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I never wanted to create a Facebook Page just so we keep the conversation on our own site and forum but Meta force me to create one to be able to advertise on FB and IG for the upcoming basehead 2024.

So here it is!

Please take 5 seconds to 'Like' it to follow it.  I might even kill this forum off as I always felt they are a dead/sleepy format since people forget to check it without notifications like the old Google+ had.  That was it's benefit that it would show all new posts in your Gmail account.  8(

In the future we might just use the FaceBook page with a SLACK Channel for other things and only keep the RequestBase part of this forum.

Anyway....go to that LIKE and Follow us on Facebook  😉


p.s. It has a few Sneak Peaks of v2024 already on there also.