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[Solved] Feature Request: Indicate CSV Seperator

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Dear Devs,

tldr: please add the following snippet as first line to your csv text exports.


Long Story: For some weird regional preference thingy reason there is a difference between the American and the European versions of Excel. The American version searches for , as default csv - seperator. The European version searches for ; as default seperator. That leads to the problem that your csv files are not displayed correctly by Excel, if the respective computer is localized in Europe (in my case Germany).

Luckily there is a very quick solution: You can instruct Excel to use a specific seperator by using the line that I have posted above as first line in the csv file. I am currently doing that manually. But it would be great if you would add that to your exports to cut out this step from my workflow. 🙂

Cheers and thanks for this great piece of software. 🙂 

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Glad you are digging my little program!  8)

We are actually  done adding features to the current version besides critical fixes, but I will make sure this ends up in basehead 2024
I just added to it the ToDo list when we port over this panel to the new version.  It 'should" be in the BETA around January hopefully.

If you don't see it makes the release version nag me again but it's on my guys list already ToDo but sometimes those get deleted so hit me up if not in the hopefully Mid March release.   

Learn more about basehead 2024 here  😉