sums 2 Split Mono WAV files to Stereo Interleaved
(for Windows PC’s Only)

Masher sums 2 dual split mono .L.wav and .R.wav files by Mashing them into one to Stereo Interleaved file.

Anyone coming from Pro Tools land should be able to use this program to combine .L/.R files into one, to work in a more modern way.
Masher does not convert from SD2 files.
It converts WAV and BWAV files from split mono to interleaved.

If your files were converted from SDII to BWAV in a program like Nuendo your files might look like this:

SI6005-Car Crash
SI6005-Car Crash-01


SI7000-Metal HitL-06
SI7000-Metal HitR-07

Masher looks for files with the same name minus the last 4 characters.  If they have the same NAME/LENGTH/SIZE then it assumes the ‘-01’ file is the right side of the file and mashes them together.

It will then rename the original files with ‘.old’ extension or deletes the original depending on which option you choose.  Masher also Ignores .L and .R in the file names even if they appear in the middle, so if your files are named

SI6005 .L Car Crash
SI6005 .R Car Crash

it will also consider these a match as long as length and size match.

Backup your data First!   Backup…..Backup…..Backup…..

We are NOT responsible for mowing down your library of sounds.  Also, do a few test folders first to see how it works before you run it on your whole library.

For best results use a batch renamer to remove all NON-ASCII characters first like REHAB.  Fortunately for you, included in the package is a program called Cleaner.
That is exactly what Cleaner does.   It removes all illegal characters that some PC’s can’t read.  Just run it and select the directory to Clean.  Cleaner has no progress bar so wait a bit before you start mashing.  It runs in the background very quickly and looks like it just quit, but it is working.

Running the Program:
Launch Masher and select the Directory you want to Scan for Matches like E:/sfx/car crashes
Then you’ll get an option to Either Keep the Original Files or Not.

If you choose to Keep the original files they will be named with a “.old” on the end of them.
Once you select your option, sit back while your Files are MASHED Together!!
The new file takes on the name of the assumed LEFT channel.
‘Masher’ also creates a Log file in the parent directory of the scanned folder (ex. E:/sfx ) named “convert.log”Now Enjoy more of life Cutting sound in Interleaved instead of Split Stereo.

Is there a demo version?
No sorry cuz it’s just a simple GUI-less program, but Feel Free to email some Example files how your files are labeled if you want to make sure it will work first.
Put ‘Masher’ in the Subject line.

File Formats Supported:
44.1khz WAV and BWAV (Split Mono)
48khz WAV and BWAV (Split Mono)

Operating Systems Supported:
Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP

Mac Users:
This is the type program you only need to run once ever, so just borrow a buddies PC laptop for the day to run in on your SFX cuz it will save you a ton of time compared to other options out there as Masher keeps the file hierarchy and removes the old .L .R files at the same time.