We now offer three different types of authorization across five different devices!
No other competitor comes close to the flexibility we offer  now!
Every option below has advantages and disadvantages so read everything closely before you choose which option is best for you!
Feel free to email us any questions if you are still confused which route to choose….8)

Option #1A: CodeMeter CmStick USB dongles OR PropellerHead’s Ignition Key
This is the option we have primary used and sold since version 2.x, but we only prefer them for facilities now.  If you are a single user and don’t own one already choose Option #2 or #3 below instead.

Who is this for:
+ Facilities needing multiple licenses and maximum flexibly with floating licenses.
+ Single users that already own and uses a CodeMeter CmStick

+ Supports Floating Network Licenses that work over LAN or WAN.
+ Example: You can put 20 licenses on a single dongle, hang it on a centralized server and up to 20
licenses can then be accessed from anywhere in the facility or thru the web.
+ Allows single users to be more mobile since you can take the dongle with you and use on any PC or Mac.
+ Easier license management and easiest future license upgrades
+ Cross-Platform License.
+ Works on Raspberry Pi devices also that allows you to set up a super cheap always ON license server.

– Not for the Individual user.  Multi-user Facilities only!
 – Need to buy a CmStick if you don’t already have one, but we sell them on our site. If you don’t live in the U.S.
then check the Cleverbridge site for cheaper shipping of both the Plastic CmStick and the Metal CmStick (recommended)

We can add our licenses on those once you receive it in the mail.

Option #1B: CodeMeter ACT Network dongle-less
this is also a LAN/WAN based Floating Licensing system just like the above ^^ BUT is mainly for facilities that are using Virtual Machine’s for their License Servers cuz these do not like USB devices hung on them very much.
NOTE: if your facility changes License Servers more than once a year, than avoid this option if possible and choose #1A instead.  Also keep in mind that this option has slight downtime when moving servers unlike when having a physical hardware dongle, so you have to decide if this option is better for your facility or not.  8)
Individual user

For CodeMeter setup videos for LAN or WAN access, see THIS PAGE.



Option #2: USB Device Hardware Locking (USB Flash Drives or iLok2 or iLok3)
Now you can lock to removable USB Devices. (This includes iLok’s also , but not in the traditional way)
We just bind to any USB device’s serial number and create the license with your serial number embedded to make it all work. So in a few simple steps, BaseHead will be locked to one of these removable devices so you can be mobile.

Who is this for?
People that already have an iLok or USB flash drive on their system and don’t want to use another USB port for a
CodeMeter CmStick, but still need to be mobile.

 (Note: iLok version 1’s are NOT supported with this method.  You’ll need an iLok2 or iLok 3)

+ Let’s you use your iLok or USB flash drive you might be using for Waves plugins already plugged in your
system and not have to use another USB port
+ Allows single users to be more mobile since you can take the dongle with you to use on any PC or Mac.
+ Cross-Platform License.

– Doesn’t work over LAN or WAN network like the CM options, so it’s NOT recommended for facilities
– Doesn’t support multiple floating licenses on a single dongle/license like a CM version does.

iLok Users: make sure you read the iLOK FAQ before choosing this option.

Option #3: Dongle-Less  (Locking to your system CPU)
Yes, we’ve listened and we know many of you just plain hate dongles.
We do also to be honest, but they are a necessary evil in most cases and allow you to be more mobile if you work around town at different places.

Who is this for?
People that hate dongles and work in one location, on one computer and don’t plan to ever work anywhere else.

+ Doesn’t use a USB port
+ Saves you money by not having to buy a CmStick dongle and pay for shipping.

– The license can only be used on one machine at a time so you’ll need to choose between PC or Mac.
– You are not mobile at all unless locking to a laptop, but can still ‘Deactivate’ and move the license on ‘My License’ page.


 Coming Soon!

Option #4: CloudBased Floating Network Licenses  (Coming Soon!)
Coming soon will be the ability to ditch all device binding and open a Cloud Session to launch BaseHead.  This allows running BH from home…close it and open it up at work all with the same license!

 Who is this for?
People that have internet EVERYWHERE they work and want to access their license without carrying a dongle and for facilities that want to hand out temp WFH licenses to their employees easily and hassle free!

+ Doesn’t use a USB port or is Locked to any single machine
+ Uses the same containers as the new .key file licensing system allowing you to jump back and forth to device bound licenses containers at will on the ‘My Licenses’ Page

– Only if you work in locations with no or spotty internet then you will want to steer clear of this option.

Want to help test this new feature?  Click the button below.

I see a Renewal Date on the Start Page. Is my license gonna die on that date?

Nope!  our standard licenses are Perpetual and will never die.  This date is just when your 12 months of free updates and priority support end, but BaseHead will keep on working past this date just fine.  The only exception is if you purchased a special license from us direct that is marked as Terminal or EDU

What if I loose my USB Device or iLok I binded my license to or it gets damaged?

On the ‘My Licenses’ page just press ‘Deactivate’ to beging the process of moving the license to another device.  This is Free of charge!

What if a new major version comes out 3-5 months after I buy a license, do I have to pay for that?

Nope!  you get 12 months of free updates from the time of purchase and this applies to minor or major versions.  Once your 12 month period ends you can purchase an extra 12-36 months to help us out and to make sure you have the latest bug fixes and features OR just wait until your see a feature your really want before extending your Support/Maintenance Plan.

What if I chose to bind to my System Drive and had to reformat my PC or Mac?


Just ‘Deactivate……Move and Reactivate it on the ‘My Licenses’ Page in your account.


How do I move my license from one rig to another?

send a new License Request from the new machine and tell us it’s a Replacement license and you are moving systems.  After we receive it we will issue a new license and kill off your one.  This process can take up to 48 hours depending on your location cuz of time differences and a human needs to do it.  If you are someone that needs to jump around a lot please choose a dongle bound solution above.