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[Solved] Batch - Replace Function: Mutiple words or phrases?

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Hello  there

I use Basehead's Batch rename function a lot. I love tweaking my metadata and editing different criteria. However, one of the things I've haven't figured out how to do - and was wondering if it was even possible - is rename multiple words or phrases in a field with a single command. For example I'm trying to rename the words 'Of' and 'Usa' to 'of' and 'USA' with a single click. As seen in the attachment or here:

Usually these sort of operations require a comma or percentage signs or something to that effect (all of which I've tried) to separate the different words.

Is what I'm asking possible? I hope this all makes sense. Thanks!

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Hey Brad!

Sorry no secret commands are possible in the Batch Renamer currently to do a OR change at the same time not in the upcoming basehead 2024 as this page is very similar minus a few additions.  Add this to the RequestBase so we can see how many other might want this also and add it into a future version. 😉

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Appreciate the reply. I will head over to the RequestBase. Might be a cool feature for metadata freaks like myself. Thanks!