NOTE:  CloudPacks added to your database purchased via the included CloudPacks Marketplace do NOT count against the the local file count.  😉


So to sum it all up…

  • Includes 18,000+ Royalty Free CloudBased Streaming Sound Effects  (optional install)
  • You can add up to 6,900 of your own personal SFX, but Unlimited CloudPacks can be added. 
  • No Dumb Subscription to pay for monthly…. 8)
  • 100% FREE 


Start using the same software that the Pros are using! 



Steps to Get Started
1. Create a BaseHead, LLC Account

Create an account, if you don’t have one already, and keep these credentials handy as you will need to them to sign into Creator in Step #3.

2. Sign up to the Creator Newsletter

Use the same exact email as in Step #1 but don’t worry!  We don’t have the time or energy to send many emails…haha   
(You must stay subscribed to this to for Creator to continue to launch)

3. Download and Install Creator

Once you confirmed your Newsletter Subscription … Launch Creator and enter your account credentials from Step #1 and you should be good to go!

So…What’s the Catch?
We know the Creator market is a massive one, so instead charging a Subscription like everyone else and fight for scraps, we decided just to do piss a few people off and release a 100% FREE version with included SFX just to shake things up a bit and also partially for our own amusement….haha  😉

Is it limited? 
Sure it is a bit.  You can see how in the table above. Plus you might be nagged a bit on the start screen and also via the separate Creator Newsletter once in a while.

Can we use this at our Commercial Facility?
Yes no problem if just using the CPM related features, but using this version is NOT allowed for SFX work in in an Commercial Environment.  It’s designed for individual personal use at home learning.

Can I still use the CPM for SFX Previewing/Purchasing even if I use other software?
Not a problem!   Anyone can use this Free version and get the full benefits via the CPM,  After purchase you can Download the SFX and and drop them into any program of choice.

Can we outfit our school with this edition?
No Sorry … EDU’s need to use special EDU licensees.   Contact us for how to obtain them.  8)