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5.x Registered Users ReadMe:
Each new license gets a Support Plan with 12 Months of free updates included.
Always make sure your it’s still is active before installing a new version and that the renewal date is later than the build date.
If not, you’ll need to renew your Extend your Support Plan OR download and use an earlier version of BaseHead that was created before your plan expired.  8)

Heads up!  4.x Mojave users should read the Mojave Statement Page.

Build Date: September 9th, 2019 
(macOS 10.10-10.15)

Build Date: August 11th, 2019 
(macOS 10.10-10.15)

Build Date: July 31st, 2019 
(macOS 10.10-10.15)

Build Date: July 27th, 2019 
(macOS 10.10-10.15)

Build Date: July 22nd, 2019 (first 5.2 Release Canidate) 
(macOS 10.10-10.15)

Build Date: May 8th 2019
(macOS 10.8-10.14)

Build Date: March 5th 2019
(macOS 10.8-10.14)

Build Date: February 18th 2019
(macOS 10.8-10.14)

Build Date: February 14th 2019
(macOS 10.8-10.14)

Build Date: January 19th 2019
(macOS 10.8-10.14)

Support Plan Expired?
If you want the latest features and bug fixes,
click the below button to go to the Store item to extend it.

Changes O' Plenty!

Click the version below to see detailed changes done for each of the above and to see why having a active Support Plan is ideal  😉

5.2.14 - 5.2.12

5.2.14 – 5.2.12 Combo update!

1. “Check For Updates…” menuItem disabled if Support Plan is expired now

2. New Channel Extraction: more minor fixes done for the new fast mode.

3. Fixed crash caused by ancient ass SD2 files

4. VST Picker compatibility fix done that caused us to pull down build 13. #13 is never that lucky 😉



1. More Channel Extraction fixes done for the new instantaneous mode

2. Performance Recordings: Auto-Shows Playlist node AND as Expanded after Recording stops

3. VST: fix for disappearing presets on some rigs.

4. VST: preset loading improvements done

5. Drive Re-Mapping: Added easy Paste buttons for the last selected file int the Results List to make it easier to grab the From Paths.

6. Drive Re-Mapping: ‘Commit’ section has option to apply to [folder] path for PC’s using the same database now

7. Many many under the hood changes

8. Auto-Updates shut off until we check Support Plan code a bit better

9. Database Encryption code added



1. ‘Register Panel’ menu item added main BH menu also.

2a. VST Processing: A complete over-haul for VST processing was just done. No longer does it create a temp mixer and load the and unload the DSP. Instead it processes from the currently loaded mixerVST. Should make things faster, use less CPU and stability should be vastly improved! I tossed 10 pages of old code in the trash and replaced with one new streamlined method. 😉
Let us know if something got broken in the process of re-hooking up the wires cuz it was a massive re-write. 8)

2b. VST: Soundtoys plugins are now un-banned for macOS since the new above VST Processing fixed the issue caused by their plugins.
FYI: these plugins were banned in the past cuz the developer refused to help us Debug their junk and was extremely rude to us via email.

2c. VSTScanner: many fixes done in this area. You should re-scan your plugins if you are a VST user.

3. CloudPacks: now drawing hi-res WF in background once downloaded to make zoom in’s look better.

4. Split Files: now when transferred will take Solo and Mutes to newly created file.

5. Random Playback “?” prevented unless Results List like it was intended. It was a bug that it allowed to play the Results List from the Browser Page.

6. User Definable “Spot with Handles” fix done for two new pitchSlider Modes.

7. “Collections” fixed issue that some folders couldn’t be dragged around reported by N.H.

8. ID3 Images: if a .png, .jpg or .jpeg file is in the same folder as the audio file with the same name (minus) extension this shows as priority over the image inside the file.
10. Individual Channel Extraction: a while back we added fast extraction…..well we now took it a bit further and do Instantaneous Channel Extraction that as fast a bullet with grease on it! 😉
This only works for 8 channels still, but will increase to 10 or 12 by the next BETA


VST: VSTi’s now scan into BH to prepare for Midi Triggering in the future.



1. VST: changed .dylib again to newer when with more stability fixes

2. Markers: Zombie Un-Dead Marker Regions finally had the head chopped off and killed.

3. Markers: they now shift with Destructive editing accordingly and retained!

4. Markers: other fixes done regarding destructive editing.

5. Markers: fix done for Loop Markers that weren’t writing in some cases to new files

6. Metadata: more fixes done to fix mis-aligned files that were written wrong by other programs with corrupted metadata.

7. Cue Chunk Transfer ON/OFF added to Chunks Panel “F4”

8. Waveform Drawing: fixed issue that it was drawing whacky or stuttered looking sometimes with longer files.


Hotfix version!

1. Online Page: option+C Key Command added for it

2. SmartLoop: small tweaks done

3. Metadata Chunk Writing: detects and fixes some mis-aligned and corrupted chunks better now that are written wrong and illegal to the BWAV Spec.

4. VST: fixed issue that creeped up in build 09 that didn’t process the first second or so of a file.

5. VST: Preset loading issue on first launch fixed also


1. Changed Auto-Updater path to GCP but need to push first 5.2.08 update to old path

2. Fixed problem with Support Plan Expired Sheet when upgrading a license .key file.

3. Playback stutter issue fixed with fast selection of the Yellow Range

4. Fixed issue with updating .key file would close the whole program!

5. SmartLoop works if a SkipSilence marker is visible also now

6. Yellow Range Selection: more improvements done included larger hotspots.

7. Metadata fix for Field Recorder files

8. Many other smaller thangs 😉

5.2.08 (First version 5.2 ) 56+ Changes!

1a) macOS 10.8 and 10.9 support dropped now cuz to hard to maintain nowadays and also forced by Apple to do so to be able to support the up coming macOS10.15
1b) 10.15 support added for the crazy f*cks that dare to use it already…..haha

2. Premiere Pro support officially added

3. Add to Taglist Sometimes Spots to Track: Fixed

4. Dead and inconsistent Auto-Play fixed: If arrow thru records very fast it would fail to auto-play randomly on some files. This is fixed now.

5. Collections: Tagging Collection files with a Range improvements done

6. Open in Waveform Editor: The WF in BH not refreshes if the file is edited externally.

7. WF Sync: Improve playhead sync when zoomed it

8. Split Playback Fix done

9. “Show Folder Contents” Crash fixed again.

10. Nuendo 10 support added

11. Fixed internal code issue that was triggering play code twice finally

12. Cmd+Click on the pitchSlider set it to default again for S.R. mode

13. Transport: fixed issue of not being to restart a file once it reached the end sometimes

14. Better Split File Detection for files with extra .(periods) in the filename

15. ProTools: set Syncpoints using Cmd+Click on the Waveform n spot with this offset to ProTools also. No longer a Nuendo/Cubase Exclusive.

16. Rewire: first Beta of this long long journey. You can turn it on from the top right of the main page.

17. Rename Panel: Fixed wording if renaming a [filename] an no changes we needed.

18. Mix Matrix Memory Leak fixed.

19. Fixed when clicking items in the Results list it was skipping the first 400ms about

20. Process Page: Fixed green pitch ball breaking the transport

21. Number Pad Pitch: now auto sets the pitchSlider to Semi-tone mode after any 1-9 key is pressed.

22. Improved RFWP with two new pitchSlider Modes.

23. Fixed problem of filename taking name of folder

24. pitchSlider: no longer writes 0.000 values into new name for two new modes.

25. Record Button Added: Performance Take recording now possible for Ultra users. Whack the record button on the transport and records your pitch bends or VST knob changes direct to a new file that is added to the PlayList node in Red.

26. Process Panel: pitch Ball works with two new pitchSlider modes now also

27. pitchSlider: Ablity to type in values fully working now.

28. pitchSlider: new modes get double the positive range now

29. DB Hotswap box unlocked for Lite Edtion users now. Tossing them a bone yo! 😉

30. Fixes stretchSlider crash with 192khz files by replaced BASS_FX.dylib with current one.

31. ReWire: Spectrum meters hidden when using RW cuz they don’t move anyway.

32. CloudPacks: Fixed drawing issue happening on some rigs

33. New Feature: “SmartLoop” if you grab any of pitch/stretch Sliders BH will now loop whole files automatically cuz we figure if you are tweeting you want to hear it over and over. it’s all about the little things 😉

34. PeekTree: “O” command working again

35. “Individual Channel Extraction” unlocked for Lite and Standard Edition now to put a beat down on the cheap kiddie programs out there. 😉

36. CloudPacks: Fix done to speed up WF Drawing.

37. Markers: are copied on Transfer with sampleRate calculations and fileRatio’s applied now and can be seen on the Taglist also!

38. Yellow Range: you can move the whole thing left/right when moved over the timeline now and also grab the left and right sides better now

39. User Thesaurus fixed it splitting words when using Danish letters (and probably other non-ASCII character languages)

40. User Thesaurus: other fixes done for root word duplicate and sorting issues.

41. Changed to new BASS_VST.dylib compiled by Un4Seen

42. Sum2Mono unlocked for Lite users also now.

43. PeekTree: Unlocked in with three node for Lite users now. Playlist, Paths and Xfers. Also Lite users can see Start/End/Length selection numbers also now.

44. Automatic updater shut off if M.P. is expired now.

45. Can Drag CloudPack files from Results List now after

46. Browser Page: recalls VST’s non-bypassed correctly now.

47. Another coat of blue paint stripper applied to make the app another shade more pale…..haha

48. Many panels had UI refresh done to them.

49. Yellow Range: Looping again.

50. PPro: more polish done to this new feature. Make sure you re-install it from the Options Page to get the new changes.

51. new VST dylib: stability fixes done from Krush.vst Plugin

52. Yellow Range: improved resizing and drag and drop from it.

53. Fixed faulty “SyncPoint Removed!” message

54. CloudPacks: more improvements done

55. CloudPacks: can Extract Channels now once downloaded fully.

56. Rename Panel: Changes and fixes done for [filename] field that was cancelling rest of operations.


build 5.1.24 (includes 5.1.23)
massive amounts of fixes and changes in this “hopefully” last version 5.1

changes are …

1. Markers: old aXML markers don’t auto-play region anymore cuz multiple regions are allowed now in BH.

2. Browser Page: reads subfolders more optimized now

3. Removed (ALL) from Max Records Returned

4. Added function “Force Show All Records” to counterstrike #2

5. Warning added for combination of VST Tails ON and ‘Spot with Handles’ and Handles are currently shut off fo spotting in this case.

6. Text File Import/Export: fixed issue with CSV files

7. DB Hotswap box: no longer searches again if all search boxes are blank

8. Imports: If highlighted for a focused search and toggle to another page and back the retain being highlighted.

9. Fix for ID3 images with negative values corrupting files

10. CloudPacks: fixed zoom in issue that WF would disappear cuz hi-res version do not exist for cloud files.

11. Collections: Hold Shift+Drag over waveform works now to disable WF zoom for that selection

12. Collection: editing Markers now more solid

13. Collections: fix region dragging bug with Yellow range that was dragging a smaller section then selected

14. Many color adjustments

15. Markers: “Loop Regions transfer as selected now (Not Complete)

16. Spotting with combination of “Spot with Handles” and DMix buttons fix done.

17. Solo improvements for combination with DMIX buttons

18. REAPER: Fixed RPI installer for non-CmStick users.

19. REAPER: Fixed crash caused by a single empty clip in the session.
NOTE: you need to re-install the RPI to see this fix. You can do it via the Options Page

20. VST: Fixed issue that channel offset and recalling preset would mute the audio and two other more minor VST issues.

21. pitchFX: Safeguards added that now prevent complex double values that are too hard to render correctly so better to limit to use either pitchFX or Stretch and no longer can move the non-selected slider.

22. Spot with Handles: if pitchFX stretch slider is engaged SHW is now cancelled cuz math too complex to make accurate.

23. “Build All Waveforms” Stability fixes done for this function.

24. Mono Dmix Crash with 6 Channel Files Fixed.

25. Markers: Loop regions now transfer correct when multiple markers and in one file

26. Displaying over 50,000 records no longer freezes and eats memory.

27. Search times dramatically sped up also when returning results over 10,000 Yay!

28. “Force Show All Records” improvements done.

29. Options Page: new option for global “Disable Split Playback” added

30. [ALL] search includes [keywords] now

31. We now place the file created date in [original_date] by default and over-rite this data if data exists in a chunk such as BWAV bext or iXML

32. Updated BASS_VST to be built with current BASS version.

33. ‘Follow Session Folder’ and ‘Auto-Switching Paths’: detects and warns if Pro Tools paths have non-ASCII chars. since this isn’t allowed currently. We hope to allow them in the future.

34. Markers: Clears marker panel when click a PeekTree item now.

35. First Row of the Results List now shown again.

36. Thesaurus: Safeguards added to prevent adding a double of a root word

37. Cancelling and Import removed files that were just added once again.

38. pitchFX: Recalls if set to Stretch or pitchFX now

39. pitchFX: fixed issue after grabbing pitch ball the next record clicked wouldn’t play.


build 5.1.19

1. Markers: Tool Tip improvements done

2. License Request: updated to fix some errors with old systems

3. “Build All Waveforms” improvements done with retaining auto-play state

4. “Auto-Write Markers” improvements done all around.

5. “Marker Panel” close to completion and no longer experimental and now disabled for Lite users since no longer Beta

6. containsString non-compatible code replaced that was tanking 10.8 and 10.9 users.

7. libc++ fix for BH-CM for compilation

8. Removed 10.5 Deprecated code.

9. Optimized CloudPack image loading to speed up launch times.

10. Region Markers no longer auto-play since more than one marker can be in a file now unlike the old days.

11. Markers are not written to new files now if a different length.

12. “Build All Waveforms” no longer create temp WF to make the process more stable and faster.

13. “Hide Markers” option now worked live in the WF Settings menu

14. Markers: Regions and Loops no longer auto-play since multiples can be set in a file now compared to the old aXML days

15. Strange bug that ALT+F caused you to press “S” twice to spot

16. Updated License Request

17. Collections: Export/Import at the correct encoding again

18: Collections: Can put non-ASCII characters in Root nodes now

19. Soundtoys plugins re-banned from scanning

20. VST Scanner updated


build 5.1.18
1. Marker Panel: improvements with Auto-Write markers. Works now with Renaming markers and deleting of markers from List View

2. Deleting from Waveform also auto-writes now.

3. Markers: names now appear in tooltips for long names. (needs more work still)

4. VST: more fixes done

5. VST: Master bypass working again


build 5.1.17

1. Results List: accidental [library] column renamed back correctly

2. Improved WF Drawing on large files

3. Marker Panel : “M” now set new style CUE Marker and can do it now while playing.

4. Marker Panel: Graphics tightened up a bit

5. Imports: Major Rescan fixes done

6. VST: fixed plugin scanner that was freezing on some systems

7. Fixed the CM Runtime not being installed with the full installer

8. Audio Engine Library updated: Supposed to have even better sample rate conversions now.

9. CUE Markers: Naming improved.

10. Waveform Settings: Added “Auto-Write Markers” option that does just that after every move.

11. “Build All Waveforms” Shuts’ off Auto-Play before it starts to make it faster

12. DB Weekly Backup: fixes done

13. Lots of tiny gfx fixes through making icon more pale slowly

14. Replace broken License Request launching from he ‘Register’ Page

5.1.15 - 5.1.01

build 5.1.15

Massive change list in this version.

There is a new Marker Panel in this version. It’s still a bit BETA of a feature but you can play with it now.

1. Auto-Complete: deleting items no longer jumps to the top of the list

2. Start Screen: build number shows for demo version also now.

3. Fix for 10.8 crashes on launch (Please get off this OS people!!)

4. Browser: more improvements for “Include Subfolders”

5. Fixed 5.0 Split files not transferring all channels

6. Split Files: add tolerance of 8500 bytes each way for match

7. Display Marker fix done

8. VST: fixed problem processing if the master was off.

9. VST: small scanning problem fixed.’

10. Search: [all] search includes [keywords] now

11. The Top Green Browse Back/Forward arrow now caches last 10 searches to way faster now to go back to previous searches now

12. Fixed: ESC key to re-triggers playback again. Another function was intercepting it.

13. ID3 – Cover art fixes done to fix some not sticking

14. Pro Tools: re-done watcher code to fix random freezes crashes seen if F.S.F. or A.S.P. was on.

15. Pan slider UI fix done

16. Browser Page: more stability and other improvements

17. System binded licenses switched to more complex number

18. Updated License Request 3.0 added to package now

19. KillList fixes done

20. PeekTree: ‘Libraries’ renamed to ‘Collections’ by user poll results.

21. Check added to see if BH launched completely and if not warns users.

22. Options Page: Server Database checkbox recalled on next launch correctly again.

23. Fixed Server Controls not showing on Options page with CmStick license and other control visibility issues

24. Cubase 10 support added

25. Marker Panel: more features and improvements done that it’s almost useable now 8)

26. Collections: can name root library name non-ASCII characters now for Chinese, Japanese,, Korean etc….users

27. Non-Wav destructive Edit crash fixed

28. Added to CustomCmds “Function: disableDescriptionEdit” (disables the “R” command)

29. Marker Panel: Cue name store/recall now and also region markers retain correct now.

30. Linked search box fix done.

31. Collections: icon fix done

32. Collections: can single click folder icon now to show them instead of having to double clicking them.

33. Collections: crash fixed when clicking to fast on these items


build 5.1.13
first version on the auto-updater and include the 5.1.11 fixes also

1. Options Page: “Case insensitive Euro Searches” crash fixed

2. Options Page: “Database Consistency Check” fixes done. Leave this setting OFF if you are seeing super slow DB loads.

3. Timecode fixes for when exported at higher sample rates

4. 5 channel file corruption fix done.

5. Long files crashing fix done.

6. BurnIn Panel: UI Fix done

7. More AudioDevice logging added to find last major crash to find before release.

8. Browser Page: “Include Subfolders” disabled if select a root volume now to prevent a freeze cuz too large. More work is being done on this page to prevent other freezing this week.

9. Audio Device Crash getting speaker count fixed now (we hope)


build 5.1.10

1. Fixed buffers issue with Continue Playback chopping the head of files off.

2. Start Screen: build Version number added it

3. Start Screen: system date format shown

4. First Responder crash fixed on launch

5. Open DB fixes done and improved DB opening speed also

6. Options Page: added checkbox to skip DB Consistency Check for system that are loading DB’s too slow now

7. Stability fixes done


build 5.1.09

1. Options Page: fixed issue with checkboxes for Re-Mapping and Auto-Complete unchecking.

2. Options Page: fixed target app setting issues.


build 5.1.08

1. ‘Imports’ clicking like a crackhead between Show/Hide and Show in Results too fast caused crashes. Fixed now by updating Sqlite.dylib that should help with other random crashes when doing too many operations at once.

2. Transport: strange numbers at that were displayed at end of file fixed.

3. ‘Imports’ problem removing records that nothing happened fixed

4. Search Bar: Browse arrows 2 UX improvements done.

5. MS Decoder: when ON and no other VST’s on, it no longer adds _Prcs to the filename cuz it’s not processing currently

6. Weekly DB backup improvements done

7. Options page: WaveEditor text clean up

8. DB Hotswap: Right click menu added for functions related to it like “Clean Up Missing Databases”

9. DB Hotswap: Added function for “Remove Current DB”

10. libBHRW.dylib that was causing crashes in 10.8 10.10 and early fixed.

11. Scrollbars styled for Auto-Complete and Thesaurus Panels.

12. DB Corruption check code moved from program launch.


build 5.1.07

1. Options Page: AutoComplete fix that wasn’t deleting entries before

2. BaseHead Server Fixes done regarding CloudPacks. (FD1130)

3. Browser Page: Can resize left panel now and it recalls the last portion

4. Browser Page: ‘Rescan’ button working again

5. “Sum to Mono” function unlocked for Standard users also now.

6. Details Panel: auto-complete doesn’t block text if no entries exist.

7. the BASS audio engine init to the set devices sample rate now internally increasing performance a but by not needing to resample playback now as much on the fly.

8. MsDecoder crash fix done

9. “Create Unique filenames” forced ON for Pro Tools to avoid missing files on next launch cuz it’s retarded! 😉

10. Index of of Range error fixed when Trimming audio

11. Text File Importing Fixes done

12. 4GB+ file fixes done in chunk writers.

13. Pro Tools: “Follow Session Folder” ditched wonky SpotLight search for LSOF Search which should also work for sessions on NAS or Nexis Servers

14. Databases now load on First Search instead of during launch to make the launch quicker and give you the option to change DB’s out the gate before loading it.

15. DB Hotswap box: fixed crashing issue when switching DB’s quickly from this box


build 5.1.05

Main fix for crashing USB scan caused by Xcode 10. We reverted to XC9 to fix the problem

1. Browser Page: Added “Desktop” to default Mounted Drives location

2. Browser Page: Now has Filter search bar.

3. Browser Page: new in the option menu “Include Subfolders” when checked ON will show all subfolders also besides for my main volumes cuz will be too slow and also the Desktop right now if has too many files on it.

4. Browse Page: Recent Places- Can now right click the popup to remove the current recent place from the list also now.

5. Wwise: (Ctrl+E) works but takes like 7 seconds on my mac. What about you other Wwise users?

6. Wwise: More improvements done and feature complete now. Let us know any bugs you find!

7. Reverted to building in Xcode 9 to fix USB License Scan/Serial number crash

8. PeekTree: Paths Node crash fixed if clicked it twice too quick.

9. Browser Page: new option “Retain Filter Search” when ON doesn’t clear the new Filter Search Box

10. More 10.14 fixes.

11. a bunch of other shizz nizzle 8)

12. a few extra secret CustomCmds added for mac


build 5.1.04

Main fix is 10.14 Importing speed back up now to the old days.

other changes are…..
1. “Sum to Mono” has the key command (Shift+M) now

2a) Focus rings working on the 4 search boxes now
2b) New Options Menu item: “hide Search box focus rigs” for people that don’t want to see them like before cuz distracting.

3. files Delete Records crash that might have started with the 10.14 build

4. Fixed CloudPack null error for cubeSQL BaseHead Server users.

5. When PeekTree Item is set to (off) it doesn’t wipe the list anymore. Just stops adding new entries to it like it was supposed to do from the start.

6. Wwise improvements. (Cmd+X) working better to transfer to Wwise and clicking a newly added object recalls correctly

7. Wwise: VST’s, Solo’s Mute and Downmix states all recall now with Wwise really well.

8. Wwise: doesn’t blow out the Fades if an object is updated in BH and sent back to Ww

9. Wwise PeekTree Node: Settings menu visible now with 3 option to shut off things you might not to recall and over-write like VST’s every time.

10. Browser Page: Can Clear “Recent Places” by right clicking the popup box now


build 5.1.03

1. First Rough Beta of Wwise Integration. Read info here to see how to set it up and play.

2. Sample Rate conversion fix for 192khz files that should improve quality for these files when pitched down especially.

3. “Focus to Results after Search” shows in Lite version now.

4. pitchSlider values can see better while playing and changing them.

5. 10.14 UI fixes done. (Lots More to come, but 10.14 is still NOT recommended. Far from it!

6. Pitch Menu Items working again

7. Command+Click of all sliders all working again.

8. VST: Fixed issue with resetting some VST’s to defaults after unchecking the Master Enable

9. Playhead jerkiness fixed if clicked a Split File first now after launch.

10. New Feature: Options Page “Backup Database Weekly” saves DB backups at ~/Documents/BaseHead 5.x/DB Backups/

11. vertical scrollbars no longer pushed off the edge of the view


build 5.1.01

First build 5.1 to keep in sync with the PC version features being added at the same time. Not many new things just yet, but a few goodies 😉
BaseHead will constantly evolve and mutate now instead of massive changes at once as explained in the mission statement

1. New Feature: Options Page: 2nd Wave Editor option (Ctrl+W) added and Database selection removed cuz redundant in the UI.

2. CloudPacks: fixed issue with them not being removed from DB

3. Option Page: checkbox added “Focus to Results List after Search” This is for user sseeing the Search freeze issue. Uncheck it if you are seeing this issue and it “should” fix it for now.

4. User Thesaurus: you can now edit values directly in the table grid, plus a handful of other improvements like ‘Import’ / ‘Export’ buttons added

5. New Feature: Results List “Snapshots” that store the fields shown and column order and widths. Right click the header to see them. (has a few bugs still we are working on)

6. Taglist: Thread crash fixed when clicking like a madman between results on the Taglist page

7. Details Panel: Cannot edit other [fields] after editing [filename] fixed.

8. setVersion fix down to only set highest one if a user did an internal upgrade and left old license in place.

9. User Thesaurus: press the green plus icon no longer opens a new panel to create a new entry.

10. User Thesaurus: TAB and ESC keys work as expected during editing now.

11. Waveform Settings: tooltips all updated

12. 5 channel recordings that were getting corrupt fix done

13. CloudPacks: fixed issue that is was drawing WF live for CP’s with spaces in the name added %20 to them

14. Auto-Updater: won’t try and take you back to 5.0 now

15. CmSticks: Change expiration warning from 100 days to 14

16. Fix for CmStick launching into 5.x Lite

Need an Older Version?

Last 4.x full installer that works with all 4.x licenses.
(macOS 10.8-10.13)
This version will run up to 10.14.4 Mojave also, but will run with speed compromises and with some UI quirks. So even though it will run it’s not recommended for 10.14 users.

Last 3.x Full Installer posted.


(helper tool used for all License Requests once a license is purchased)
FYI. This is now embedded inside BaseHead and Injector.