BaseHead v2020.5 Batch Renamer Feature


The first release of BaseHead for 2020 introduces a whole range of new features, improved color scheme, bug fixes, performance enhancements and ongoing UX improvements.  One particular new feature that was requested by many users suggestions is now now available to check out is the new Batch Renamer feature which replaces the previous ‘Offline Renamer’.  


 In previous versions of BaseHead, batch renaming of files and database details was done with the ‘Offline Renamer’ and allowed simple batch updates of a single field using a single source of information which would often require several processes to update information. The new 2020.5 version of BaseHead now introduces a new powerful rules based Batch Renamer instead allowing much more flexibility in how data is updated and is available to all BaseHead Ultra users now in version 2020.5 (or higher)

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As always… make sure you Support Plan is active for your license before you update to it.  😉


Some of the new features and functions:

  • Separate Transfer/Batch processing panels
  • Ultra powerful and flexible Rules Based batch renaming
  • Rules can insert database fields, free text or sequential numbering
  • Clean up text with case formatting, text strip, replace
  • Construct complex strings by entering custom text along with database fields in square brackets [ ] in the “Free Text” field such as [microphone], [scene] or [take]
  • Add as many rules as you need in whatever order
  • Reorder rules by simply and quickly using drag-n-drop
  • Auto preview formatting of rules for the selected file
  • Update any selected destination field using Replace or Merge actions or rename files
  • Factory functions offer preset actions for common processes such as copy filename to description
  • Ability to Save/Load rules as user presets


Check out the instructional video below for a complete overview of this hot new feature!


More information can also be found in the Online Manual