BWAV Description Batch renamer for Windows with many other features to clean up and organize BWAV/WAV audio files on your hard drive.


It’s such an old program that we decided to just give the damn thing away now!  8)

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Space Saving Features:

  • Detects and removes blank or low level audio to trim the head and tail of audio files
  • Removes large gaps in the middle of files to also save hard drive space with padding.
  • Crash to Mono (Sums the left and right channels to mono)
  • Detects if Stereo files only have Mono information and crashes it down to mono.
  • Detects and shows possible duplicates so you can audition them and delete them if so.
  • Batch file Gain Normalizer

Batch Renaming Features

  • Replace (This w/ That)
  • Remove Spaces, Remove Non-ASCII or Non-Alpha Numeric Chars.
  • Use BWAV Description for the filename
  • Use the Filename for the BWAV description
  • Limit Char. Length
  • Add Pre and Post Descriptions
  • Rename the BWAV description directly
  • Add Filename to BWAV
  • Replace Filename with BWAV
  • Add BWAV to Filename
  • Add Description
  • Clear BWAV Data
  • ALL with PRE and POST options now!!



Other Features


  • Save to new folder or work on the existing files (with option to still keep the originals)
  • Play selected sounds in an external application for auditioning.
  • Strips Meta-Data from files
  • Option to remove Netmix nmix/nmen metadata chunks

Operating Systems Supported:
Windows 7-11 and Vista
(with .NET 4.5.2 or higher installed)

File Formats Supported:

Mono and Stereo WAV or BWAV files 48khz maximum.
For higher Sample Rates and Surround support use BasHead instead  8)


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